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Phoca Guestbook is a Joomla! component. It is a simple guestbook with Captcha system.

- Joomla! 1.5, 2.5, 3


Demo (Joomla! 1.5):

Demo Phoca Guestbook and Joomla! 1.6:

Trying to prevent from spam

Please, read before making review based on spam issues

If you hate spammers, please don't blame Phoca Guestbook or other extensions which produce input form field on your site.

To not be spammed, you should make all the recommendations in this article:

and of course your server needs to have a lot of different tools to prevent from spam.

And you need to care about your inputs, because for example, you cannot prevent from human spammers automatically :-(

The situation with spam is really horrible (I know it from my experiencs where spam and ddos attacks makes my server down most of time)

If you have some input form, you need to care about it everyday.

Regarding Phoca Guestbook: I am regularly working on different protections for the Phoca Guestbook but reviews here based on spam issues (without reading the articles and making no other spam protections on the server) demotivate me like other "input form" developers. Maybe there will be nobody in the future who will do such extension because he/she will be blamed instead of the spammers :-( :-(

Phoca Guestbook is not the one who spams your sites, please think of it while making a review. And Phoca Guestbook is not the one who ignores the spam problems (just see the article and the features) but you should know that it is really difficult to fight the spam :-( :-(

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Reviews: 8
Like Phoca gallery : a good and easy extension.
Good support too
Does its job.
Reviews: 1
Its works great, you get lots of spam, spamfilter options not sufficient
Owner's reply

Hi, see:

In Phoca Forum, I am using phpBB project, I get spammed every hour by a lot of spams (mostly human spam). You can find a lot of information about "spam and phpBB". Does it mean, the phpBB is not OK? No, the phpBB is one of the best forum project (similar to Kunena, etc.) but because it is famous, the information about spam is well known. But I will newer rate phpBB with information, it has no sufficent spam options. :-(

Try to read the article listed above and similar article to know the situation about spam problems. Phoca Guestbook uses many spam protections and can be extended by many other anti spam plugins made for Joomla! But mostly this depends on administrator of the site which methods to protect site inputs he/she will implement. As described in the article, try to set that only registered users can leave a message, because this is only one method which can prevent from human spam (and of course this does not work 100%). The site which get input from world must be daily checked, because the 100% protection against spam does not exist.


Reviews: 1
perfect extension with 0 bug

Reviews: 4
Only just installed but very pleased with simplicity and ease of installation and configuration.

Thank you transco
Reviews: 1
Excellent component. Hats off to the whole team. Can you please tell me where i can find the English version of "Phoca Guestbook Latest Entries Module". I checked in your site. But it is there in 6 languages except English :-(
Reviews: 6
Five Star! Your the best! Very Easy and clean layout! :)
Reviews: 1
Works perfect! It simple does what it promise.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for something simple for website users to post a company testimonial. This works like a charm. Best part it works better then some of the components I paid for. Great job, and hats off to the developer.
Reviews: 2
Yes, indeed, I'm using it for a couple of months and having no problems at all, really a great extension!
Reviews: 2
Once again I have highly rate another Phoca Extension. This is another outstanding peice of work from Jan.

It not just the the extension that is superb but the support from Jan (the developer) is fast and first class.

I see many people on the forums here wanting to remove the powered by link and also criticise Jan for putting this on! Well to remove it just make a simple/small donation and email the developer and you wishes will come true! This is a small price to pay to support someone who develops a critical piece of work to the Joomla Community and users who use Joomla for their site requirements! Jan - well done, keep up the good work!

Reviews: 2
I'm using the Phoca Guestbook foe some time now beside some other Phoca extensions and it's great. It's really easy to install, use and to manage. Just that, what I needed. So.. thanks a lot, great!
Reviews: 1
Very easy and quick to setup and matches my site's template. However I am confused on how to add new custom fields in the guestbook say an extra field for location or rating of the website etc.
Another point is I am not able to send email notification to any address I like. example my joomla admin id is say I need the emails to be sent to
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, please ask questions in Phoca Forum - You can add an user into your Joomla! and then you can send email to him.

Reviews: 4
Very easy to install, intuitive configuration. Set up and running within minutes. Thanks!
Reviews: 7
This extension was easy to install and configure. After offering a small donation I was able to remove the credit link in the page footer. I wish all extensions were this easy to work with!
Reviews: 5
I installed it and use it in a few seconds. Works great now with the changing of captcha styles, also works perfect with joomfish.
Reviews: 1
Installed (as easy as 1..2..3) and up and running in less than 5 minutes. Perfect job done!
Reviews: 16
Looked around quite a bit for a Guestbook extension, tried the demos and I am happy I went with Phoca Guestbook.

The options provided are many but intuitive and the Guestbook looks great in the front-end.

The software has also been translated in many languages, so one is very likely to find his own.

Great looking, Easy to set up, Great work!
Reviews: 1
hi there phoca, i just want to compliment you on a superb job done here...this is an amazing component. every website should have one!
Reviews: 4
The only working guestbook for joomla...
Reviews: 1

Excellent extension, thanks for that. If I can hope something, guest book search plugin would be awesome. Site search not find questbook entries.
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