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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Joomla 3.x ready forms. No trial forms, No form field limit but free and fully working forms. The only free form builder with professional forms features - our present to you, the community!

-- No "Crippled Forms" but really usable forms.

The latest breezing forms backport contains many of the form stability upgrades from breezing forms 1.8.x plus Joomla! 3.x forms compatibility and integration with ContentBuilder forms.

Breezing forms lite version can be turned into a form based CCK (replacing its native forms):

Install forms, export forms, import forms and enjoy!

People often ask what are the differences in form creation between breezing forms lite and breezing forms full.

The breezing forms lite version contains a few differences that are not that relevant for regular form users, such as:

* Less Forms Features
(due to being the breezing forms lite version, no Bootstrap forms support)

* Header in forms admin
(can be removed for forms admin due to the nature of the GPL license)

* Basic forum support, only for form questions
(with answers for your forms from our form experts as time allows)

Else than that breezing forms contain almost all of the features of the full forms version. The most fair free forms in the JED.

Breezing forms is suited for form beginners and advanced form users, while we try to balance ease-of-use with form feature richness for form based applications and simple standard forms (everyday forms).

By creating forms with breezing forms, you will learn that breezing forms is the only form builder you need, so no need to deal with plenty of form builders. Breezing forms is just enough to create all your forms.

Breezing forms makes it a lot easier to maintain your forms (export your forms and import the forms on other sites and interchange forms with breezing forms for WP).

We are constantly developing and updating breezing forms for more than 5 years now to give you the best forms experience available for Joomla! as well giving you the ability to create very complex forms and forms that stand out from the form crowd.

Get Breezing forms, install and create your forms today. Tipp: use the option QuickMode forms, the most favored form editor in Breezing forms!

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Reviews: 1
I had high hopes for this extension after reading the reviews and watching the training videos produced by the developer but after attempting to use it for the last few days I come away very disappointed. The extension has tremendous potential but suffers from major bugs that prevent it from being useable.

I'm using the free version, which only has support in the developer's forums, but according to users in that forum the paid version has the same issues. I followed all the instructions for installing and configuring the extension.

I started out using the Easy Mode, which a video tutorial by the developer. I followed the tutorial step by step and set up my fields and labels, specified field validation rules and even set up some conditional fields.

The next step in the tutorial has you click the Form Settings button. This is where you are supposed to set up the form's name, layout dimensions, database logging and submission behavior. The form won't submit properly without using the Form Settings. However, clicking the button does nothing.

It works perfectly in the training video, but not in either the free or paid version. Despite multiple recent requests for assistance from users in the developer's forums, no replies have been forthcoming.

The same happens with the form's preview button. Clicking that is supposed to open a light box window showing the form in action but nothing happens.

I then switched to Classic mode but didn't get very far. I attempted to set up a simple contact form but the field labels would not display. Already frustrated by Easy Mode, I decided to move on to Quick Mode.

In Quick Mode I was again able to set up a simple contact form but when I tried to adjust the dimensions of the form, the developer's footer containing a link to his web site started displaying in other areas of the form. Even when I put the dimension settings back to their original values, the footer continued to display in the wrong location.

This is not an exhaustive review of all BreezingForm's features but it does point out deal killer bugs in each of it's modes. The system has a lot of potential but in it's current state it's not ready for prime time.
Owner's reply


sorry but I cannot agree, BreezingForms is ready for prime time for almost 4 years now.

The "bugs" you describe are not existing. It is the first time I hear about that.

It would be very kind if you could write in our forums what browser you are using, so we are able to spot the issues and fix them.

In current modern browsers the bugs you are referring to are not existent, at least not with major browsers that we tested on.

If you recently upgraded, clear your browser cache since the scripts changed.

Please contact me at and give me a chance to find out why this happens to you. Everybody will participate from it and you would help the community. Thanks.

By the way, this is open source, you can remove the footer at any time ;)


Reviews: 1
I searched for a new extension, because i migrated my site to joomla 2.5.. Before i used ckforms and with Joomla 2.5 I have tried this extensions and i like it.
I have little bit Problems with Mailback but i've got quick help from the forum.

Many Thanks and
Reviews: 5
I really like BreezingForms, but I would like to change the language into Dutch. I can't find where I can make these changes. I found the Dutch translation in the Admin part. How can I set it to Dutch, please help me.

Reviews: 1
I like this extension very much and they have great support! Now I can make complex forms even with this free version - great!
Reviews: 6
I have tried some extensions like this. After some days, I notice the possibilities of them (Proforms, RSForm, ChronoForms...)
Finally I found the best form editor and visually are superior to others.
Great! I want the comercial version but I tried first the free (Notice that 11 Backport have problems when create a new form, can't do it for a disorder of buttons) Backport 10 are excellent.
Owner's reply


After upgrade to backport 11 make sure you clear the browser cache. The scripts changed, that's why this happened.


Reviews: 5
I can usually figure out anything. I've never given a bad rating but this extension just leaves me wondering "what?". One minute it works fine then it doesn't. Nothing changed so why? I've been over and over it - scanned all the forums - taken all the advice. I give up. Frustrated.
Owner's reply


don't you think if something is not working the next minute it could be a lead that you have a general issue on your site?

Well, since you not tell us here what is not working but just showing frustration, then it is hard to tell what it could be, so I offer you contact me here => and I'll have a look.


Reviews: 2
I manged to make a form for submitting events. I have used breezing forms with content builder and now I can add events into my eventlist component. Also I can manage the lists. Markus is of great help even on the free forum. I am looking forward to new development with gmaps plugin integration!!!

Thanks a lot Markus.
Reviews: 1
I've worked with this with one form, and that was excellent, but used the copy functionality, twice, and all my forms stopped working. Unable to submit the forms, i looked at the tables, and the form fields had been deleted from the form elements table. started from scratch, repopulated the table, and weirdly, the elements were deleted :(
Owner's reply


please upgrade to the latest version o BF. This has been fixed months ago.

Thanks & Regards,

Reviews: 1
I like this extension. its easy to use without programming skills. there are enough material to learn how to use it and the users forum is so active and reply very fast.
Thanks for providing this nice extension
Amir S Javid
Reviews: 1
That's great, You have done a great job in making such kind of extension and really appreciate as you have given many good features in FREE version. Excellent man Excellent
Reviews: 3
I build most of my sites on Joomla and after a while you start to favour certain extensions for the functionality you need. Breezing forms is a great extension I use, but even better is the support. I dont know if Marcus is a one-man-army or what but he really puts in the time and effort. He recently helped me with some codes to catch data early in the form submission process.... which without I was in some deep water. So heres to a great guy doing great things!
Reviews: 1
Learning Breezing Forms can be a bit tricky but it is totally worth it! I was a bit "frightened" and a tad confused at first by the different ways of creating the forms, but after several weeks working with it I can see how freaking amazing powerful this is.

If you need to have TOTAL CONTROL over form creation, display, functionality... and I mean absolute total, over the top complete control... this is it man! The best part is that right out of the box without doing any extra coding it works perfectly and easily. Then when you decide you need to do more stuff... the option is there and fairly straight forward. The beauty of the system is the combination of "automation" and "customization". You can have both which is rare with complex components.

The form creation display in a "folder structure" in Quick Mode is awesome. Once you understand it it makes so much sense. The back end creation display was strange at first because I "couldn't see it". But after understanding the way it works it makes perfect sense (I would prefer the "Advanced" tab would be just part of the main editing screen when working with sections and elements. Just a quibble).

I think it may help to have some concept of the coding concepts used in extending the basic features, I often take for granted what I know when working with others. What I assume is "easy" is often difficult to others. Even without that knowledge, if you follow the instructions suggested on the forums and the Crosstec site, you can still pull off some amazing tricks.

Forum feedback was very fast and always nailed it. It was like someone was reading my mind.

One recommendation: USE THE QUICK MODE! This seems to be the "best" way in my opinion of course, to use Breezing forms. I used all of the types but found that the creation and organization structure of the Quick Mode is best.

I would suggest that possibly.... Crosstec should change the name of "Quick Mode". At first, based only on the name, I thought it was a simple form creation type intended for "beginners". In reality Quick Mode appears to be more powerful and easier to use than the other types. Correct me if I got this wrong. I actually tried the Quick Mode last after playing with the other types.
Reviews: 1
I've been an avid Joomla user for 4+ years now. Breezing Forms is so incredibly easy to use, and an absolutely beautiful extension. Looks very professional, very smooth. And the support I have received is bar none the best you can get. Yesterday I had a question, and within 1 minute of posting a question on the Crosstec forum I had a response from Markus. He very persistently tried to help and answer all of my questions until all issues were resolved. It was like he put everything else down to lend me a hand. Thanks Markus!!
Reviews: 1
I really enjoy using this extension and also can praise support line for constructive advices. Using this extension does not ask huge IT-skills .... everything is understandable without documentation ...
Reviews: 1
A great Component !
I had troubles with the component so i asked support and was AWESOME.
Those guys dedicate all the time respving my issue and finnaly works !
Recommended, works fine !!
Reviews: 16
This is absolutely epic, hats off to the devs, for not only coming out with Content Builder, but giving it away for free, and now fixing the integration compatibility constraint of the free version of Breezy Forms for it.
Truly shows the spirit of the developers, way to continue to help your fellow man.
If you guys can spare the money, spring for the full version of Breezy Forms, keep the devs belly full.
I plan on buying the full version, for the second time actually, just to show my appreciation. (originally bought BF awhile back, prior to release of these)
Reviews: 2
We're using extension as a petition form on our official web. Petition is very important to us an we got all that we wanted from the extension. Adoptable, great video tutorials, endless possibilities.
Support was amazing and fast! Previously we used RSForm's but switch to Breezing Forms. Highly recommended.
Hrvoje Busic
Reviews: 1
Hi every body,I just want to say a big thank you and congratulations to Markus for this wonderful component and its support problem.
Reviews: 3
Guys, first, Thanks to unleash the nuelled version. I was between RS FORMS PRO and BreezingForms, and needed a demo to decide. Well, now i´m buying yours extension.
Second, good job with the easymode. Did all the job with it. Easy and straightforward. The best so far.
Reviews: 8
I have used all of the forms components available to Joomla! sites and this one is the one I keep returning to. If you need a simple form builder the Quick-mode version of this component is ideal. Plus,you can write your own css for the quick-mode template and assign it on a per form basis. I have gotten into the habit of loading Breezing forms as soon as I begin a new site and creating a new css for each type of form that I use. If I have to develop something with a more advanced layout then the classic mode easily accepts html in its label fields.
It would take too long to write all the flexibility this form offers-but I must say adding scripts to the functionality is well documented and the supporters will respond to questions.
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