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Suggest, Vote, Comment, Bribe Component

Turn user feedback into action:
1. users share ideas;
2. users vote on, comment on, and bribe (donate) on their favorite ideas;
3. you respond, implement, and repeat!

This is my first Joomla! component. What do you think?


version 1.4.0
* categories for suggestions
* category descriptions
* accept non-English submissions
* public repository moved to

version 1.3.2
* added Spanish translation, thanks to Fracisco @
* corrected user log entry, thanks to Robbie @

version 1.3.JoomlaSEO_org
* improve user interface, thanks to Amit @

version 1.3.0
* global component settings overridden by menu component settings, thanks to Phong Lo @
* added Estonian translation, thanks to Meelis @
* allow column contents to be resorted by clicking on column heading, with debug assistance by Joe @

version 1.2.0
* show/hide information (e.g. author and/or comments) per menu item settings
* improved internationalization
* public repository at
* community-driven roadmap at

version 1.1.0
* improved internationalization
* better graphics
* more browser compatibility
* * big ups to Ryan @ on this

version 1.0.1
* changed name to "Suggest, Vote, Comment, Bribe"

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Reviews: 2
Exactly what I was looking for and you CAN disable the Bribing if you wish (just don't select it in the options) perfect for my new voting system I needed!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for something like IdeaScale but easier and integrated with my site. This extension make exactly what I need.
Reviews: 1
This was easy to instal and works really well. No issues in installation. But its complex to do the small customization for non- developers..
Reviews: 1
I have been using Joomla for about a year now, so I am relatively new, but I found this extension to be quite easy to set up and install. Also, the small issue I found (which must have been user error since it went away by itself) was handled fast and efficiently by the developer. He was quick to respond and very supportive. Thanks Josh!
Reviews: 7
This is really a nice extension and that too for free. Unbelievable. I made some changes to that fixed some bugs. Added a stylesheet. Thats it. It is looking much better now. Has almost all functionality of User Voice. Future I will add categories to it and make it look similar to User Voice which wont take that much effort. As everything is almost there. Thanks a lot for this nice extension.
Reviews: 7
I really like this. The interface is not very polished, but it's really all about the functionality anyways. It's easy enough to edit the layouts if you know a bit of HTML / CSS / PHP.

The only "bug" I've really encountered is line 43 of /views/sugg/tmpl/default.php, where no matter who wrote a suggestion, the output will show it as being written by the logged-in user ($this->user_name). I noticed this when I saw that a suggestion one of my users had made showed as being suggested by "admin".

I simply changed line 43 to:
$user2 =& JFactory::getUser($this->item->UID);
echo 'This suggestion was submitted by ' . $user2->get('name') . '.';

All in all, a very workable system, and I adore the idea. I have not used "Bribe" yet, but I like the concept and plan to implement it in a test-run. Not perfect out of the box, but workable and excellent starting point.
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what we needed. Everything that User Voice does (considered them from the last review) but on my site. When are you releasing the next version?
Reviews: 1
this is better than cause it is free, allows unlimited suggestions, is an extension instead of another website, and allows people to bribe you as well as upvote and comment on suggestions
Reviews: 1
Quick to install, simple to manage, easy for users to use. The UI could be improved, but that is on the roadmap (good idea to post it).
Reviews: 1
"Turn user feedback into action" should be "turn user feedback into money". The bribe feature does let money talk.
I especially like the menu-level control.

Keep on going, Citizen.
Reviews: 2
It worked well for me even though I used it for completely different purpose..For its real aim it would probably do wonders! After getting to know the roadmap, be ready, developer Josh will shoot you with many more super cool added options to this component. Great job!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this release, Citizen.
Reviews: 1
Its a great idea. Great start!
Reviews: 3
This extension, while new, has much potential. It gives a site another path for visitors to interact and provide valuable feedback and I really like that. Especially that they can bribe you with money.

Once I fixed up the problems with it not working on my server I submitted the fixes to Josh who was very enthusiastic about recieving feedback and incorporating my suggestions.

Expect future releases to work even better and have even more useful features.
Reviews: 106
I tried out the demo, it looked very good and simple, but a major downer is that it seems to perhaps not work with internet explorer 7. Not only would I not be able to view suggestions but so would the person suggesting, so if this bug was fixed, this would be an exellent extension, I still give it a fair rating considering it probably works decent with other browsers.
Cheers Josh Lewis.