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Joomla 3.x ready forms. No trial forms, No form field limit but free and fully working forms. The only free form builder with professional forms features - our present to you, the community!

-- No "Crippled Forms" but really usable forms.

The latest breezing forms backport contains many of the form stability upgrades from breezing forms 1.8.x plus Joomla! 3.x forms compatibility and integration with ContentBuilder forms.

Breezing forms lite version can be turned into a form based CCK (replacing its native forms):

Install forms, export forms, import forms and enjoy!

People often ask what are the differences in form creation between breezing forms lite and breezing forms full.

The breezing forms lite version contains a few differences that are not that relevant for regular form users, such as:

* Less Forms Features
(due to being the breezing forms lite version, no Bootstrap forms support)

* Header in forms admin
(can be removed for forms admin due to the nature of the GPL license)

* Basic forum support, only for form questions
(with answers for your forms from our form experts as time allows)

Else than that breezing forms contain almost all of the features of the full forms version. The most fair free forms in the JED.

Breezing forms is suited for form beginners and advanced form users, while we try to balance ease-of-use with form feature richness for form based applications and simple standard forms (everyday forms).

By creating forms with breezing forms, you will learn that breezing forms is the only form builder you need, so no need to deal with plenty of form builders. Breezing forms is just enough to create all your forms.

Breezing forms makes it a lot easier to maintain your forms (export your forms and import the forms on other sites and interchange forms with breezing forms for WP).

We are constantly developing and updating breezing forms for more than 5 years now to give you the best forms experience available for Joomla! as well giving you the ability to create very complex forms and forms that stand out from the form crowd.

Get Breezing forms, install and create your forms today. Tipp: use the option QuickMode forms, the most favored form editor in Breezing forms!

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Reviews: 1
This is a form builder on steroids! had my form up and running in a few minutes. needed the free support for a simple question and they answered in minutes. awesome
Reviews: 8
after 6 years of using breezingforms (was facileeforms)
we can definitely say breezingforms is best joomla form component and the best support we ever get from joomla provider. great job Markus.
Reviews: 1
After testing and using many different web forms this tool ticked all the boxes. Its easy to use, the forms look great and work out of the box. Well documented and suppored, a great contribution to the joomla Community...
Reviews: 1
I had a few issues getting the form looking and functioning the way I wanted, I got in touch with the team at Breezing forms. Marcus gave me outstanding assistance, very helpful and friendly. What I had spent days trying to achieve he helped me do in less than an hour. Thanks again for your help, I highly recommend using Breezing Forms.
Reviews: 1
To have looking for an extension to uploading picture files on articles and VirtueMart products. After testing a lot I found breezing forms. Its really easy to install and to use. Making forms you can use 3 ways. Upload in VirtueMart works pefect with Polished Geeks Plugin for the cart. Especially the pre sales support from Markus is excelent. Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 4
Best support for a free extension ever! I used this extension often in older versions. Now I had cantact to the support for the first time and it was very fast and friendly!
Reviews: 1
Used on 2 websites already and it exceed my expectations so far.
Reviews: 1
Just a great app and a wonderfull support!!! more than recommanded!!!
Reviews: 2
I installed two BreezingForms on one site to test it out. At first it's a little overwhelming because they give you so many options. But once you learn how to navigate their system, it's easy to setup, especially 'QuickMode.' They have three modes you can work in, QuickMode, EasyMode and ClassicMode. And with anything I didn't understand, I was either able to figure it out with the manual, video tutorials and directly from their support staff. They were very responsive to my questions. I plan to purchase the lifetime membership because I'm going to use this on all my websites. I've worked with a lot of different forms and form technologies, and this is by far the best one I've worked with. It might seems too complicated, at first, but it's really not. You just have to spend a day or two learning how they've designed the setup process. I've created some of very complicated forms, which would not have been possible without other form products.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a Non-commercial forms component.
Many had restrictions, were limited with functionality or difficult to use with my limited knowledge.
Breezing Forms is easy to use straight away and very adaptable.
There are 3 methods of creating the form depending on you background/ability, I found the QuickMode the easiest and most configurable for my purpose.
The forms you can build with Breezing Forms can range from simple to very complexed. You can set fields with conditions that will hide and/or validate.
To build a basic form is extremely easy, a lot of conditions are available within the component, if not you can set up your own. I found this was a bit of a problem for me with some of the conditions I wanted to set but the tech support were very helpful and solved the issue.
The only slight thing (not really a complaint) is the tech support can be bit slow but to be fair I am using the free version and they make it clear that the commercial version support takes priority which can only be expected. When you get support are on the case they are very helpful.
If you are looking for a forms component non-commercial or commercial this component should meet most requirements and is definitely worth trying.
Thanks Breezingforms developers.
Reviews: 1
I didn't expect that there is a lite version that has so many features. I am not a programmer, but I was able to create form with the quick mode and paypal very quickly. I had a question and the support was very helpful and friendly. Will use this more often and maybe buy the full version later
Reviews: 5
First of all - lets be clear. This is a free extension, and as such most reasonable people would not expect it to be as powerful and flexible as a commercial one.
I've used a few form creation systems in the past, but this one offers truly powerful creations, great styles and with a very easy learning curve.
To top it all, when there is a niggle or a query, email support is totally first class!

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
I've been using the forms since i'm involved with Joomla, i have tried most of the products out there and there is nothing similar to Breezing.
Many options, fields, themes, ready made samples and the best of all, you can create anything you wish actually!!!
Congratulations to the developers and a big thank to Markus and the fast-immediate response when i had an issue.
Fantastic work and great support!!!
Reviews: 1
The best free contact form maker there is available. And the support was fast and high quality.

So if you are wondering what would be good contact form maker, you should definetly try this one!
Reviews: 3
Can't believe this extension is free. When I first installed everything I was a little confused on how it all worked. Spent 30 minutes watching the intro video and it answered 95% of the questions I had.

Super job on this one. Highly recommended to anybody needing custom forms.
Reviews: 3
This is an excellent extension. It is so powerful I almost feel guilty using it as a free extension.

Thank you very much for this.
Reviews: 3
As the webmaster for a nonprofit group, we don't have lots of $$ for expensive extensions. BreezingForms is the best of the best! Just started using it (I was doing html forms for our site) in Joomla and it ROCKS! Now all our forms can be administrated through our website, rather than external software. Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 12
This is a GREAT component and works as promoted. This is VERY well thought out and you have 3 levels for creating forms... quick, easy and custom... so whether your a newby, designer or developer... there is an easy way to get the forms you want.

Well done to the Dev team
Reviews: 1
I had some problems using version 1.7.5 Installed and uninstalled the extension several times, because I thought I did something wrong.
After contacting Markus with his chat module on the crosstec website ( he answered before I knew what happened and helped me fixing "my problem".
It is a wonderful extension, I am able to make/design the form the way I wanted and had in mind; that is great, but what really excited me was the fast and wonderful support from Markus.
THANK you Markus
Reviews: 1
Excelent Extension and support! Useful for coder and non coders too. Fast Support for any question. Great work.

Klevis M.
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