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  • This extension requires registration to download.
The Survey Deluxe component is an advanced Survey and Polling Tool. With this survey extension you will easily create any surveys or polls right from the front-end, collect data and analyze survey results online.

Are you involved in support service? You can use this survey component to collect real-time feedback or troubleshoot your customers’ problems efficiently.

The survey component has the following key features:

1) 8 question types (LikertScale, Pick One, Pick Many, Short Answer, Ranking Drop Down, Ranking Drag and Drop, Boilerplate, Ranking). Survey flexible question rules and a number of useful options are available:

- Group all your survey questions on 1 page, place each on a separate survey's page or create your own survey layout by means of Page Break divider
- Add image or video into the survey questions
- Use questions conditions to jump to the survey's particular question according to the user reply;
- Add different question rules like “If I the answer is.., jump to question ...” to your survey
- Set the importance scale for each reply inside the survey
- Set default answers for your surveys
- Choose whether the survey's question is compulsory or not

2) Survey component goes with 2 predefined templates CSS of those you can modify. The survey's templates are adaptive to mobile devices! Enhance the survey appearance using the following options:
- apply background image to your survey
- choose progress bar for tracking the survey process
- use “Prev“ navigation button inside the survey

3) Survey advanced authoring permissions.
You can give any of your Joomla! users a permission to author and manage surveys. Surveys' Front-end authoring will be available for them!
If you use Community Builder or JomSocial integration plug-ins with your survey, the users will be able to author their surveys or polls right from their social profiles by default. The survey tool works smoothly with JomSocial version up to 3.x

4) Survey's customizable final page:
- Show some custom thank you message to the survey participants see after answering the survey
- Add graphical representation of the survey results
- Show the survey results to all the survey participants or hide them. Choose BarChart or PieChart type of graph

5) Survey's integration with AlphaUserPoints component allows you to encourage users to take part in your surveys for some reward.

6) Survey invitations. Create and email survey invitations for users assigned to the particular surveys. Use survey's automatic invitations option to save your time.

7) The surveys and polls component comes with a content plugin allowing to insert your surveys right into content articles.

The Survey component is compatible with Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x
See demo ->

Report Extension




Reviews: 3
I have been using this tool to collect evaluations for some years now.

It is very flexible and good value. It does take some time to understand how to use it, so if you do not understand what a Likert scale is don't grumble at the developers!

The appearance can be customised and now embedded in content items. There is also some integration with other components, which I am sure will be expanded upon.

When I have had issues the developers have nearly always responded very quickly.

If you are looking to create surveys this should be on your list.
Reviews: 1
Extension works as expected. When I ran into problems the support team was very responsive and helpful
Reviews: 1
Surveyforce is a great survey tool. I have just implemented it as part of my online survey offering. The best support I have received from any Joomla developers. I am getting so tired of all the joomla developers sending you to their forums with no support for their bugs after you have paid for products. These guys have got it right. The online manuals for the product is also comprehensive. Thank you guys really appreciate it!
Reviews: 2
Great product and super fast support. Buy with confidence. Great team to work with. Very easy setup and perfect for surveys and build client data base
Reviews: 2
Just purchased this extension for a client. Installing it was a breeze... But there was a smal glitch. Opened a ticket and it was resolved fairly quickly. Now we and our client are very happy. Most recomendable this component !
Reviews: 1
I have been using this for over a year and completed over 1,000 surveys. Not one problem from this extension. When I did have a problem caused by another extension interfering with Survey Force, the support team took it on-board and resolved it very quickly...great job.
Reviews: 1
The survey component is one I was searching for: easy to use and navigate, features are numerous, templates are easily customized. I really like its mobile compatibility. I am confident that my surveys will be taken without hassle, no matter where a user is and what kind of device he uses. Plus, user permissions help me to set up rules or make created surveys available for a particular group of visitors. I think it is the one if you need a component that has a lot of available features and doesn’t require a lot of time for survey creation.
Reviews: 1
Installation of this extension was straightforwards, and set up was pretty easy. This tool is a great addition to mt site and has lots of reporting functions.

I the past i have tried using tools like survey monkey and Lime survey, and they are 'okay' but do not integrate into your site. Now my registered users can all take part effortlessly. I had one slight issue (bug?) which was solved quickly by the developers.

I would recommend Survey Force Deluxe for anyone wanting to to have a comprehensive survey or questionnaire on their site.

Definately value for money.
Reviews: 1
A post-sale technical support is a thing every developed should care about and these guys definitely do! They don’t leave my questions without attention, answering them within a short period of time. And if you look for a survey component for your Joomla website – this one is a best match! I am completely satisfied with its functionality."
Reviews: 1
The logical flow can be improved upon greatly.

Can't find any help explaining what each questions type will eventually look like.

LikertScale - what does than mean?

What will these look like.

I have to waste time creating samples so I know what the outcome will be.

Clearly created by programmers only. No GUI specialist or project managers involved in the creation of this component.
Reviews: 3
This is an excellent extension. I teach Tai Chi and ASL and have websites for the students use. I needed a good looking survey for feedback. Survey Force Deluxe fills that bill. It is easy to use on the front end. On the back end setup has many options to tailor the survey to your liking. Some of the options can be a bit confusing but after testing it becomes intuitive. I had a minor but difficult to solve problem with the "Advanced Cross Report" and the JoomPlace team did a great and persistent job of finding and correcting the problem. I have two of their extensions and just bought a third (Flash Magazine) because I like their products and definitely their support.
Reviews: 3
What a great extension. I'm using this extension on several projects and my customers are very happy about it - first of all me too.
And the support is always great and fast. Best regards.
Reviews: 1
An excellent module, helpful and very easy! But the best of all an excellent support team. Congratulations! I higly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
The crew at Joomplace have done a superb job on Survey Force, providing excellent tools for putting together a standard survey. I required some modification for my specialized application. Their service was prompt and they provided me a great tailored solution. kudos for their rapid service and addressing of minor bugs. Recommended without reserve.
Reviews: 6
I am very impressed with Survey Force. It was easy to configure and pretty intuitive in terms of using the features. I have used it for two surveys now and like many aspects of the system. Overall it has been an excellent and cost effective solution for me. Recommended.
Reviews: 1
Survey Force Deluxe has almost everything You need to create even very sophisticated surveys. Many options. Very good support. Works very stable.
Reviews: 18
One of the best components I have ever used. Perfect for commercial use. 3.0 version should arrive soon - I hope, this is true. Had only problems with max-width for tables in safari using a responsive template. Should be solved in J3.
Reviews: 2
Survey Force Deluxe is an awesome extension. I'm using this as a main component of my survey business and am a novice web developer, at best. This extension allows you to set up even complex surveys with just a little bit of practice. Set up 'hidden' or 'jump to' questions based on respondent answers all by simple click of a check box - awesome. My 200+ question survey looks as professional as anything else, and puts sites like surveymonkey to shame. You can also update any of the supplied css templates with just a little knowledge (if you want to tweak something to your liking) but not that you have to. A word about the service : I've used them to troubleshoot some issues I had on very short notice and they've always come around...quickly. I've also received some quotes for custom programming that I'm contemplating. Victoria is great, responsible and very dependable. I can submit a request at night and always expect to see a response in my inbox at 4AM or sooner (Europe I guess?). I highly recommend!
Reviews: 2
We have been using Survey Force for years without any issues. After upgrading a website to Joomla 2.5 we required support to assist with survey loading. Victoria from Joomplace was brilliant, she was extremely helpful and helped us to get the system up and running again. We were very impressed with the promptness of the support and the professionalism from the guys at Joomplace.
Reviews: 2
I am a big fan of Joomplace, their components are of an outstanding quality, team provides good and responsive support and most of the components are integrated with JomSocial I use.

This Survey works like a charm with my JomSocial installation and should be a good additional playground for my Social users. Thx.