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Freestyle Testimonials ComponentModule

Freestyle Testimonials Lite allows you to present customer testimonials on your website in any module position and on an individual page. Displays testimonials with date and time of submission in a logical order.

• Add testimonials to your website
• Display any number of testimonials
• Display testimonials through a menu item
• Module to display testimonials anywhere on your site
• Choose from most recent or random testimonials in the module
• Optional "Show More Testimonials" link on testimonials module
• Optional "Add Testimonial" link on testimonials module
• Option to moderate testimonials
• Optional captcha entry for testimonials
• Moderate testimonials in the Freestyle Support Portal admin
• Various Joomla back end parameters for testimonials page
• Various Joomla back end parameters for testimonials module

New v1.9

This new version has been completly rewritten to bring the features inline with that of Freestyle Support Portal. It is no longer a 'Lite' version.

Freestyle Testimonials is now also compatable with Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7.

Also, the previous known security issues have also been fixed in this release.

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Reviews: 2
Great extention. In installed it on a new website, imported data from an old website and all is functioning great!
just one thing: in de backend of Joomla i can't update to the latest version. In install the update via update manager, but still Joomla is telling me there is an update. Also after updating via extention manager. I presume this will be solved shortly.
Reviews: 13
Absolutely excellent. Does exactly what it says and so simplistic to use. The demo is even good as well. Thank you for creating this and making it free!
Reviews: 3
This is one of the best free extension I had ever seen. Good work with superb customer service. You get response to mails within 30 Min. I recommend it for you!
Reviews: 7
This component is excellent, more than being free. Enhancements may include more slide effects, more list options, and category of product.

Kudos to developer.
Reviews: 1
Top extension. I don't have a big experience of extensions but this just simply worked and did all I wanted. I had a few teething issues with config and getting it to look just how I wanted but their support was fast and efficient. Highly recommended. I'd buy from this site without any problems.
Reviews: 32
I needed a Testimonial function for my new website, and this extension fits the bill perfectly.

The extension was easy to install and configure. I ran into a small problem, posted the issue on their website and I had a solution from Adam within an hour - can't say better than that for a FREE extension!
Reviews: 5
Wonderful component! Very clean presentation - Very easy to set up and best of all it's free! The tick-box option to remove the proprietary logo's is a clever and modest feature - couldn't recommend Freestyle Testimonials enough!
Reviews: 1
I truly recommend this component.
It is easy to install, setup and customize.
Works fine.
It's free.
Good support.
Reviews: 10
The perfect testimonial module, does everything you need it to do.
The support was fantastic, answered my question and got me on my way.
Reviews: 1
Just what we needed no frills Simple to set up, options for minimal display met all our requirements, moderation and adding of testimonials really straightforward. Up and running in 5 mins. Thanks to the developer for this extension.
Reviews: 116
Great component, easy to install and configure and does exactly what it says. Great concept.

Would be nice to see:
1. Logo / Image Attachment

good job.
Reviews: 1
Great component, easy to install and configure and does exactly what it says.
Reviews: 21
Used this for a non-profit site to add thank you letters and notes easily to the site and it works great. Easy to manage and set up.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension, easy to install and setup. Perfect what our needs, I fully recommend Freestyle Testimonials.
Reviews: 6
Thank you for a wonderful component. It really does the job well. Plus, being able to put different testimonials on specific pages... magic! Thanks again.
Reviews: 1
Very simple, light, clean, does waht it says. Thanks to the developer for share it for free, very usefull.
Reviews: 7
This extension is almost too good to be true. It's very easy to install, configure and use. Again, all very easy.

The only reason I gave it an "average" review is that it doesn't support IE7 e.g. if you try to submit a testimonial in IE7 and hit the submit button but have forgotten to fill out any of the required fields the submit button becomes grayed out and inactive. You have to reload the page/form again and start from the beginning--you lose everything. This is also evident on their demo site.

I contacted support and they said they'd fix it in some future version. So, until then, just keep this in mind. Other than that, it works great.
Reviews: 5
Does a great job, exactly as I had hoped. A few noteworthy issues though:
1) In order to fully use this you must purchase their Freestyle Support for $29. Personally I bought the Freestyle Support because I wanted it though and it works fantastic!
2) It would be nice if there was more control over the scrolling of the module. Maybe I missed something but I cannot find where to control the scrolling speed. As it is it tends to scroll a little fast. Also I am not real fond of the "backwards" scrolling after it has reached the end. Would be beter in my opinion if it continuously scrolled through in one direction.

All in all a great piece. Thank you !
Reviews: 1
I'm using this testimonial extension on a website I'm building for a baby boutique. I needed a simple form to collect feedback from customers, so that they can tell about the products they bought & their experience with the boutique. It took a long time to sift through the available Joomla extensions and to find one that is easy to use. I tried a few before I found the one I wanted... Freestyle Testimonials!

This is a wonderful (and easy!) extension to use, which collects my website's user comments about the products for sale---or anything that the customer wishes to write about the business. This will provide real, honest reviews to other potential customers who are browsing the website. What I especially like about this extension is that it can be displayed in a module on any page, to showcase a random testimonial, and the user can click on a link to see the rest of the reviews on a full page & add their own testimonial.

I love the moderation feature! There is an area in your Components where you can accept, decline, and edit the testimonials that are submitted.

Overall, this extension is wonderful! It works simple enough for anyone to understand, but it also comes with plenty capabilities for the more experienced users.
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a customer review plug-in for a couple of weeks. I have tried others, but they just weren't what I was looking for, either to many options or just not enough. But these guys have nailed it, simple, nice design, functional, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to set it up. Great Work!
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