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Easybook Reloaded is an easy and simple guestbook component for Joomla! which, nevertheless, offers you many useful features.


* Full administration from the Front-end
* E-Mail notification with hashlinks (edit without login)
* Unlimited guestbook instances on one Joomla! website
* Powerful spam protection - arithmetical problem, time lock, self-defined question, block IP addresses (with range), maximum number of links, time lock for the same IP address, Akismet support, native support for the plugin EasyCalcCheck Plus
* ACL - select you own groups to set rights
* Introtext - can be loaded from language file (multilingual)
* GeSHi Syntax Highlighting
* BBCode
* Smilies - different smiley sets
* Automatic Word-wrap
* Moostar - Rating function with 3 styles
* Options to fill in various direct messaging services
* Badword filter with a pre-defined list of English, German and Russian words
* 3 different templates
* Sorting of the entries
* Set custom admin comment name
* Backlink / Logo can be disabled
* and many more!


Transifex - Opentranslators

To avoid spam entries Easybook Reloaded uses a light version of the famous plugin EasyCalcCheck Plus which is available as a separate download (


Joomla! 3 -

Joomla! 2.5 -


Module "Latest entries" - Shows the latest posts at the guestbook -

Joomla! 3 -

Joomla! 2.5 -

Search Plugin - Allows search of Easybook Reloaded entries -


The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

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Reviews: 1
Excellent, all what you expect from a guestbook, very easy and quick installation (took me about 2min. Does everything what it promised. Thank you so much.
Owner's reply

You are welcome. Thank you for using EBR!

Reviews: 2
Simple and very useful extension
Magnificent support
Viktor is a very kind person, so patient with "beginners"

Thank a lot!
(try this on your web site!)
Owner's reply

Hello Valeria,

you are welcome. Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 6
The best extension and the support, keep good work :)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 1
The installation went fluently, without any errors. Its is easy and simple.
It is a pity that I can only donate via Paypal. For me is Visa direct more usefull.

Thanks for this great module!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

PS: You can also donate via Visa Card with Paypal. :-)

Reviews: 1
Installation was a piece of cake, does exactly what it says it will.

One thing I would like is for "comments by administrator" not to be titled like that, but by the name of the administrator doing the post, as registered in joomla's users page.

It would be more personal to readers, as well as enable differentiation of posts when the site is managed by multiple administrators.

Other than that minor point, nothing but good things to say!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Maybe this feature will be available in the release for the next Joomla! version.

Reviews: 17
Excellent extension. I suggest you to put some different date and time format (with /), cause in Serbian we write date and year with dot's. Ex: 17. 10. 2011.
Except that little suggestion, EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECT! Keep good working! Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and suggestion!

Reviews: 3
This is a beautiful extension. Works perfect, looks great! Thank you very much!
Owner's reply

Thank you too for your time to write this review!

Reviews: 3
Easybook Reloaded is an easy to install and configure, yet fully functional guestbook component that does all what it says, and more. Moreover, when trying to solve a problem and reporting it to the forum, the solution was pointed out by the developer within MINUTES. Really perfect!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 4
What a great component! Easy to install (I'm using the J1.7 version), worked out of the box within 5 minutes.
It took me another 5 minutes to restyle it to my likings so it blends in my design beautifully! Just locate the easybookreloaded.css and adjust it to your needs.

Thanks for this great component, if I could have given you 6 stars I would have! :)
Owner's reply


Thank you!

Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla and got this module to add to a predesigned website. It was easy to install and simple to administer and did everything we wanted. Their support is FANTASTIC! We had a small formatting issue due to our stylesheets and they not only took a look at the problem but told us what to do to correct it. A 5 star rating from me!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

Reviews: 1
the release for 1.7 gives an error message in building menu in backend.
The forum is in german, not everyone speaks german, sorry

for trying this component earlier i'll say its good but do not release if not ready for other versions*!
Owner's reply

Please use the forum if you have a problem!

EBR 1.7 is fully compatible with Joomla! 1.7.

Reviews: 1
Great Component, great module from Kubik-Rubik team.
Works fine and even if you have any problems with your particular site, their help is amazing!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 2
Ive had problems installing other guestbook modules on my web site but can honestly say this out of all the modules on the site it has to be the best.

very easy to install very clear on how to set up and personalise this module 5 star from me.

well done to the developer who has done a superb job.

On a parting note though i wish i could use coloured text on the guestbook entries when replying to posts as admin!make the text stand out? maybe a button you could add to the next upgrade for 1.5
Owner's reply

Thank you!

That can be modified in the css file of the component.

Reviews: 1
I've tried a lot of guestbooks. But EBR was the best: easy handling and nice layout. Some problems after the start were solved very fast by the developer. Great component - great support! Thank you Victor :-)
Owner's reply

You are welcome! Thank you for your review.

Reviews: 7
Tried out other guestbooks beforehand but Easybook Reloaded not only worked immediately but it had a nice layout and was highly configurable. I loved the simple captcha system and the email option to selected registered users (Joomla CMS) worked flawlessly. The latest entries module was also a really neat addition; it also had a thoughtful configuration. It's certainly the best Guestbook on the block as far as I'm concerned - keep up the good work Viktor!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind review!

Reviews: 5
A well working Guestbook I have been using for a while!

Just one minor suggestion (since I couldn't pass the ECC+ in the forum and e-mail contact): The component and its "latest entries" both bring their names and even versions as comments into the source code of the web page. E.g.: "Easybook Reloaded - Module Latest Entries - by". That provides information for a potential attach on the website, e.g. on a search for an outdated version with a known issue. That information could be removed.
Owner's reply

Thank you for you review!

Reviews: 5
This component does not work for me! even inserting the code call message as reported in the forum registration does not return error message.
If my visitor hit all the information he receives the message of success, but not recive any error message.
Owner's reply

Unbelievable! Why don't you ask first in the forum for help? Do you know how much hard work has been put into the component? And you write such a bad rating without a reason (your template is to blame)!

The component has over 50.000 Downloads and there has not been one problem I couldn't solve.

Thank you for the review...

Reviews: 106
Very simple but good site guest book system. The face icons are not best in my opinion, but besides that it works great. I also like how you can edit and delete comments on the front end. Nice work.
Cheers Josh Lewis
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 3
Very good free guestbook, wonderfull. I had only a problem to find how to link to the book but i found on the net that i must make a menu link for it. Thank you very much
Owner's reply

You are welcome. Have success!

Reviews: 1
Perfect guestbook with the possibility of management frontend!
Owner's reply

Thank you!

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