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The component jVoteSystem allows visitors to participate in surveys on your site. You can distribute as many votes as are available to you, thus you can emphasize on a certain answer. When set in component preferences, users can also create their own answers and help e.g. with the feature development. This program works with AJAX, meaning you don't have to reload the page, and is therefore more user friendly. In addition, administrators can manage the site in the frontend and users can remove their own posts. Also, the IP addresses and cookies are stored, which makes multiple voting difficult without permission. With the additional plugin (included in the package) you can also insert the poll into your posts. Language packs for German and English are included. Since the version 1.01, users can write comments on answers and the administrators can insert polls with a editor button. Ultimately, a very useful survey component with a user friendly, simple design.

### UPDATED VERSION 2.50 ###

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Reviews: 3
This component offers some unique and interesting features, however is astounding in some very unexpected ways.

First, the lengths to which the author goes to protect the credit link in the front is nothing short of amazing - encoding it along with parts of the interface with base64 is borderline GPL violation to say nothing of potential security risk.

Second, overuse of JavaScript even for simplest UI elements which are better implemented with CSS adds nothing but overhead.

Third, the template structure is a mess. Spreading the template files over different folders, keeping frontend UI elements outside of templating in system folders and extensive use of JavaScript makes this component very difficult to customize to visually match your site.

Good functionality with some very bad UI ideas.
Owner's reply


1) I'm sorry that you were not able to customize jVoteSystem to your needs, but at least you didn't experience any problems in functionality and you didn't encounter some bugs. This is what matters, right? Therefore i'm really disappointed by this review.

2) why didn't you try contact us via support forums? Usually you can expect a fast answer and feature proposals are going to be implemented asap (if reasonable).

3) the encoded parts are removed within v2.05, sorry for that.

4) can you give some examples, where we sould replace any javascript function by a CSS solution? Otherwise your comment isn't much of a help but lowering the rating of this component.

5) the template structure is divided into single elements that get loaded on demand. We are not using any template engine right now. Actually you could easily create your own temlpate by creating folders inside the elements with a different name. But you should not change the basic html structure, because the javascript functions rely on this structure. To be honest: visual customization happens in the CSS-File and not by editing the html-code. But again, feel free to write proposals in the support forum and we will try to improve jVoteSystem!

And always remember: the component has been developed in our spare time and it is for free!

Kind regards

Reviews: 5
I have to say that JVoteSystem is a must for any site or community looking to gather feedback from either customers or fellow community members. The polls are easy to set up and go well with most site color schemes. Features are an added bonus as you can see in the demos posted. From controlling the amount of votes per poll/survey to allowing users to add extra answers (if permitted) for added inputs in the voting arena.

JVoteSystem has thoroughly impressed me.. not just with the features they have implemented but with the ease of use. Troubles with v.2.03 are long gone and the devs upgrade to v.2.04 quickly put those worries to ease. Practically right out of the box! It's simple for anyone to navigate around it's features and uses and adds a very nice clean touch to gaining user feedback.

I have gladly sent my support to JVoteSystem and as long as they continue to improve the seemingly "unimprovable" they will continue to have my support and loyalty.

They not only have a great poll sysyem. They also provide a community forum which any question or issue is quickly replied to. This is great as customers or users of any product have that added peace of mind... knowing that their troubles can be handled by either other users of the product or by the mods/devs quickly.

Another thing that makes me happy is the language barrier in the module itself has been handled and I now know what it says! =P
I big thanks especially for fixing that!

Overall, I would and will quickly recommend this extension to friends and anyone else looking for such an item. Please note: I am extremely picky when it comes to the use and features of such things.

Thanks JVoteSystem.. you guys are awesome.


Reviews: 4
I am using it with J2.5.1.Waited long for upgrade, because I used it under 1.7. With jvote 2.04 it runs now well.
Very good extension for voting with new proposals and comments.
Reviews: 1
The developer makes a great work. Many thanks for this component!
The support is great too. recommendable

lg Teddy
Reviews: 7
This is a very versatile extension for polling data or voting. Installed without problems and updated flawlessly. There are still a few little bugs to be worked out like changing a poll's category after you have created it but I'm sure things like this will be addressed. I have not yet asked for any support as none has been needed. My only problem has to do with language support on their website and I've emailed the author with these concerns. Thanks for a great extension and I hope all that can afford it will support it.
Reviews: 24
This is just simply amazing!! VERY impressive features that you could NEVER dream of getting for free!! Great job on this and well worth using!! It really does blow away other polls systems you pay for!
Reviews: 2
Until the upgrade, the extension was awesome. Now all our polls, answers and users are gone! ARGH
Owner's reply

I'm sorry for that, I fixed the problem in 2.02. If this does not help, please write a post in my forum.

Johannes Meßmer

Reviews: 1
Hi to everybody. I'm trying to contact with the support of jvotesystem but nothing. Jvotesystem is very good but I have many questions and cannot find some one to discuss. Any help?
Owner's reply

Hello, I'm sorry but at the moment I had no time to response the posts in the support forum. I will do it in a few days. A lot of problems are already fixed up in the new version 2.00. I will publish it soon.

Thank you for your patience,
Johannes Meßmer

Reviews: 9
Thank you very much for the extension, it's a lot of work to do for free and I for one appreciate that as I am a developer myself.

One small observation, though: your component is GPL, which means one can modify it as he/she wants and can distribute the modifications under the same terms. You cannot forbid them to modify a component unless they make a donation, this is not how it works.

Again, great job!
Reviews: 3
I've tried a few polls from Joomla extentions directory to find one most suitable for my needs.

Although there are a few bugs, they are not critical. The Polls are configured in a very robust fashion which makes for good stability.

One downside is that this is not a module so can't be hooked up to your site, rather it's a menu item or can be copied and pasted into your article using the jVote button under your article.

There is also forum support (in German) but good use of widely available free translators out there will get you by.

Well done Joomess! I look forward to your module version!
Reviews: 2
I tried many and expected more features in them.But it keeps everything whatever you expect in a good voting system like rate photos videos and the best thing-put it any where on your site! 5 stars!
Reviews: 2
Best Voting Systems ever! Once you understand the working principle, everything is really easy.
The only little drawback is that there is no voting-module available.
Reviews: 1
After some understanding of the settings and how the polls are configured, this is a great system. Easy to use and has allowed for creation of relatively complex voting system. Also, great rapid feedback when presenting an issue to address for help in making new changes.
Reviews: 8
I tested it for a few days and bought.
Reviews: 4
I have been looking for a good Voting system for a while and found it here, and is well worth the very small charge to get version with the copyright removed. The thing that won me was the ability to hide the results as we don't wish our users to know how the voting is going on some polls.
Well put together.
Reviews: 1
We're using this on a test site to get votes on a single question with the ability to add responses. I'm a relative newby on Joomla! but have lots of web experience. Installation and configuration were simple. While the ability to enter multiple answers (as admin) would be nice, this is not a big deal for us. Entering multiple, new answers through the front end is a breeze! The VERY SHORT tutorial made it really simple.
Reviews: 11
IMHO, almost every decision made on the creation of this extensions was poorly thought through.

The interface of this extensions is FAR more complicated than it needs to be.

All of the options are fully open and not collapsible, which makes for a wall of text and radio buttons that is difficult to navigate.

The answers are in a completely different section of the component than the questions, meaning you have to manage them separately and connect them.

The answers are entirely separate from each other. I imagine eventually having a HUGE amount of questions to only a few questions.

Polls are non-modular, which means that the placement is left entirely to the user and the WYSIWYG editor. Most users are barely competent with using editors, and module placement is being left to them in the editor? Not only is it a poor method for placing modules, but it's extremely prone to frustrating the user (due to not being able to "place" the module with almost any precisions) but also frustrating the webmaster who will eventually have to rescue the user and manage all of the poor layouts being created.

Owner's reply

I can understand you, but you did never contact the support!
Please contact the developer and we can solve the problems.
Then you would know that I'm currently improving the backend.
I will release the new version in a few days.

It's not fair to give such a bad voting and review without asking me. Please create a new post in my forum.

Johannes Meßmer

Reviews: 1
Thanks to the developper for quick help. Not all my problems were solved but he was really helpfull. The extension looks great and is simple to use. I a beginner.
Reviews: 1
This poll system has become our bread and butter for our site. This is a very flexible poll. Use it to rank entries, use it as a listing, use it for feedback and so much more. This is a great component to have users interact with your site beyond a simple poll.
Pros: Flexibility, spam-protection, support, unique features, simplicity in use.

Cons: Nothing significant. When upgrading, I have to re-upload the css file to keep the poll layout the same as before.

A most excellent extension.
Reviews: 35
This poll is a great one. It has loads of smashing features and makes a professional interface in the front-end of the site.

Quite easy to set up and there is a great support when there is a minor problem.

Friendly and willing to help quickly when one is in a hurry, like I was :)

I can absolutely recommend this component.

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