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The component jVoteSystem allows visitors to participate in surveys on your site. You can distribute as many votes as are available to you, thus you can emphasize on a certain answer. When set in component preferences, users can also create their own answers and help e.g. with the feature development. This program works with AJAX, meaning you don't have to reload the page, and is therefore more user friendly. In addition, administrators can manage the site in the frontend and users can remove their own posts. Also, the IP addresses and cookies are stored, which makes multiple voting difficult without permission. With the additional plugin (included in the package) you can also insert the poll into your posts. Language packs for German and English are included. Since the version 1.01, users can write comments on answers and the administrators can insert polls with a editor button. Ultimately, a very useful survey component with a user friendly, simple design.

### UPDATED VERSION 2.50 ###

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Reviews: 3
jVoteSystem works well, looks good and the support is fantastic. I have donated the very reasonable fee to remove the link. Nice work :)
Reviews: 1
Just what I was looking for; multiple answers, comments, it's easy to change basic template of this plugin ...
And LIVE SUPPORT is really LIVE, and very nice! :D
Thanks for an excellent extension and help!
Reviews: 5
I have been using this on one of my pages and it has been a great traffic developer.

I installed it and had it running out of the box in a few minutes and the developer also took the time for a live chat with me.

Go for at least buying the copyright free version to help the developer as I know he is planning on updating to 1.6 as well as supporting only having one vote per answer, etc.
Reviews: 4
I would give excellent rating.Great effort.
But, although you can give to the users a number of votes, I can not find how to constrain their choices to one vote per answer.
I mean ... users needed to vote for a prefered day of the week to schedule a meeting. A user should be able to vote for more thna one day. So you give them 7 votes(number of possible votes). But a user should be limited not to use these votes in just one or two days. e.g. he can vote as the program is designed, with 4 votes for Wednesday and 3 for Tuesday.

How can I limit this?
Owner's reply

You can limit the votes per answer with the new version 1.12.
Regards Johannes Meßmer

Reviews: 4
jVoteSystem is what I was looking for. An extension that not only creates quick and easy polls, but also offers several features which attract visitors to take part on the votings. For example visitors can comment each of the poll option or even add own options to a poll. The admin interface is easy to understand. You can create polls in no time. Btw, a plugin that allows poll to content articles is also included.

As for the support, when I reported a little problem on the developers site he answered just a few minutes later.
So all in all it's a great extension already.
But from what I read on the developers site he is busy to add even more functions.
Reviews: 7
This was super easy to set up even though I couldn't find any documentation - but you don't really need it. I had it up and running in 15 minutes! I love the graphic representation it provides. I paid for the no copyright version and it is well worth the 5 Euros! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This is the best poll extension out there, because its not just about polls but a lot more. The latest version even has integration with amcharts which is awesome! I needed some extra development done and the developer was so helpful with a quick turn around of 24 hours. I think the more people use this extension the more it will emerge as top poll extension. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
It's very good as extention however i have a bug.
When I adding a vote , only registred user cann acces to this , the access I set it to Public Frontpage (in the table it's stored with '0' , access field)
Owner's reply

Please use the live support for reporting a bug then we will solve the problem.
Thank you for your review, but please don't give lower vote without asking the support.
I'm looking forward to your email,

Reviews: 24
I was actually searching for something better than the poll module on Joomla! and stumbeld over the jVoteSystem.

First I did not really saw the potential in it, as it is somehow different to the poll-systems I knew. After some tests and some css modifications (using the 1.08 version) I was fully convinced, that this nice piece of code will bring more interaction to our site and will really ASK the users what they want / like / dislike.

For everbody who is concernd about user opinions and not want to limit possible answers to "prefabricated" answers, here is your solution!

Now I will have to test the 1.09er version, which really looks promising!
Reviews: 3
First, i say thanks for this lovely extension, that bring a new level of voting to any community site based on joomla. It work great on my site now.

I think, this extension would be super fantastic, if developer can make some integration with other extensions, such as: community builder & AUP. This would be highly appreciated and highly anticipated.
Reviews: 12
Very cool submit post for community votes but maybe we needed some others features. like languaje support spanish.

templates for component

backlink option disable and other bugs but into the rating and polls extensions this is great option

test it
Reviews: 1
I have no troubles to setup and get important results when using that exctension
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