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Testimonials is Joomla! 1.5, 2,5 & 3.x compatible extension that allows your visitors to leave feedback, reviews and testimonials about the product or service on your company’s website. Testimonials presence adds credibility & trustworthiness to the business and helps to turn visitors into customers.

The extensions allows assigning relevant testimonials to any landing page of your website and menu item, making a separate testimonials page or adding testimonials to article content pages by means of tagging system.
You can set up timeouts for testimonials rotations and they will be paged through one by one creating a nice animated effect.
A number of available features makes Testimonials component highly customizable, powerful and easy to use and manage Joomla! component:
- Built-in CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA protect your website from SPAM;
- A WIDE RANGE OF SETTING OPTIONS allows testimonials moderation, editing, deleting and auto-approving:
· Testimonials can be managed both Front & Back End. If you add users to the component's managers they can edit and approve testimonials from the front-end UI;
· Show/hide testimonial’s author name and avatar, show/hide testimonials title;
· Add several testimonials custom fields and use multiple-criteria rating system;
· Place, show/hide “Read more” & “Add new” links;
· Pagination: set a number of testimonials per page;
- THE COMPONENT COMES WITH 6 PREDEFINED TEMPLATES which can be viewed on our site. There is also a template manager to help you modify the templates.
· You decide by yourself whether it will be just registered users who leave the messages or not;
· Allow users to upload photos from their computers to enhance profiles;
· Place pop-up tips to testimonials fields;
· Set-up auto-approve;
· Email notifications when testimonials are added or modified;
- THE COMPONENT CAN BE USED AS TESTIMONIALS ADDON FOR VIRTUEMART enabling you to place testimonials on VirtueMart based e-commerce site.
- The component supports Joomla! 3.0 Advanced Control Levels.
· The content plugin allows you to insert several testimonials right into your content pages - and different ones will be shown each time a page is refreshed.
· Editor-XTD plugins allows adding Rating custom field.

See Testimonials Live Demo for Joomla! 3.0 on our demo site

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Reviews: 3
After using this extension for a number of years I have been happy with it, especially the support. With any extension there are always bugs, issues, conflicts. The key is an organization that works to fix issues not pass on the blame to your template or other extensions. I have found JoomPlace to be very willing to help with every issue I have had. For that reason alone I would highly recommend them.
Reviews: 3
Best Testimonial component by far! All the others fall short in features and functionality. JoomPlace has top notch support too.
Reviews: 8
I have been using this component for years. There have been occasional problems with the software which have always been dealt with by the developers. I do recommend this software to others and am glad that I purchased it.
Reviews: 4
Happy with the component and support. Easy to install and setup. Has become my "go to" testimonials extension.
Reviews: 1
"Really like the product because of its simplicity and functionality at the same time. Websites users don’t need to log in to leave a testimonial what is great! It keeps the process easy. Tag system is a great plus! Moreover, the users appreciate photo-uploading option right from their computers. Good extension!"
Reviews: 1
I m very happy that I found testimonial. It helps me a lot and I am looking forward to work with it in the future . I would recommend .
Reviews: 1
Not at all what I had expected. I had tried a couple of free extensions, but was hoping for a more professional look. This extension was the absolute wrong choice. Some features work as expected, but, with the limited documentation, just trying to tailor it to match our site was frustrating. There were obvious bugs, even with basic features. The time and effort it was taking to make this work for an active site made it more practical to just dump it and move on.
Reviews: 114
I found this testimonial unit OK, nothing special. It could be so much better and I wish I had not paid for it, but that's life!
Reviews: 9
We've tried many different Testimonials components over the years. Most did not meet expectations.

THIS ONE DID! Works very well, easy to integrate. And their support is awesome.

Reviews: 2
Tried many other testimonial components. A customer pointed this one out to me and I was amazed... Quick install, easy configuration and a happy customer! Thank you!
Reviews: 2
We have an e-learning website with many customers/students and we encourage them to submit their testimonial, so it’s perfect for us!
Extension is integrated with the JS and CB that is very useful in case you need an integration.

In the beginning I had some minor issues (my fault) but the support team was very efficient and fast to solve every issue and now the component works very well.

I highly recommend this extension if you have a community site as the testimonials are shown with the user avatar and appear very realistic!
Reviews: 7
I have been using Testimonials for a couple years now and I am very pleased with it's effectiveness.

Users "get" it and submit testimonials without challenge.

It is a very easy and quick set up with various options including a nice flash module that shows off your testimonials.

I highly recommend this extension.