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Phoca Guestbook is a Joomla! component. It is a simple guestbook with Captcha system.

- Joomla! 1.5, 2.5, 3


Demo (Joomla! 1.5):

Demo Phoca Guestbook and Joomla! 1.6:

Trying to prevent from spam

Please, read before making review based on spam issues

If you hate spammers, please don't blame Phoca Guestbook or other extensions which produce input form field on your site.

To not be spammed, you should make all the recommendations in this article:

and of course your server needs to have a lot of different tools to prevent from spam.

And you need to care about your inputs, because for example, you cannot prevent from human spammers automatically :-(

The situation with spam is really horrible (I know it from my experiencs where spam and ddos attacks makes my server down most of time)

If you have some input form, you need to care about it everyday.

Regarding Phoca Guestbook: I am regularly working on different protections for the Phoca Guestbook but reviews here based on spam issues (without reading the articles and making no other spam protections on the server) demotivate me like other "input form" developers. Maybe there will be nobody in the future who will do such extension because he/she will be blamed instead of the spammers :-( :-(

Phoca Guestbook is not the one who spams your sites, please think of it while making a review. And Phoca Guestbook is not the one who ignores the spam problems (just see the article and the features) but you should know that it is really difficult to fight the spam :-( :-(

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Reviews: 3
installed and works perfectly as expected. I like that it has emoticons.

on the side, only if phoca could convert this into a comment component, it would be great!

thanks for the useful component!
Reviews: 1
Guestbook is the most important component on my website. I've tried many guestbooks and phoca is the best. Easy install and configurate. Excellent. So I decided to donate some bucks and please...keep on working.~~~~by HsiuWen
Reviews: 1
Excellent Guestbook! It easy to install and use.
Reviews: 31
extremely easy to install & set up, and does exactly what you need. the captcha system works great and the layout is perfect.

a no-fuss, no-hassle module that is simple yet perfect.. well worth the download!
Reviews: 2
Very easy setup for a really great extension. Documentation is so much better than most. Thanks for all of your work with so many extensions!
Reviews: 1
A really good extension!
It is incredibly easy and fast to set up a basic guest book and you can have lots of options to change!
Reviews: 3
It is excellent component. Thank you for it!
Reviews: 1
After trying a lot of guestbooks, this one worked instant. Add a guestbook, configure some settings, uploud language file and you are up and running.

Good work!!
Reviews: 3
Jan is making great extensions (look up everything named "Phoca"). It seems that his programming always is clean and simple.

After testing several guestbooks, I decided to use Phoca Guestbook because it works without any fuzz.

You can edit the captcha tables to remove letters and numbers that are easily confused like 1/l, O/0
Reviews: 1
Done well Jan. Easy installation, configuration and last but not least a great support. I highly recomment this component to all webbuilders.
Reviews: 1
Best ever, imo there isn't any other guestbook for Joomla who comes near to this one!

Great support in case of issues, bugs or problems as well.
Reviews: 1
After trying to install a different guestbook and getting nowhere with 404 errors and a closed forum, Phoco Guestbook is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. First of all there is wonderful documentation that tells you step-by-step how to install Phoco Guestbook. Second of all, this documentation anticipates problems people might have, and explains step-by-step how to work around them. That's why I say it is GREAT! Like a great teacher anticipating what the student needs to know and wonders about. And, needless to say, it installed smoothly with no problems, and works flawlessly (so far).
Reviews: 1
It's very easy to use, you have some bretty cool stlyes, you can change Style to make it fit to your template, AND!!!

you have very Good Support on their Homepage! Even if your Problem ins't at the Guestbook comonent!

Very greatfull, to found this one!
Reviews: 1
Great product, easy to setup and easy to manipulate css setting to match my current site.
Reviews: 4
Offers a lot of features I missed with other components, such as multiple guestbooks and a lot of configuration options, which can be set from menu manager.

thanks for that good work!
Reviews: 2
This is one component I recommend. Really nice guestbook with all the functionality you need.

Reviews: 1
Installation was easy and everything works except the "use global" setting in Menu » Main Menu » Phoca Guestbook » Parameters - Component.

It would be nice if Phoca came with a default guestbook already present after installation since it took me a while to understand that I had to create an empty guestbook to get started. I didn't get a useful error message, just 404 page not found.

None the less Phoca easliy beats the other guestbooks I've tried due to
- Simple installation
- Native Joomla 1.5 support
- Backend settings actually work
- Wide language support

Best regards Andreas Gaunitz
Reviews: 2
Having read all the wonderful reviews I finally thought I'd found the answer to my guestbook problems in 1.5.x!! Installation was smooth, documentation is good. Used it for the first time - error with HTML purfifier - so I went on the forum and found lots of other users have the same problem. Support in forum replies that "..this is an external application used by Phoca Guestbook which protect the guestbook against internet attacks like XSS attacks...", "So I cannot say what can be wrong with the html purifier on your site" !!!! Very frustrating.... I'd give it miss until this issue is sorted out.
Owner's reply

Hi, check your server settings, if your server supports ctype functions (HTML purifier uses these functions - )

BTW - with your "very poor" rating, you in effect say, I should not implement security functions. If I don't implement HTML purifier library, so the guestbook will work for all without any problems and Phoca Guestbook will not get "very poor" rating... BUT I SAY NO, I will implement every security library which can help users to protect their sites... So if e.g. HTML purifier have some problems on the server (e.g. no ctype functions are installed) it is still better to do changes on the server then not using it and waiting for possible future XSS attacks ... :-(

Reviews: 1
I had been going down the list of guest book extensions, installing and uninstalling one after the other. When I got to this one, I stopped. It not only installed smooth, but you can create more than one guest book. None of the other ones I saw can do this. I am extremely happy with it. THANKS!
Reviews: 2
The guestbook in it self is easy to install and has a nice and clean interface.

I would like to have a bit more css classes instead of the fixed styles that are part of it at the moment, hoping for it in the next release.

When it comes to the Captcha part it is not up to scratch.
The backend does it jobb well but the images produced are way to easy do "decode" probalby why some other people have complained.

Hoping for a better system i later releases?
Owner's reply

Hi, try to use the combination of standard and math captcha

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