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Core Design Mini Polls Plugin

Core Design Mini Polls a well looking polls as quick as a flash and lets your visitors vote.

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Reviews: 3
The fifth star would be for Joomla 3 compatibility!
Unfortunately I can not use it right now.
Please also make it for Joomla 3.
That would be great!
Owner's reply

Hi, it is written on our site. We don't develop extensions for short term releases of Joomla! - which is 3.0. - 3.4
The next stable version is 3.5 and Mini Polls plugin will be compatible with that version.
Thank you.

Reviews: 5
This extension made me in a really bad mood.
First the installation process is very bad. Once installed a plugin is missing to make it start. I had to ask google and different forum to understand I had to install an other plugin separatly. it was not notified in the documentation.
Then I get something but no voting button. There should be a voting button in a poll right ? Would be my fault misconfiguring something that would still be a very poor extension as it s not explained in the documentation
Owner's reply

Hi, I'm sorry about your issues. There is a mention in our tutorials about the other plugin you have to install.
Also you can always take an advantage of our support first.

Reviews: 4
This is a very good poll. Easy to set up and easy to use. Should be upgraded for Joomla 3 too.
Reviews: 1
Used this on a couple of J2.5x sites. Real shame there is not a J3 version as of yet.

I have tried a couple of alternatives (paid and free) with J3 versions and they are awful. This simply works...
Reviews: 3
The polls and features are great, but the only way to add a poll (that i know of right now), is to copy the code from the website and modify it to make a poll. Seems like there would be an easier way of doing this (even though it isnt that hard).
Reviews: 43
I couldn't get a rival poll extension to validate under HTML5 so went looking for a simple replacement. This is it! After a small change (described in the forums), I was able to make the code W3C compliant. By specifying "100%" width for the progress bars, the extension works well with the responsive template I am using. The instructions for the plugin syntax took longer to find than I would have liked and I didn't realise immediately that the Scriptegator plugin (also a free download) is a pre-requisite, but these are relatively minor complaints about a great free extension! Another tip is to not include the line breaks as is shown in the example plugin syntax, as these will space out your poll questions too much. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Wonderful. Easy to setup. Works beautifully. Only things I can see is, it would be nice to have a 'progressbar_height' setting, then of course you would need to scale the text to match the bar thickness.
Reviews: 1
This extension is the holy god of polls extensions, do everything that it says. :)
But I would like that you can choose differents colors for each option. It would be excelent!
Ty for the extensions, good job ;)
Reviews: 3
This is by far the most user friendly and visually appealing poll plugin for Joomla 2.5.

Very easy to configure and customize - it really adds a nice touch to the website.

A great range of options - to show data on frontend (and reset in admin), change width, colour scheme, control the poll's behaviour (allowing multiple votes, for instance). I found it very easy to set up - and the GreatJoomla site has sufficient instructions.

The voting itself is much simpler from the user's perspective - no boxes to check, no buttons to press. Instant and easy.

Daniel's customer support deserves a special mention. First of all, he reacts immediately to forum posts. Same goes for contact form messages - he got back to me straight away and was incredibly helpful! My minor issue (re customization) was sorted in a matter of hours.

I look forward to testing and using other Core plugins - it is an impressive range of useful, unique and nice looking plugins.
Reviews: 36
This plugin does what it says, in a beautiful way!
Reviews: 2
I downloaded this thinking 'I hope this is simple to install and set to work'
Installed, inserted the plugin in an article, inserted the article in a module...and it all worked perfectly.

Thank You!
Reviews: 2
Sorry but it have some comflicts with a JQuery libraries of the other modules or menus. Many lost time.
Owner's reply

Hi, in case you're experiencing some JavaScript conflicts please take an advantage of our forum. Thank you.