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Freestyle Testimonials ComponentModule

Freestyle Testimonials Lite allows you to present customer testimonials on your website in any module position and on an individual page. Displays testimonials with date and time of submission in a logical order.

• Add testimonials to your website
• Display any number of testimonials
• Display testimonials through a menu item
• Module to display testimonials anywhere on your site
• Choose from most recent or random testimonials in the module
• Optional "Show More Testimonials" link on testimonials module
• Optional "Add Testimonial" link on testimonials module
• Option to moderate testimonials
• Optional captcha entry for testimonials
• Moderate testimonials in the Freestyle Support Portal admin
• Various Joomla back end parameters for testimonials page
• Various Joomla back end parameters for testimonials module

New v1.9

This new version has been completly rewritten to bring the features inline with that of Freestyle Support Portal. It is no longer a 'Lite' version.

Freestyle Testimonials is now also compatable with Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7.

Also, the previous known security issues have also been fixed in this release.

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Reviews: 3
I needed a testimonials module/component for a client's website running 2.5 and this has worked beautifully. 2-Thumbs Up for the developers and all their hard work! Will definitely be using this for future builds!
Reviews: 6
The only thing I needed to change was removing the date from the testimonial filed and Adam responded to my ticket right away. This is perfect for what I need.
Reviews: 1
Great component. Does exactly what I needed. Had a few minor issues (mostly layout and formatting), but support sorted that out fast and efficiently. Thanks
Reviews: 1
It installed correctly. I added a module and when I click either add or view existing testimonials I get error: "500 - View not found [name, type, prefix]: test, html, contentView" The developer support sire (at least the support button on Joomla page) goes to 404... Looks good on their demo site - if I can fix it (get some help from the developer please?) and it proves to be what it is I will re-rate. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Extension installs and configures easy. Elaborate for a free extension. However, unless I'm missing something, it seems the only way to moderate testimonials is to purchase their support module and install on your site. So, you either have to let people blindly post any comment on your site that you have no control over or buy another one of their products!
Reviews: 8
Nice tool. It would be great to have a control center in the joomla backend. At least I couldn't find one.
Reviews: 2
Is it just me? The plugin is nice, but it's missing a few basic things:

- I don't see any where in the plugin to approve/reject comments
- There's no way to delete testimonials without going through the database in the back end
- There's no easy way to create/remove fields
- There's no way to customize the text after submitting the testimonial

Other than that, it's good just to post on a site and have people leave comments without approval.

Thanks.... I'd like to see these basic features added if it's not. I apologize if I'm not seeing something, but the documentation button does not work on this page.
Reviews: 1
Just installed the app and it works just like the developers said it would. Installed without a hitch and was up and running in no time at all.
Reviews: 35
i willgive excellent review to the developer and because it is free althought it gives me problems trying to set it up in a subfolder of a domain....

However great work !!!
Reviews: 11
I have worked with it and I love the simplicity and the functionality of this extension, BUT..I can not believe that you can not change the order of testimonials without having to reupload the entire serie of testimonials..I think that is a big blunder..Too bad! if that would be fixed I would give 5 stars
Reviews: 6
Tried it today - the light version, which is what this page is about. Given that the basic functionality as described works, there are a few problems worth a mention:
In the lightbox to enter testimonials the text falls off the right side.
There is no capture.
When it refers to a "Button" - its really a text link, not a button. The appearance is very basic.
There's no uninstall. It sets itself up as a native Joomla! module, greyed out in the uninstall components list. I had to delete it from the module manager, and delete the files using ftp from 'modules' and /administrator/modules.
I know its free, but when you think about some of the offerings for free....
Reviews: 20
Overall, this is a pretty good testimonials component. Does exactly what it says, installs easily and no bugs so far.

But, there is one disadvantage: There's no option to limit text shown in the module. For example, I have the mod in my right sidebar. Recently a client left a long testimonial and the entire thing was displayed in the sidebar. So there's this really long text in the sidebar from top to bottom. If you could control that, it would be the perfect testimonial component. I'd like to be able to show, say, only the first 30 characters of the testimonial. If you enable 3 in the sidebar, you'll have a very long block of sidebar text that just doesn't look good.

But this is my only complaint. I hope the developer will fix this... because I would quickly go back to it. Still, it's a really good extension!
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review. Just to let you know we can certainly add in this feature to the next version as soon as possible. This will be done shortly.



Reviews: 3
This extension does what it says it does. It was super simple to setup. They really subscribe to the K.I.S.S. theory Keep It Simple Silly. this is one I would pay for. You can see it work on my website
Reviews: 2
The extension is easy to install. Problems with adding admin user have been processed and solved immediately by the developer. Good job - thank's!
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