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redFORM ComponentPlugin

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redFORM includes the following features:

Updated 12th October 2011.

Unique registrationid tag to be used for attendees if integrated to redEVENT and for paymentintegrations to track payments as standalone.

Now with payment integrations and processing to Paypal and

Added contact person - redFORM now ideally replaces the core contact feature in Joomla.

New field/value types: Info WYSIWYG Zones + Frontend WYSIWYG field types for logged in users.

Unlimited amount of Forms, Fields and Inputs -
Dynamical options for input type (Radio, Checkbox, Textfield, Textarea, Email, Username, Fullname, Select, Multiselect, Fileupload, WYSIWYG information, Virtuemart integration) -
Complete statistics over forms filled and newsletter attendance -
Notification text, emails and admin notification with option to email form data -
Integration with the open source mailinglist project PHPlist and the Joomla 1.5 native components ccNewsletter and Acajoom. -
Integration with Bigo Captcha for bot and spam prevention -
Integration with redEVENT - Run all your submission forms from redEVENT trough redFORM. -
Content plugin for easy adding of form(s) to _ALL_ joomla content that supports content plugins -
Add custom styles to input fields trough backend and style in template css -
English and Danish languages (looking for more - contact me if you are interested in translating to your native langauge). -
and much more...

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Reviews: 10
Excellent Component, well documented and easy to install
**Recommended Component for all User **
Reviews: 2
My needs were quite bespoke, but RedFORM ticked as many boxes as possible, and working seamlessly with RedEVENT (a much improved update of Eventlist), together with payment support. My users can now easily book events and pay online using Paypal with no registration required.

Plus, the support is great. Respond within a day, and although Im still waiting for a few features and minor fixes in the next release, I am very pleased with my subscription to RedComponents.
Reviews: 11
Installed within a few seconds. My first form in 10 minutes. So easy to use.

Support is great (quick).
Reviews: 2
I've tried this one, and I must say its a nice piece of work. So far I've tried out alot of things, I must say that the 'red' extensions are rather nice and simple to use.

Keep up the good work :)
Reviews: 1
Redform is so nice and easy to use, i now have forms on my joomla site and i use them directly in my articles
Reviews: 2
This component (using it combined with redEvent and Virtumart) solved my workflow and integration issues.

There are lots of decent components in the world but what makes this one a real asset is that the redComponent team provides the best service I could ask for. They respond quickly to questions and make sure that their products work for you.
Reviews: 3
This component is a must have when you use redevent, it integrates itself into redevent which will make a killer app for Joomla 1.5.

Support is great!