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Sexy Polling Popular ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
  • Limited to 1 poll.
What your audience thinks? Embed our simple, customizable and fed up with stunning effects polling software into your website to find out.

Check out version 2.0.0 with many new features!

Main Features:
✔ Votes progress feature:
    You can use timeline bar to see how users voted over time!
✔ More then 10 beautiful skins!
✔ Template Creator:
    Customizable look and feel with live preview. Create your own skin using our sexy Template Creator!
    See demo here -
✔ Place Polls Anywhere
    You can use shortcode, to insert polls anywhere in content!
✔ Start, End Dates:
    You can set start and end dates for polls. It uses Countdown Timer to show estimated time until poll starting!
✔ Flexible Answers:
    You can insert images, Youtube videos, SoundCloud musics etc. to answers!
✔ User Friendly:
    Configuration and options managing is easy, and configured to be maximum user friendly!
✔ Add Anwers:
    Users can add their own answers. Added answers can be shown immediately, or after moderation!
✔ Single/Multiple Voting:
    You can use both checkboxes, or radiobuttons!
✔ Limit Checked Options:
    Set allowed count of checked options.
✔ Custom Voting Period:
    Allow users to vote on certain poll once a day, or once an our ...
✔ Set Votes Period:
    You can change the default period of votes: last day, last week, last month or last year!
✔ CountDown Timer:
    Shows countdown timer and estimated time user can vote again!
✔ Permissions Check:
    Set voting permissions, "add answer" permissions!
✔ Manage Votes:
    You can reset, or add desired count of votes for any answer!
✔ Hide results, if user not voted.
✔ Very easy to install and configure
✔ A lot of stunning effects

NOTE: This extension includes a Backlink in the bottom of the poll.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian - [translated by Google Translate]

✉ SUPPORT: If you think you found a bug or have any problem or question concerning this extension, do not hesitate to contact us in support forum -

REQUIREMENTS: This extension requires Joomla 2.5.5 or higher.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use reviews to submit bug reports, feature requests, and suggestions. For such stuff use the support forum instead.

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Reviews: 2
I'm using the poll extension now for some time. At first I doubted, because of it's "glamour", it had too much "bling" for my site. However, I found out that the appearence could easily be altered and I could make it easily fit into my site.
But if the "bling" component is what you are looking for, this is the best you can find.

I had some problems when entering a new response to a poll, but by using his forum the developer fixed it for me. Good service.

I can recomend the extenstion.
Reviews: 2
[1] _ You will NOT find a better poll-extension for your Joomla! website. I swear. Easy to set up. Absolutely sweet for front-end users.
[2] _ The impressive design and effects. This animation is GODLIKE! Haven't seen anything like that for Joomla.
[3] _ The Tech-support is quick and friendly. Large forum with a lot of resolved questions and other helpful users.
I talked to Simon (the developer) he nobly offered me a good discount (as my website is about profit-free charity). God bless you guys and all of your extensions =)

1. Not 100% clear how to install it.
{just add module position to your article}
2. PRO+ version price is slightly above the average. However you pay for the ~QUALITY~ {go just PRO or Free}
Reviews: 2
I really like this extension and am currently using it on my own website. I really like how simple it is to set up and manage on both the front and back end. It comes with many configurable templates to suit various styles and isn't overly complicated. The front end looks beautiful with many different ways to display user votes. The support is also top notch and updates are frequent!

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant polling option, i'd go with this one.
Reviews: 2
I have recently installed this on my site. I wanted something not very complicated to install and configure, because I'm not very keen on websites, and I got what I want.
I'm feeling good about the choice I've made, it's a very nice and easy script.
Reviews: 3
Nice product with many options BUT I used the free version and I really hated the "Powered by" sentence at the bottom. At least it should by written in some regular font and with reasonable it seems like in circus. Sorry, but I was forced to change the polling product to something else.
Owner's reply


Thanks for the review. We have changed the the backlink size and make it much smaller.

Reviews: 1
I have bought the Sexy Polling Pro+. This is areally good Extension for Joomla and it works fantastic. The Support is very fast and competent. Advisabe!
Reviews: 2
I tried Sexypolling at first for free. I was impressed.

As the free version has limited options, I purchased the full version. The developer responds very quickly on every question, so the support is also excellent.

We Joomla users want to get things for free (me too). When developers put a lot of time in extensions that are really helpful, I think it is right to support them.
Reviews: 3
I'm a rookie in using Joomla and extensions.
For a non profit website i downloaded the free version.
I had some problems finding to make a poll and to place it. After this i wanted to add a second poll but it didn't work.
After an email to the developer i've got an answer within 5 minutes wich helped me out.
Great extension with great support!! Tops
Reviews: 3
For I helped to translate the (Pro-) software into an other language I happened to get a somewhat closer look into the way it is customizable, how itself and how the support works. At the first glance, the UI in the frontend may be a little shiny, at least for middle European eyes. But alone the number of templates and moreover the template editor itself provide a variety of easy to set parameters (in WYSIWG-mode) I seldom saw before. So you can easy and straight forward set up polls (including exportable statistics in outline format) from "happy" colours till "deadly serious".
The support is excellent, very prompt, and the developer does really hear to the customer's problems.
I can recommend this clearly.
Reviews: 2
I purchased this extension, after testing the demo. It's working excellent. The layouts are fully customizable. And the developer gives great support and very fast. Absolutely 5 starst.
Reviews: 1
simple and easy to use, cool effects, and many thanks for the real good support on the forum. I don't regret this purchase !
Reviews: 1
Pleasantly surprised by the originality, even for the component name!

A moment of relaxation in participating in the vote ...

But a little more discretion sometimes would wish.

Simon is very responsive to solve our problems. Very satisfied with the purchase
Reviews: 7
The poll is good and somewhat attractive although its too flashy and colorful like a kids colorbox. It will fit the needs of most users. Nice work !

Looks like after some good reviews the author made a bigger backlink. The backlink is SO HUGE like an h1 html tag. Looks so ugly on the poll module.

The only reason for a 3 star is no way this should be called NON COMMERCIAL because the free version's huge backlink makes it unfit for 2 out of 5 users !!
Reviews: 2
I've briefly tested many free version of polls extension and I came to the point that Sexypolling was the one I was looking for. We have decided to buy it.

The app works well and is easy to handle. Moreover, the support provided by the developer is very fast and efficient.
Reviews: 5
A really flawlessly working, suitable and stylish extension.
Reviews: 3
We purchased Sexy Polls and installed it. Ran into a minor issue and the developers got back to us right away and fixed the issue. It's now working fine. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Sexy Polls are the best poll module i've used for now, ans the support is excellent! Recomended :D
Reviews: 1
After trying the free extension I didn't hesitate to purchase it. Works like a dream.

Had a minor CSS issue, and submitted a note to the Forum. After a couple of hours Simon emailed me a new file that worked perfectly. WHAT A GREAT SUPPORT.

Thanks Simon.
Reviews: 2
I purchased the commercial version. Great product + great service. Can't beat that combination.
Reviews: 1
Many thanhs for the support, After this easy installation and testing I will consider to purchase the Pro version.
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