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MGetSys Plugin

This plugin will output the current user information or guest or 0 for user id if not logged in. Works on any rendered page. For content items please see content plug-in MGet.

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Reviews: 5
This is exactly what I needed, simply being able to insert user, username, etc. On my site I give users a temporary password, and ask them to change it after they log in for the first time. Users can log in with email which works nice because it's fed to them on emails and newsletter, but to change password they need their username. Yes, they can ask the login module to send it to them, but thats an extra pain. I'd also like to put in comments like Welcome, [user]. This plug in actives code for {mgetsysuid} - User ID, {mgetsysuser} - User Name, {mgetsysuname} - Users Name, {mgetsysueml} - Users email. Lots of flexibility. My problem is solved. THANKS for this simple but vital module.