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Joomla 3.x ready forms. No trial forms, No form field limit but free and fully working forms. The only free form builder with professional forms features - our present to you, the community!

-- No "Crippled Forms" but really usable forms.

The latest breezing forms backport contains many of the form stability upgrades from breezing forms 1.8.x plus Joomla! 3.x forms compatibility and integration with ContentBuilder forms.

Breezing forms lite version can be turned into a form based CCK (replacing its native forms):

Install forms, export forms, import forms and enjoy!

People often ask what are the differences in form creation between breezing forms lite and breezing forms full.

The breezing forms lite version contains a few differences that are not that relevant for regular form users, such as:

* Less Forms Features
(due to being the breezing forms lite version, no Bootstrap forms support)

* Header in forms admin
(can be removed for forms admin due to the nature of the GPL license)

* Basic forum support, only for form questions
(with answers for your forms from our form experts as time allows)

Else than that breezing forms contain almost all of the features of the full forms version. The most fair free forms in the JED.

Breezing forms is suited for form beginners and advanced form users, while we try to balance ease-of-use with form feature richness for form based applications and simple standard forms (everyday forms).

By creating forms with breezing forms, you will learn that breezing forms is the only form builder you need, so no need to deal with plenty of form builders. Breezing forms is just enough to create all your forms.

Breezing forms makes it a lot easier to maintain your forms (export your forms and import the forms on other sites and interchange forms with breezing forms for WP).

We are constantly developing and updating breezing forms for more than 5 years now to give you the best forms experience available for Joomla! as well giving you the ability to create very complex forms and forms that stand out from the form crowd.

Get Breezing forms, install and create your forms today. Tipp: use the option QuickMode forms, the most favored form editor in Breezing forms!

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Reviews: 1
I use breezing forms a couple of times and is an excellent product, very easy to use for starters, and very simple to configure and make the forms you need. I need to make some very special customizations and get to the forums, then I was contacted and receive all the help that I need til we make the form works properly. Working as a part of my team helping me to make everything works fine. Excellent component and an amazing support. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
BreezingForms is absolutely the greatest Form Extension I've worked with. It's simple and selfintroducing and has great features and possibilities to create great and good looking forms in a blink of an eye!
Even for a very large Form (about 90 questions) it is perfect, stable and fast!
Support und Help is sensational. Questions or Problems are answered within hours or latest 1 working day.
I will never use any other Form Extension again.
Thank you guys for the great work on this.
I would recommend BreezingForms to every one asking me for an exellent Form Extension!
Reviews: 12
Fabulous extension! Easy to set up and use, very powerful - especially for a free extension - and the support is brilliant. I had a problem with the configuration (my own fault) and there was an almost immediate response from the forum. Excellent stuff!
Reviews: 3
Absolutely fabolous extension! I needed really nice, slick easy-to-create and flexible forms component for joomla and I came up on this one. After I tried the free version I immediately purchased the full version. Thank you for making my life a lot easier and saving me some money of developers.
Reviews: 2
Bf , even in free version, is a very powerful tool,with a lot of possibilities to personalize. And if you are in trouble, ask for help in the forum : fast, easy to undertand answer is always given. Great job !! Great extension ! Support on top !
Reviews: 1
I never realized how frustrating form software could be until I tried to find one with advanced features that is also super easy for non-technical users. While I am very experienced, my client is not. Breezingforms Quickmode was by far the best solution I found.

Besides more conventional uses, I needed something for a rather sophisticated application which only LMS or quiz systems came close to, but still lacked key features and were overly complicated for my client. I was essentially able to turn Breezingforms into semi-LMS and quiz software, but much easier for my client to use. By creating a kind of form template, my client only has to change certain fields to create new versions of their application. I was also able to build in features that I hadn't found even in full-featured LMS or quiz software.

Through the development process Breezingforms support was extremely helpful, willing to offer customized solutions, friendly, and responsive within a very reasonable amount of time. I will definitely be recommending and using Breezingforms for future projects!
Reviews: 23
As a studio we're very keen to use a lot of CrossTec solutions, very professional and high-quality solutions that are well coded, the Breezing Forms lite version is easier and more convenient and simplified than the premium component - but still retains great versatility and functionality compared to many form solutions, installation and setup was straight forward and simple.

On the support side - CrossTec crew are always happy to help and receive inputs about their products, they have been very patient and helpfull to us when we tried to do various custom manipulations on the form flows.

As far as documentation their products are extremely well documented.

Thumbs up CrossTec
Reviews: 1
Too high of a learning curve. Poor documentation.
Owner's reply


what you are saying is not true:


Our users, both free and paid, have access to an incredible amount of useful information. Not just about creating simple forms but also creating very sophisticated form based applications.

A variety of stunning forms have been created over the years and all this information is freely accessible.

Let me list just a few of them:

- Getting started tutorials:

- 14+ Video Tutorials (and growing):

- Documentation PDF (148 pages, in-depth information):

- Mobile Forms Docs (for the case if responsiveness is not enough):

- Last but not least our forums and knowledgebase (literally 10s of thousands of entries with tips from our developers and active users of our community):


BreezingForms in its current version is using the QuickMode as standard form creation editor. This mode enables you to create forms easily and in an incredible short period of time.

You create your form once and he resulting form provides managed and responsive layouts automatically, in 3 fashions:

1. Native theme based - including numerous premade themes.

2. Bootstrap based themes - your forms automatically will fit to the design of your site, as it is using your template's css. Additionally, you may create custom themes.

3. Mobile Forms - Responsive is good, device dependent form display is better: display your forms for mobile devices and just for them, while the rest of the site isn't visible.

Users can focus on filling in their forms and won't be irritated by contents of the rest of the site.

This is just the same like big website portals are doing it.

The majority of all of our users, like us, stand behind this way of creating forms. It can't be done faster and easier. You have standard as well as enterprise feature under your fingertips combined with the most ease-of-use possible.

And the best is, it's free (also as in beer).


Reviews: 1
I had this extension working perfectly on my site for a few months, then suddenly it stopped working and I could not figure out why. I contacted support and they quickly made a suggestion about checking if caching is enabled, which it was. I turned it off, and the form worked perfectly again. The support suggested their cache plugin to install so that I can keep caching turned on for the website, and use their plugin properly.
Glad that they responded so quickly and were able to help me out in no time at all.
This extension is easy to use and works very well. I will be using it in the future on any other Joomla websites that need a decent form.
Reviews: 4
I bought the extension. I use it for more than one site. It installed on my first site but had problems on my other sites. Support was right there helping me the first day. Cannot believe how fast they I got it up and running. Great software Great support. Thanks
Reviews: 4
I use Breezing Forms on every site I develop. This is the most thought-out, well developed, bug-free, thoroughly documented extension in any category!

One thing, I would like a little more control in putting fields next to each other, not just on one line but on multiple lines. Maybe it's possible and I don't know how. But that's a minor point. I highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 3
these guys are really fabulous, great tool and great support.
it needs only a few hours to solve issues, great services + good work!
Reviews: 3
I have used the breezing forms program in various websites for the past 3 years as it seems to be to tackle any type of form scenario. Also the Staff does seem to go above and beyond to help out when needed. Support staff for other components should be more like the staff at crosstec. Highly Recommended!!
Reviews: 1
BreezingForms has convinced me, as you so rightly comes super well as a beginner. once you get done with the familiar component, but you can also conjure up sophisticated forms and customize. In addition, I have received very good support at a trouble, although I only had the lite version and the problem actually was with my template (various skripte could not be loaded). And what I think is great, because I'm not quite as powerful of the English language that I was able to communicate in German. I've now completed the Lifetime membership, since I was convinced BreezingForms real! Keep it up!
Reviews: 1
I use this extension in nearly every Joomla-Site I have to maintain.

Normaly I was able to install and use this extension without any problem.

On one of my sites I had a problem with the plug-in, and I was surprised that the crosstec support took the time to verify and help me solve the problem.

The extension itself is great and I can recommend it. And I also can recommend the forum and the support. The support I have received is really excellent!
Reviews: 1
I'm a college student and am taking a web design course this semester that focuses on Joomla! I created a business website for a store, and decided to use Breezing Forms Lite to create a sales quote page.

When I first started using the extension, it was a little confusing. There's not a lot of guidance in the manager, and I didn't know where to begin until I visited their website.

Once I found a tutorial and some sample forms, my form page was completed quickly. By page, I mean the form is a literal page on my Joomla! site and not just a module. I really enjoyed having this as a feature, and didn't even realize it was possible until I started using Breezing Forms.

I would really recommend this extension to anyone who needs to collect information from their visitors. It seems like it's very powerful under the hood. I just didn't dig too far into it.
Reviews: 1
I was nervous about using this extension as I have had issues with other forms extensions in the past. But BreezingForms Lite was easy to install, and easy to use. They offer a user manual that answered all the questions I had. I created several forms for my site including a service request form, contact form, free trial request, and more info request in a couple of hours. I plan on using the Word Press version for another site. Super happy with this extension.
Reviews: 8
I use the Breezing form extension for every website I create. For simple forms it is easy to set up and for more complex forms the extension gives you a lot of possibilities.

Besides that the support of Crosstec is excellent. They help you out on every query you have and even create validation scripts tailor made.

I can recommend this extentsion to everyone if you want to build nice and clean forms.
Reviews: 6
Amazing to have such a great tool available for free. This is the first form builder I turn to for anything requiring more than contact fields.

Breezin forms even ties in with Paypal.

The layout is smart and tones in with a modern site.

Easy to setup, and a great support forum.

Thanks-you Marcus
Reviews: 1
with breezingforms and contentbuilder it is possible to change the value of selectlists from the frontend.
I was surprised about the very god support (in german) even for the free version.

(please apologies my bad english)
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