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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Joomla 3.x ready forms. No trial forms, No form field limit but free and fully working forms. The only free form builder with professional forms features - our present to you, the community!

-- No "Crippled Forms" but really usable forms.

The latest breezing forms backport contains many of the form stability upgrades from breezing forms 1.8.x plus Joomla! 3.x forms compatibility and integration with ContentBuilder forms.

Breezing forms lite version can be turned into a form based CCK (replacing its native forms):

Install forms, export forms, import forms and enjoy!

People often ask what are the differences in form creation between breezing forms lite and breezing forms full.

The breezing forms lite version contains a few differences that are not that relevant for regular form users, such as:

* Less Forms Features
(due to being the breezing forms lite version, no Bootstrap forms support)

* Header in forms admin
(can be removed for forms admin due to the nature of the GPL license)

* Basic forum support, only for form questions
(with answers for your forms from our form experts as time allows)

Else than that breezing forms contain almost all of the features of the full forms version. The most fair free forms in the JED.

Breezing forms is suited for form beginners and advanced form users, while we try to balance ease-of-use with form feature richness for form based applications and simple standard forms (everyday forms).

By creating forms with breezing forms, you will learn that breezing forms is the only form builder you need, so no need to deal with plenty of form builders. Breezing forms is just enough to create all your forms.

Breezing forms makes it a lot easier to maintain your forms (export your forms and import the forms on other sites and interchange forms with breezing forms for WP).

We are constantly developing and updating breezing forms for more than 5 years now to give you the best forms experience available for Joomla! as well giving you the ability to create very complex forms and forms that stand out from the form crowd.

Get Breezing forms, install and create your forms today. Tipp: use the option QuickMode forms, the most favored form editor in Breezing forms!

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Reviews: 1
Excelent Extension and support! Useful for coder and non coders too. Fast Support for any question. Great work.

Klevis M.
Reviews: 2
Had an issue that i could not resolve and the support team were able to connect and fix the issue for me. This is the easiest form and most efficient form builder out there.
Reviews: 2
This is the only form component I've used in Joomla, so I don't know how it compares to others. But I think its great.
It was easy to get started, and then when I needed some more complicated facilities they were there.
Its ALL there basically, nothing is missing, you just have to read the manual and the forums to find what you need.
The support guys are very helpful in leading people to a solution, even when you are using the free version.
Reviews: 1
Not only a brilliant component but also great support!! Thx Syno.
Reviews: 2
BreezingForms is a great extension.
I create a multi-page form to register for a sports event. Well explained with the videos and tutorials I was fine at the beginning.
I had problems with the Ajax validation and asked the free support. Immediately I received help.
Special thanks for the quick responses.
Reviews: 1
Finally!!! a registration form extension that works!!!
Reviews: 3
Very good extension and also it's free but I don't understand why don't have a changelog.. This is why I didn't give five star.
Reviews: 1
This extension is really FREE. The QuickMode is very easy to use and whenever you have a problem a post in the forum is enough and you get soon an answer. I'm really happy with this extension and I can only recommend it.
Reviews: 2
I'm very pleased with this free extension. It does exactly what it promises, and their is a lot of support information on the developer's website. I do agree however, that the official manual could be refined a little bit to aid accessibility. Other than that, very good.
Reviews: 10
I really like this extension and it did exactly what I was looking for. No issues with installation or setup. J3.0

Con: The documentation over-complicates this extension. You should get a simplified (less wordy) version that would be better received by a broader audience.
Reviews: 1
This extension is really useful and is FREE :)!
We can fill free do the form as we want and have nece template.
I am very pleased with the support that respond quickly to any questions.
Reviews: 1
The easiest and most efficient form I've ever used to create what I needed without all the hassle. QuickMode is the easiest to use, despite its name. EasyMode is more for intermediate users but still easy to use, as long as you read the documents on the forums.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this extension for a project website for college, and so far the functionality of the extension is good. It's pretty easy to set up a simple contact form with QuickMode, and I haven't had any trouble using BreezingForms.

However, what I don't like and why I wanted to leave a review is the amount of javascript placed in the source code of the page. For just a simple form with 5 fields there is a 230-line script in the header, along with a 70 line inline script and a couple 2-6 line inline scripts. All the js makes it difficult to read through the source code of the page. Maybe there's a reason the 230 and 70 line scripts absolutely had to go into the source code rather than being placed in an external js file... but when over 300 lines out of 486 are javascript, that seems a bit much to me.
Owner's reply

Yes the reasons are that a good part of this js is generated but also to save http requests.

Reviews: 5
Yes it is advanced and confusing. Quickmode is alright, but still not very easy.

I used it only for a few minutes and noticed that Label tags do not match up to the input name="" part. It would be good if the for="xx" matched with the input id="xx" and input name="xx" (because infieldLabels script needs it).

Backend lets you edit submitted forms, that is good because some extensions don't allow that for some reason. But there is a lot of info at the top that isn't needed so it looks like a mess (payment details?). But you also have to tick a checkbox next to each field before clicking Save, that seems weird and there's no tips on the page.
Owner's reply


A quick look into the docs would have revealed that you easily can access the form objects with javascript using our framework that ships with breezingforms and pass them to 3rd party scripts (there are plenty of examples).

A user of your level, checking for IDs and names of an HTML objects, should at least read the docs. We have plenty of documentation and examples for integration with form objects that demonstrate how to connect to your 3rd party scripts.

With our framework, there is no reason to name ID and name of an HTML object qually (and it doesnt make sense for other technical reasons).

There is also no extension in the entire forms category that takes more care about integration than BreezingForms.

The QuickMode is for sure the most easy to use form builder.

Try all these typical left-drag-to-right form builders when having large and/or complex multipage forms. Happy scrolling. Starting from a certain point of complexity, the QuickMode is the best way of creating forms. That's why we always say, use BreezingForms for more complex tasks rather than simple contact forms. There are plenty of free little forms extensions out there.

However, I would have welcome if you would have tested BreezingForms more than just a few minutes as you state. There is simply too much work in it in order to judge over it like this.


Reviews: 1
I had a few problems with this extension, but after getting in touch with one of the developers, everything worked in a few minutes.

Great service, seriously.
Reviews: 4
Breezing forms is actually a good product once you understend how it works. However, whatever I try, I can nog get it to work with IE. Not just on my PC, but on may other PC's where IE is installed the forms just do not show up. I have searched the forum, but can nog find anything related to it.
It is a pity, because I think this is a good product.
Owner's reply


BreezingForms works perfectly in IE.

Except searching the forum, did you post a question there?

If you are not sure, then please contact me:


Reviews: 2
I hardly ever complete reviews. Only exceptional products motivate me enough to bother. I downloaded BreezingForms late last night. It installed with no bother and I put together a simple order form using QuickMode. I tweaked it a bit this morning, customised the admin email notification following the user guide, did the same with the confirmation email to the submitter and just made it live.

The possibilities of this product are massive. It is a one stop shop for forms and the best I've seen and used. 10 out of 10.

Well done to all involved in it's development.
Reviews: 7
I wanted to give this 5 stars to be fair I gave it Average.
If you're looking for ease of use, this wasn't it for me.
I tried it out on Joomla 2.5.6, and tried to create a form.
I gave up because it seemed more complicated than necessary. For example, when I tried to enter text in the "easy mode" it didn't work. No response.
I gave up. I did give it Average rating due to the fact that maybe it was just me. I did find another form component that was a little more simple, yet does the same thing.

Good work guys.

P.S your package says Joomla 1.7 I'm wondering if this had anything to do with it? Yet on your description is says 2.5 compatible? The only download link on your site links to a 1.7 compressed file.
Owner's reply


you are one of the users for those "quick" means "easy".

In that case, better use the QuickMode. Equally powerful and even more (90% of our user base are using it).

I wonder why you didn't try it?

Then you might feel to edit your review.


Reviews: 5
I have been utterly staggered at the power of this extension. There seems to be no limit to what can be achieved given patience and perseverance.

I have to agree with all previous positive feedback but more than that, I simply cannot find anything that I can't do with it.

Reviews: 18
Once I got the hang of quickmode i was hooked. The power of this extension has to be seen. The extensive forum, knowledge base and tutorials will have you creating in no time. hope to upgrade to the commercial version soon. Thank you crosstec for making this version free.
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