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The component jVoteSystem allows visitors to participate in surveys on your site. You can distribute as many votes as are available to you, thus you can emphasize on a certain answer. When set in component preferences, users can also create their own answers and help e.g. with the feature development. This program works with AJAX, meaning you don't have to reload the page, and is therefore more user friendly. In addition, administrators can manage the site in the frontend and users can remove their own posts. Also, the IP addresses and cookies are stored, which makes multiple voting difficult without permission. With the additional plugin (included in the package) you can also insert the poll into your posts. Language packs for German and English are included. Since the version 1.01, users can write comments on answers and the administrators can insert polls with a editor button. Ultimately, a very useful survey component with a user friendly, simple design.

### UPDATED VERSION 2.50 ###

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Reviews: 1
Easy instalation, response options, survey expandable by user,without instalation problems, I use this extension for our social club.I'm glad to have found it.
Reviews: 6
Since the loss of PollXT, a superb polling extension for J1.5, the need for a flexible poll for J2.5 - 3 was lingering. Even started the process of updating PollXT but could not dedicate the time.

After much tests with JVote free version, it was so impressive and satisfactory that it is now used by the poll dedicated site at The nominal price is certainly affordable by anyone serious about a business website.

- Very flexible template system that allows different styling per poll
- Very good reporting system
- Great option settings that gives total control on display
- Each poll can have individual option settings
- Total control over BB Codes to create your own or remove existing

A few minor Cons
- Does not conform to Joomla global time config
- Styled with font families. Extensions should adapt the template's font family

An overall great tool!
Reviews: 6
I bought this extension but come to find out it installs the Joomess - Library Plugin which installs a cache on the frontend and backend. This broke a lot of my site so I was not able to use it. BE WARNED if you try to uninstall this extension it will break your administration section completely.
Reviews: 8
This is great when it works - neat display compared to others I looked at. Easy to tweak colours and even support for linking to social media.
Be warned if anything goes amiss you are in trouble! It worked on my test site but when I put it on the live site it wouldn't function - worse still on removing it the entire website was broken. So do heed the warning that the developer has abandoned this before you use it.
Reviews: 5
I found lots of options that are well categorised and can be set on general and poll level.
Allow certain backend users create Polls in certain categories.
Show results to voter in clean bar/pie graphics. Restrict number of votes per voter.
Module is designed to fit neetly in column (small) as well as wider columns like content area.
Well done!
Reviews: 4
Very happy with this extension - does exactly as promised!
Reviews: 3
Easy installation, simple design. User friendly backend. I can only recommend for everybody who is searching for a complex polling component.
Appreciation for your work.
Reviews: 1
I have enjoyed using the extension. Rarely a bug or problem. Good service. Easy to use. Hard to believe it is free.
Reviews: 3
It needs work but it does offer exactly what it says it does. For minor polls it is very good.
Reviews: 7
Very nice, easy to install & has tons of features.
i surely recommend it to anyone.
Reviews: 1
I tried several different poll extensions then tried this one, it does evrything and pretty easy to understand the configuration. had it up on my site running in about ten to fifteen minutes. oh and did I mention it is FREE! all the others I tried had limitations unless you pay for the full version. great job!
Reviews: 1
Sure, there are some minor bugs and disfunctionnalities left, but as a FREE extension it does what it says and it's easy to use. In my case I just had to install it and it worked properly, which doesn't seem to be the case for everyone, but that's life.
Reviews: 5
I tried free version, but didn't like the way it looks in frontend...Works well, but too complex in backend.

After de-install JVoteSystem my website is corrupted: I get a blank page in front-end and back-end...

Support is zero.
Reviews: 2
I had the free version of the extension and polls disapeared from backend. Bought the updated version and same problem.
Support is zero!
I think is very disrespectful to people especially when you trust an application to have been programmed properly and use it in a clients website.
I think the developer should remove it from here since he has no interest in solve the issues with the component.
Reviews: 4
nothing displayed only "No poll has been found with this ID.
The poll with the ID '' is maybe disabled or does not exist!" displayed

just visit ivote website forum every where 0 replies, very worst support.
Reviews: 2
It does what is has to do and the support is excellent.
Superb and easy to manage component.

Thanks for the Job!!
Reviews: 3
Superb and easy to manage component - Great work!!
Reviews: 1
excellent and flexible... Best poll joomla component I have ever used.
Reviews: 1
It works as a basic poll.

Some of the extras have real issues and I cannot get any support for it.

The forum is great but responses do not really come quick enough.

If there was an option to pay for fast support or something, this would be better, but for now your at the will of the dev and it seems like he may have other interests at the moment.

Software is only as good as the support.
Reviews: 1
A full extension, goes far beyond what describes, can be used for numerous situations vote, simply the best in category!
Congratulations and thank you for your cooperation.
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