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FW Open Hours Module

FW Open Hours will give your customers definite answer when you will be open or closed!

Its main features:

* Time fields for each day of the week displaying your working hours
* Weekend fields - show whether you work on week-edns or not (Saturday/Sunday off options)
* Shift according to server time - if your server time doesn't concur with current time in your office, this feature will easily correct that. You can set the difference and module will use it in the calculations.
* Office time zone drop-down list
* Display status - Yes/No option for displaying your status Open/Closed on the front-end.
* Display current time at the office - clock with great designs.
* 2 time formats - you can select any of the introduced time formats: xx:xx or xx:xx am/pm
* 10 great designs - simple, social, shop, business, cafe, restaurant and others will supplement your Joomla! website. Please view screen shots below and visit the product page
* Over midnight working time option
* Date display option
* Back-end prompts added

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Reviews: 4
This hours module has a lot of nice features like several designs and the ability to adjust to your time zone to name a few.

It's easy to configure and the developers are responsive.

It has one major flaw though can only be configured so it shows your business closed on weekends only, so if you close on any day during the week even temporarily you're out of luck. Talking to the developers it doesn't sound like this is a high priority "feature" unless you want to pay them to add it in.

I would have given it 5 stars otherwise.
Reviews: 30
Hello, this is a great module and great support from the developer. Whenever I had to attend, and I'm not using it, but should I use in other projects I have in mind. Thank you.