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BF Survey Plus Component

Looking for a user friendly Joomla survey extension? Don't waste hours trying to figure out other complex extensions, purchase BF Survey Plus now and in minutes you will have a professional looking survey in your own Joomla environment.
Simply create a survey category, add questions, then add a menu item, it really is that easy.

BF Survey Plus is Joomla 3.0 ready, and will also work on Joomla 2.5.

Got an issue, question or suggestion? Our publically available support tickets allows anyone to post which will be responded to promptly by our developers.

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Reviews: 1
Excellent product with excellent support service. I had to migrate from a competitive product, and found BF Survey Plus easy and intuitive to use and with very professionally looking surveys. Tim was more than helpful and responsive in helping me to sort out a few niggles on my side which had nothing to do with his product.
Reviews: 26
Quick to understand and set up. Great looking and functional. Very fast support response. And it doesn't cost much. Recommend it!!
Reviews: 1
If I could give 'excellent plus' I would.
I used an old version on an earlier site and upgraded to 'Plus on J3.1.5
Tim was helpful on upgrade, but fantastic when I hit a problem, which turned out to be nothing to do with BF, rather a residual error in J3.1.4 - which my site did not even think it was running!
Sent him an access ID before I went to bed, and by the time I got up he had tracked down an solved my problem - service simply without parallel.
Tim and his product deserve our support!!
Reviews: 3
I have switched from one popular survey component to BFSurvey and I had issues for migrating the content from other component. I had got excellent help from Tim and everything went smooth and working ! Bf Survey is a great survey component with easy to create , with more features and and with nice interface. I recommend this component.
Reviews: 7
If you're looking for a professional survey component this is it! Also the support is fantastic and very fast. I needed a little help with an issue and Tim responded almost instantly. Thanks again for a great and valuable component!
Reviews: 5
Been using the old BF Survey Pro on my old 1.5 site.

After migrating to Joomla 2.5 i needed a lot of help.

As usual, Tim at Tamlyn Creative, took an enormous amount of pressure of me and sorted my bungling attempts.

The new BF Survey Plus is as good as the old version, in fact it gets better.

Well worth the cost - making using surveys and contact forms a breeze.

Plus you get the most understanding and comprehensive support that Tim offers.

His knowledge and abilities to just go into your site and fix it, is beyond amazing.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
A component with a lot of features. Easy to understand and you can create a survey very fast.
The support is exellent too. There is a documentation and a forum, that helps. Any special question will be promptly answered by the developer.
Reviews: 5
A fanastic product with great support. Has been easy to use and modify to my needs. Any questions or queries have been answered very promptly by the developer. A reasonable price for a quality product. Couldn't ask for more than that. Thank you!
Reviews: 22
I have this on a couple of websites and my clients now make their own surveys and link them to menus no problems.
Reviews: 2
excellent improvement in the version, and also Joomla 3.0 installation works nice and like it should be.
Reviews: 2
This was a breeze to install and configure for the best use for my client. I needed something more extensive than many forms available, the client needed a multi-page form for their internal use with some custom configuration. So I had to configure it a little more than an out of the box solution which, being a bit of newbie to Joomla, meant I did something wrong (doh!). Was this a problem? At first I thought so until I contacted Tim, one word.. Amazing!! I'm based in the UK, Tim is in Austraila - this fella took the time to diagnose and correct an error that I did on my part! But he didn't stop there.. oh no... I suggested an additional function that would really help my client, the following week he'd coded it and supplied me with a specific update! I really enjoyed our email conversations and the update he applied will probably roll into his next update when all users will benefit! Having had to figure out some components from other developers, left to ones self, with little or no support, Tim and BF Survey Plus, have convinced me that there's really creative, personable, dedicated and gifted people in the Joomla community! Thanks Tim!!! Best, Wayne
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use and to setup. Several frontend and backend capabilities. Very prompt helpdesk if you have any questions (thank you Tim).
Reviews: 2
A comprehensive yet simple to use extension. It installs easily and a problem I had was dealt with quickly and effectively. Needs few improvements on the formatting, but I'd recommend this.