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The component jVoteSystem allows visitors to participate in surveys on your site. You can distribute as many votes as are available to you, thus you can emphasize on a certain answer. When set in component preferences, users can also create their own answers and help e.g. with the feature development. This program works with AJAX, meaning you don't have to reload the page, and is therefore more user friendly. In addition, administrators can manage the site in the frontend and users can remove their own posts. Also, the IP addresses and cookies are stored, which makes multiple voting difficult without permission. With the additional plugin (included in the package) you can also insert the poll into your posts. Language packs for German and English are included. Since the version 1.01, users can write comments on answers and the administrators can insert polls with a editor button. Ultimately, a very useful survey component with a user friendly, simple design.

### UPDATED VERSION 2.50 ###

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Reviews: 7
I was looking for a simple Poll component to replace what Joomla no longer comes with. This one has a lot of features I will probably never use, but it's nice to have them just in case. Installing and configuring it was a breeze, and I like the frontend interface. I just put up a test poll on my new site, and it is just what I wanted! Can't comment on support, since I haven't needed any so far.
Reviews: 1
What a nice change from other modules. This product installs easily and is very intuitive to configure. I was up and running a new poll within minutes. Sweet. Unfortunately and fortunately, I can't comment on the support because I haven't needed any. A great product. It is currently soliciting environmental feedback in the State of Florida.
Reviews: 1
This is a lovely looking and easy to use extension, that is massively let down by the complete lack of support from the author.

Good price
Easy Set Up
Intuitive back end
Good customisation options

Complete lack of support (many posts on the forum remain unanswered two or three weeks after posting).
Free version contains useless extra code that's sole purpose Is to stop removal of author backlink.

We've started using TWTPoll instead as we can not get this extension to play ball.

Rated as "Average" but could easily be "Excellent!" with better support.
Owner's reply

I'm very sorry for the lack of support in the last few weeks. I'm currently concentrated on another project and it is not easy for me to switch between these projects. I will try to keep up the support as good as possible.
I'm very sorry for the delays, thank you all for understanding!

In reaction on your review I responded to all the posts of the last weeks expect these which explain known problems (the forum search was often not used!).
I hope I can solve your problems in the support forum and it would be great if you remove this "Average" review afterwards. Thanks!

There isn't a lot of extra code to protect the author backlink and I don't agree with you that the code is useless! The component has been developed in our spare time and it is for free, it's just not fair to remove the copyright link.

Kind Regards,
Johannes Meßmer

Reviews: 1
Fantastic extension for allowing polls and voting. I run a small not-for-profit association and this is just what we needed for our elections of the board!!!
Reviews: 2
Well I installed this extension based on the previous votes and rating.
After installing it I went on, created a new poll, the editor had lotsa smiles and stuff, big fields for the eye challenged, ok I guess created a new poll ease.
Title formatting totally inappropriate for my website.
Looked on the extension options how to format the title, nothing. Searched on the web, and found a similar issue on the dev's forums.
Official moderator reply: "
Yes, please install Firebug or equivalent and identify the file/code to change."
resuming all the topic: Go to which ever CSS you want to edit and change the Hexcode there.
Ok so the colors of the answers were almost unreadable since I hava a dark template, the question and title were enormous and the colors were awful. So I'm starting to see here all the trouble JUST to get the title font smaller and in another color, plus the question plus the answers.
I got a nicer solution for this, it's called: delete the extension.

Thanks it was worth the try but I didn't find this anywhere near customizable friendly.
Indeed the extension has it's potential, but it has too many options just for the question editor and none for more (imo) important details.
Also, I'm often more fond to contribute to FREE and CLEAN projects than for projects that despite free include copyrights and that make me lose time (and money) to remove them (yes I saw a how to in the forums).
Reviews: 2
I had no problems installing this v1.5 plugin and it really fulfill all my needs. Easy to create new polls, and has a lot of options if I want to use them. Sure got my vote!
Reviews: 2
excellent extension, simple back-end!
Reviews: 12
I needed a way to offer an online officer voting option for members and this extension proved to be perfect for my needs. Very easy to set up, just the right options for my elections (vote for up to three of the 10 candidates, one vote each candidate, restricting multiple voting, recording user id of those voting, etc.) WAY MORE than a simple poll component! I had a question and it was answered within 5 minutes. Couldn't be happier, especially with a free extension!
Reviews: 3
This extension is absolutely excellent and it's FREE. Other polls I try always conflict with my template, but this works perfect.

Big thanks to developer
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a polling system from 3rd party sites but they aren't as customizable or as easy to use as JVoteSystem.
Reviews: 2
Was waiting for a truly interactive poll module to appear and this is it. Thanks Johannes!
Reviews: 3
I use this component for a commercial extension site to let the users decide about the development of new features. It seems to be the perfect solution for this. It is more than just a vote system but a powerful solution for reviewing the current opinion of the users. I like the option for allowing the users to change their votes at any time.
Thanks a lot for this great extension!
Reviews: 6
I liked this component immediatelly after I've installed it! I used to use another AJAX one (also very popular here) but this component is really incredibly flexible and functional. It gives much more freedom to place it on your site and give more comfort users to vote! Great job! The only confusing thing is the price (otherwise your will see copyright link). But we can live with it:)
Reviews: 1
Just used your component.

- Worked like a charm with lots of configuration options in a friendly GUI.

- Eye catching!

Thank you for your contribution!.
Reviews: 1
Super easy to upload and start polling I did however find a few issues with the module display. The max answers shown in the module is 5 and the button to expand the answers says next. This makes no sense users won't get this and there is no way to adjust this. I would also like the option to show a constant chart view. Unfortunately I will not be able to use this poll due to the lack of options in adjusting module display.
Reviews: 1
This is a powerful poll extension. I am able to publish polls via component, module or content plugin.

This extension allows the publisher to get creative with Polls

This extension allows the publisher to gain insight; the extension can be configure to allow users to add their own responses which can be valuable insight that helps us broaden our options. Furthermore, this extension can be configured to allow user to add comments to the listed answers. This too can help the publisher gain insight about the user's experience.

FOR WISHLIST, I would prefer that jVoteSystem allowed the user to manipulate the display of the polls by following joomla guidelines about file structure. As of now, it is difficult to manipulate or style the polls through component / module override or alternative layout

THANK YOU jVote System
Reviews: 4
This component offers some unique and interesting features, however is astounding in some very unexpected ways.

First, the lengths to which the author goes to protect the credit link in the front is nothing short of amazing - encoding it along with parts of the interface with base64 is borderline GPL violation to say nothing of potential security risk.

Second, overuse of JavaScript even for simplest UI elements which are better implemented with CSS adds nothing but overhead.

Third, the template structure is a mess. Spreading the template files over different folders, keeping frontend UI elements outside of templating in system folders and extensive use of JavaScript makes this component very difficult to customize to visually match your site.

Good functionality with some very bad UI ideas.
Owner's reply


1) I'm sorry that you were not able to customize jVoteSystem to your needs, but at least you didn't experience any problems in functionality and you didn't encounter some bugs. This is what matters, right? Therefore i'm really disappointed by this review.

2) why didn't you try contact us via support forums? Usually you can expect a fast answer and feature proposals are going to be implemented asap (if reasonable).

3) the encoded parts are removed within v2.05, sorry for that.

4) can you give some examples, where we sould replace any javascript function by a CSS solution? Otherwise your comment isn't much of a help but lowering the rating of this component.

5) the template structure is divided into single elements that get loaded on demand. We are not using any template engine right now. Actually you could easily create your own temlpate by creating folders inside the elements with a different name. But you should not change the basic html structure, because the javascript functions rely on this structure. To be honest: visual customization happens in the CSS-File and not by editing the html-code. But again, feel free to write proposals in the support forum and we will try to improve jVoteSystem!

And always remember: the component has been developed in our spare time and it is for free!

Kind regards

Reviews: 6
I have to say that JVoteSystem is a must for any site or community looking to gather feedback from either customers or fellow community members. The polls are easy to set up and go well with most site color schemes. Features are an added bonus as you can see in the demos posted. From controlling the amount of votes per poll/survey to allowing users to add extra answers (if permitted) for added inputs in the voting arena.

JVoteSystem has thoroughly impressed me.. not just with the features they have implemented but with the ease of use. Troubles with v.2.03 are long gone and the devs upgrade to v.2.04 quickly put those worries to ease. Practically right out of the box! It's simple for anyone to navigate around it's features and uses and adds a very nice clean touch to gaining user feedback.

I have gladly sent my support to JVoteSystem and as long as they continue to improve the seemingly "unimprovable" they will continue to have my support and loyalty.

They not only have a great poll sysyem. They also provide a community forum which any question or issue is quickly replied to. This is great as customers or users of any product have that added peace of mind... knowing that their troubles can be handled by either other users of the product or by the mods/devs quickly.

Another thing that makes me happy is the language barrier in the module itself has been handled and I now know what it says! =P
I big thanks especially for fixing that!

Overall, I would and will quickly recommend this extension to friends and anyone else looking for such an item. Please note: I am extremely picky when it comes to the use and features of such things.

Thanks JVoteSystem.. you guys are awesome.


Reviews: 4
I am using it with J2.5.1.Waited long for upgrade, because I used it under 1.7. With jvote 2.04 it runs now well.
Very good extension for voting with new proposals and comments.
Reviews: 1
The developer makes a great work. Many thanks for this component!
The support is great too. recommendable

lg Teddy
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