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Easybook Reloaded is an easy and simple guestbook component for Joomla! which, nevertheless, offers you many useful features.


* Full administration from the Front-end
* E-Mail notification with hashlinks (edit without login)
* Unlimited guestbook instances on one Joomla! website
* Powerful spam protection - arithmetical problem, time lock, self-defined question, block IP addresses (with range), maximum number of links, time lock for the same IP address, Akismet support, native support for the plugin EasyCalcCheck Plus
* ACL - select you own groups to set rights
* Introtext - can be loaded from language file (multilingual)
* GeSHi Syntax Highlighting
* BBCode
* Smilies - different smiley sets
* Automatic Word-wrap
* Moostar - Rating function with 3 styles
* Options to fill in various direct messaging services
* Badword filter with a pre-defined list of English, German and Russian words
* 3 different templates
* Sorting of the entries
* Set custom admin comment name
* Backlink / Logo can be disabled
* and many more!


Transifex - Opentranslators

To avoid spam entries Easybook Reloaded uses a light version of the famous plugin EasyCalcCheck Plus which is available as a separate download (


Joomla! 3 -

Joomla! 2.5 -


Module "Latest entries" - Shows the latest posts at the guestbook -

Joomla! 3 -

Joomla! 2.5 -

Search Plugin - Allows search of Easybook Reloaded entries -


The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
Great component. But I would like to ask what to I need to do to read greek. Since the last update it seems that it doesn't support greek. Thank you
Owner's reply

Yes, it supports greek! But I didn't get any greek language files yet.

If you are willing to translate, then please contact me on the project website.


Reviews: 1
I'm very happy with this. One complaint. A little spam is slipping through. Not a lot, but about 2 a week. I grab it and take it down so client doesn't have to, but I'd rather not have to worry about it.
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Please update to version 2.0.7, then your client shouldn't get any spam entries!

Reviews: 24
After it has been dropt by the original coders and it showed critical security flaws, we had to migrate to another guestbook on a heavy site.

At the german I found a thread about the "reloaded" version an didn´t thought, it would really be improved, as it said, but missing the functionality of the EB, we gave it a try!

Some monts ago, we started using the relaoded version and, despite some small flaws which had been corrected right away, it works seemlessly!

Bottomline: We migrated back to Easybook reloaded, the best Guestbook for Joomla!

Big THANK YOU for this excellent work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind review, X-Bit!

Reviews: 18
I think this one is the best guestbook for Joomla!

I needed a guestbook with code support. And Easybook even supports GeSHi!

Thanks for this component.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!

Reviews: 1
actuley it is great but unfortunetley i will un-install it now
My site is in Araic encouding UTF-8
and I have a Problem encoding with it, my database encouding is general-utf8-ci,

the entries goes ??????
I Found out that the installed tables encouding is swedish-ci
I ixed that problm-empty the cash, and it did not work
the form support not in English so it is bad for me
Thank you
Owner's reply

You could ask in the forum or write me an e-mail in english...

I get a lot of requests in english! It's not a problem.

Arabic should also work fine. See my test entry:

Nevertheless thank you for the review!

Reviews: 3
I loved the old Guestbook and Im glad to see a revamped version back. Lots of control this time, easilly installed and it looks great.

Downloading the antispam plugin for it was easy, fast and just as simple to install as this. Definately both worth the 5 stars.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review!

Reviews: 4
I liked the "old" Easybook very much, but the reloaded version is excellent. Easy to use, a lot of control, valid, nice!
Thanks a lot Viktor!
Owner's reply

Thank you Albatros. Very kind!

Reviews: 11
It was very quick to install (just install and link to menu). Default configuration works just fine. There are lots of config option if you want more control. Thanks for this useful component.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

Reviews: 4
Well, the old Easybook was never developed fully, only beta, and a component must be secure to use. These version is new, functionality, works right, no problema with captcha -some components of guestbooks have problems with captcha, almost in my site-, but these works fine and do my needs: have a guestbook for my users. ¡Works in my J! 1.5.20!
Reviews: 18
No big fuzz, just the thing, simple and plain. like the simplicity of the component.

well done.
Owner's reply


Reviews: 3
Excellent Guestbook, very very easy to config, installed without problems.. thanks!!
Reviews: 1
This is what I have been searching for. Simple design, easy installation, enough options and has a Russian language. Thanks!
Owner's reply

Thank you! - Спасибо!

Reviews: 1
This guestbook is very easy to install. You do not have to tweak anything. No programming no changes to html, php code or whatever.

No 'powered by'

I really like this component!! For someone who is not into code this component is brilliant in simplicity...


I really would like to change the background color of the messages so it would be in style with the site I am building.

How can I do this ( I tried asking this question on Viktors website but I constantly got the message that there was spam in my text???)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

You can change everything in the included css-file.

Reviews: 97
Finally somebody picked up the abandoned Easybook component and re-polished it.

Thank you very much! It works very well.
Owner's reply

You're welcome!

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