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  • This extension displays a visible backlink to the Developer's site.

Mad4Joomla is a very easy-to-use Joomla component for the creation of email forms. Preferences of this product are a better usability, classification in categories, working with templates, helptext to formfields, file upload as attachment, special routing technics to destination email addresses, integration of content in form pages and a very special new captcha technique. Thereby it is possible to build complex and huge contactsystems. Examples: jobs, reservation, contact, donations, polls etc.


The appropiate package is also available at the download section.

Download Modules, Plugins and Hotfixes here:

Mad4Joomla Mailforms used to be the first form extension focused on usability. Our aim is to provide a component which is easy-to-use and stable out of the box. Meanwhile there are nearby 1000.000 satisfied users of Mailforms.

For whom is this extension?
- For those who don’t want to care about complex settings and need a quick and easy form creation.
- For companies who are providing Joomla services to customers.
This is an extension which every customer does understand and can create forms within minutes.
- For beginners, advanced users and professionals needing an extension which doesn’t cause trouble and saves time.

If you have problems first read our F.A.Q.'s:

Dear User, this extension contains a small visible copyright link to us as copyright holder. We consider it as a small thank you. It helps to promote our company. This is common practice on many joomla extension and supported by the FSF. See also the footer of JED.


English , German , Traditional Chinese , Simplified Chinese , French , Dutch , Slovak , Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Spanish , Russian , Japanese, Romanian, Czech, Indonesian, Macedonian, Portuguese (front), Hungarian (front) , Danish (front) , Polish (front), Swedish (front), Croatian (front), Greek (front), Norwegian (front), Catalan (front), Hebew (front)

2012-08-16 Version 2.0.1 Bug Fix release

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Reviews: 1
Most extensions are trying to ease the usability for beginners. The problem is, that most beginners become intermediates quick. An extension which is made only for beginners leads to delays for intermediates. This extension is bridging the gap between easy to use and fast work flow. Also great support.
An excellent release.
Reviews: 1
I got this nice mail form component running in minutes. Its easy to understand and very well suited for my websites. I am looking forward to new versions with even more features?

Well done
Reviews: 2
I installed mad4joomla a several times.
this time i needed a special functionality.
i contacted the developer and ....
guess what ...
i got a PRE RELEASE of the upcoming new version 1.2.
of course i promised not to distribute it, until the official version is gonna be published.
please don't ask me if you can get a copy :-)
the only thing i can say is, that the new release will be awesome. DB functions, new captchas, new languages, sending copys of the form to the users .....
An excellent software and service.
Reviews: 1
We really like this component. It allows a fast and easy creation of forms. We also appreciate the developer's effort to keep this component secure and bug-free. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I am not a specialist and spent lots of time to install my joomla.
this extension is foolproof.
even a dumb like me can create good looking forms within minutes. i never saw something compareable to this extensions.
great work
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best tools I have found for Joomla. Installed easily and easy to use. Thanks
Reviews: 3
I love the simple form creation. Nice and Easy! Easy form to email product.

Must haves missing:
The password box.

Nice to haves missing:
A plugin to put a form inline with an article.
Submit to database. Email is only option right now.
Reviews: 1
i am using joomla for a long time. and i use joomla for my customers. i tried lots of form components. i always used chrono since i found mad4joomla i changed all forms for my sites and all my customers. the feedback of my customers were great. this extension causes a great user experience.
Reviews: 1
After trying other form solutions with no luck I gave this one a try.

I am impressed. This component is easy to install, easy to design forms in, and works well.

I was never able to get other solutions to send an email, this component works with any method I choose in the Joomla config. I was always unhappy with the resulting form in other applications, this component gave me easy ways to add substitute CSS code to make the forms look exactly how I want.

I would recommend this component for new people and experienced coders alike.
Reviews: 1
This is my favourite form extension.
Easy to learn and very fast in building forms.
Also great support.
Thank you guys.
Reviews: 1
This form generator is easy and fast to use. The form has also optional help tips for every item, good for some type of forms.
Original capcha technique.
I had efficient support.
Reviews: 9
I installed it ... it worked "out of the box"

Only pitty no support for joom!fish, but hee ... i found for my goal a workaround, this even works better as i thought !!!

Support/Email, really great and friendly.

With other words, guys keep up the good work !!!!
Reviews: 4
Fast and easy to use once things become clear. Luckily there's a link on the site to a quick little tutorial that makes it all come very clear.

It's only good because it's missing some really simple error checking such as an inbuilt email field that actually checks for the "@" and that kind of thing in it.

But, hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

Great for quick, easy form creation that doesn't require a lot of fancy stuff in the background.
Reviews: 1
Fantastically fast and easy to setup and use, well done mad4media! Ripe for development into something bigger and more sophisticated.
Reviews: 2
i like the way to build forms with this component.
easy to use, not to many informations to enter and very quick to publish forms by appending a form template.
Reviews: 8
Like others, I tried other forms and couldn't get any to work other than a commercial form, RSForms which I think is the best. This one is not too bad except that I don't think it sends email confirmations to the person who submitted the form. There is a place to fill out what you want the confirmation to say, but no way to set that up, at least that is obvious anywhere. Typically when you set up form fields, you get the option of selecting an email field. That way the software knows where to send the message. You do not have that option in this app so it can't know where to send it. Also, can't find any way to configure the final, thank-you page with my own message. I need both of those features, so I can instruct my users to send in their deposit. Other than that, it appears to work.

The usability could be better. Be forewarned that "template" means "form" and "form" means "template." The developers must not be English speaking.
Owner's reply

M4J is a GPL component which is developed in our spare time therefore it's for free.
All named and missing features are in process.
Being not a native english speaking developer do not have a bearing to the usability.
At least the form template is a template because it can't be use as a stand alone form.
A form is a form because this is what you can publish as a form by using a TEMPLATE.
This is the same method joomla is using.
Maybe we should rename joomla templates into content and publish template sites instead of content ;-)

Reviews: 1
realy decent work. compared to other form components, this has a tidy structure.
due to the well made workflow, forms can be created on an easy and fast way.
Reviews: 10
If you need forms, get this component!
Reviews: 1
The chief complaint I'm getting from users is they don't receive confirmation their form was sent in - they just see a blank screen. It'd be great if there was a confirmation message option. It'd also be nice if you could set the 'from' email to be whatever the users put in so I could easily reply to the email I receive. However, as far as ease of use and flexibility this is a pretty good program. :-)
Reviews: 1
Perfect. Easy install and set up for different uses. The work flow in form building is almost intuitive. Forms are up and running in a matter of minutes. Thanks. Mad4Joomla Mailforms make forms fun.
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