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Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
  • Limited to 1 poll.
What your audience thinks? Embed our simple, customizable and fed up with stunning effects polling software into your website to find out.

Check out version 2.0.0 with many new features!

Main Features:
✔ Votes progress feature:
    You can use timeline bar to see how users voted over time!
✔ More then 10 beautiful skins!
✔ Template Creator:
    Customizable look and feel with live preview. Create your own skin using our sexy Template Creator!
    See demo here -
✔ Place Polls Anywhere
    You can use shortcode, to insert polls anywhere in content!
✔ Start, End Dates:
    You can set start and end dates for polls. It uses Countdown Timer to show estimated time until poll starting!
✔ Flexible Answers:
    You can insert images, Youtube videos, SoundCloud musics etc. to answers!
✔ User Friendly:
    Configuration and options managing is easy, and configured to be maximum user friendly!
✔ Add Anwers:
    Users can add their own answers. Added answers can be shown immediately, or after moderation!
✔ Single/Multiple Voting:
    You can use both checkboxes, or radiobuttons!
✔ Limit Checked Options:
    Set allowed count of checked options.
✔ Custom Voting Period:
    Allow users to vote on certain poll once a day, or once an our ...
✔ Set Votes Period:
    You can change the default period of votes: last day, last week, last month or last year!
✔ CountDown Timer:
    Shows countdown timer and estimated time user can vote again!
✔ Permissions Check:
    Set voting permissions, "add answer" permissions!
✔ Manage Votes:
    You can reset, or add desired count of votes for any answer!
✔ Hide results, if user not voted.
✔ Very easy to install and configure
✔ A lot of stunning effects

NOTE: This extension includes a Backlink in the bottom of the poll.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian - [translated by Google Translate]

✉ SUPPORT: If you think you found a bug or have any problem or question concerning this extension, do not hesitate to contact us in support forum -

REQUIREMENTS: This extension requires Joomla 2.5.5 or higher.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use reviews to submit bug reports, feature requests, and suggestions. For such stuff use the support forum instead.

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Reviews: 1
Thanks for the good post sale service support. It is an excellent system of surveys! Recommended!
Reviews: 2
It looks nice at first glance, but I can't STAND it when someone says an extension is FREE...but it's not really. There's a free version...but you can only have ONE poll, and the number of questions is limited. What's the use? Don't bother with it, if you need a REAL poll. There are plenty of free, online services you can use.
Reviews: 3
I tried many polling systems, this is the best..equipped issues simple, easy and intensive reporting features! All features are sexy.. but i found template maker tool one of the sexiest!

I would strongly recommend if you're looking for polling system which works perfectly fine..
Reviews: 1
Installed free version and it really didn't allow me to do much. Couldn't even create a new poll without deleting the demo poll and once I created a new poll, wouldn't allow me to create answers for it. In both instances, I kept getting directed to the paid upgrade. Kind of ridiculous to require an upgrade without even allowing someone to kick the tires. Very deceptive and a waste of my time...
Reviews: 3
Hard to translate into other languages. Example - "This poll can not have more than 5 answers". There is no way to translate it :/
Reviews: 2
This extensions is very easy to use and works fine! I check other options but this is the only one that make it simple and very well looking, having also with the possibility to use Images. Recommend.
Reviews: 1
I have lost ample times looking for a good extension to get my web page set for rating, here I have found more than what I needed. Easy to install, full of flexible options useful for all kind of voting! So creative, you can never underestimate the Pro Version functionality. If you are looking for a Voting extension, buy the Pro Version! :)
Reviews: 1
I buy this extension for my community. it works great. Support are great to. hope to get more extension from you the next time. Thumbs Up
Reviews: 8
After a minor problem, the software is up and looks great. I recommend it to you.
Reviews: 10
Thank you to Sexy Polling developer , this is the best Polling system ever , no doubt !
also it is multilingual ...
Reviews: 3
Easy to set up
Support is quick and friendly
It is highly personalized, with many options Great work.I had some problems with french language but I could solve it.
I decided to translate (in french) the template part that was not translated.
A little help is always appreciated...
Reviews: 1
This extension fits what I needed for my site. Developer was very nice and helpful. A little colorful but shading can be adjust from back end no problem. Thank you for this great extension!
Reviews: 4
Nice voting extension. Easy to use and many useful features. Any kind of survey can handle using this extension.

Thanks :)
Reviews: 1
Very good extension! Easy to use and a lot of useful settings! Highly recommended in the Pro version!
Anyone looking for a Voting extension: Buy this one!
Reviews: 1
Great component. Very easy to set up and looks fantastic on the page. Giving the user the opportunity to add an answer was just what we needed.

I had a small problem, probably my fault, yet Simon jumped straight in and sorted it. Thanks!!
Reviews: 5
This component is very user-friendly. The developers show their attention to detail. The support is fantastic and the developers sympathetic. All in all, there are only good things to say.
Reviews: 1
This module looks great and is very easy to handle. Asking for help they solve a little problem very fast
Reviews: 4
I really must commend the developer's effort to make the module and the component as friendly as possible for newbies. However, the way the component and module work creates a kind of a nightmare for more experienced users. Personally, I would like to be able to fully turn off the CSS generator and write the CSS myself because modifying the existing templates using controls and fields takes way too much time. Besides, this creates an additional CSS file with A LOT of lines, some of which are absolutely unnecessary (for example, it is way better not to have a text-shadow at all than to have a 0px 0px 0px text-shadow, etc). Additionally, I have seen people complaining about not being able to add a module suffix for a while now, which is actually very easy to implement and requires only one additional line in the XML file (Joomla core takes care of the rest). Finally, while the visual results may be excellent, the overuse of CSS3 features tremendously slows down the page rendering on an average machine (i3, 4 gigs RAM, nvidia 520GT).
However, I still think this is a great component and module, because everything else is just excellent. Reworking the interface and the CSS generator a bit, plus adding the module suffix option, might just earn this component the final star! Good job :)
Reviews: 3
I've been trying polls and this looks like the best, but it only allows 5 answers in the free version.

Sadly, I'm not paying for more.
Reviews: 13
I was looking for a poll component for Joomla 3! First, the price for the pro version made me sceptic and I tried two or three cheaper components, that just did not offer good usability and styling options!

Since time is money, I finally bought it and the features are amazing and intuitive!

The only improvement I could suggest is the ability to disable the advanced statistic view in the poll results, but it is possible to just hide it via CSS...

In closing: If you are a professional web designer and time is money for you, choose this component!
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