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Phoca Guestbook is a Joomla! component. It is a simple guestbook with Captcha system.

- Joomla! 1.5, 2.5, 3


Demo (Joomla! 1.5):

Demo Phoca Guestbook and Joomla! 1.6:

Trying to prevent from spam

Please, read before making review based on spam issues

If you hate spammers, please don't blame Phoca Guestbook or other extensions which produce input form field on your site.

To not be spammed, you should make all the recommendations in this article:

and of course your server needs to have a lot of different tools to prevent from spam.

And you need to care about your inputs, because for example, you cannot prevent from human spammers automatically :-(

The situation with spam is really horrible (I know it from my experiencs where spam and ddos attacks makes my server down most of time)

If you have some input form, you need to care about it everyday.

Regarding Phoca Guestbook: I am regularly working on different protections for the Phoca Guestbook but reviews here based on spam issues (without reading the articles and making no other spam protections on the server) demotivate me like other "input form" developers. Maybe there will be nobody in the future who will do such extension because he/she will be blamed instead of the spammers :-( :-(

Phoca Guestbook is not the one who spams your sites, please think of it while making a review. And Phoca Guestbook is not the one who ignores the spam problems (just see the article and the features) but you should know that it is really difficult to fight the spam :-( :-(

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Reviews: 1
Excellent Guestbook!
Reviews: 2
This is mi first review ever made. But I just have to say that this extension is really good, simple to install and use. I recommend it. The only thing that I think could make it even better is a textfield or select for a contry/city input. But I've just submited to feature request on the phoca's website.
Reviews: 1
An easy to install and very useable guestbook. Any questions I had were were already asked and answered on the Phoca forum and it's nice to see that the developer is active on the forum and replies to queries.

The only reason I didn't give this maximum points is that within two days of my guestbook going up I got a lot of spam and feedback from some (would be) posters (friends) complained it was initially difficult to understand what the math captcha was.

In summary, this is a good guestbook. I'll post my feedback to the developer and, as he seems to take great pride in his work, I'm sure the next version will be even better.
Reviews: 1
MODBOY's comments mirror my experience with this product.

Captcha does NOT work. My Guestbook is constantly under attack from spammers.

This product has potential, but because of the spam, I'll be removing Phoca Guestbook from my sites.
Owner's reply

Hi, try to use set the Captcha settings (e.g. character) and or try to combine standard captcha and math captcha

Reviews: 2
The guest book is not bad although there are some bugs in the admin section but the Captcha totally don't work, after one week of installing this extension the guest book was loaded with spambot messages and i had to disable it.
Owner's reply

Hi, try to use set the Captcha settings (e.g. character) and or try to combine standard captcha and math captcha

Reviews: 17
Tested ALL guestbook extension here. My choise was Phoca because it's stable and has a very good documentation. As far as I know it is the only one you can choose font, border and background colours, so that it PERFECTLY integrates in every template.
I hope they'll add images link capability.

Great piece of software, higly recommended if you need a simple guestbook (or comment).
Reviews: 1
Just what I was looking for! Works like a charm.
Reviews: 1

If you are looking for extensions that are simple and that WORKS for 1.5, stop now. Phoca does rock! It does what it says. Just great.
Reviews: 1
Though I had to register the 3rd time for accessing parts of the SAME website (forum, dev and extensions on I finally did register to say THANK YOU for this component.

This guestbook is finally everything I was looking for. Simple, small, good looking,... simply perfect.

Thanks, i can highly recommend this component to everyone looking for a handsome guestbook.
Reviews: 2
Nice Guestbook, simple and and working on Joomla 1.5
Very fast and helpfull support at there homepage
Reviews: 1
This component is the best (i think) without giving me troubles in JoomLa 1.5.
It's simple,... it does the job,... it has translations (also to DUtch which i m using) and also with simplified CHAPTA for example (which i very much like!)

Reviews: 5
i translated the language files into danish.
waste of time when tryeing the book Capcha said vrong code tryede 7 different images.

i wish the capcha coud be disabled.
and nice if when , e.g email or other stuf in backend is set to not requierd. the email dont show up in frontend.

i ment the form box,
email [_____________]
or what it calls .
Owner's reply

You can disable the CAPTCHA, you can select the CAPTCHA characters in CAPTCHA class:

- only upper characters
- only lower characters
- only numbers

... you can select e.g. only a, b, c, d ....

Reviews: 2
Installation and set-up was painless. This is highly recommended for those wanting a guestbook system.
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