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JS Testimonials ComponentModulePlugin

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The JS Testimonials for Joomla extension is the nicest component available for displaying your customer testimonials on your Joomla Powered website.

Joomla Showroom has taken testimonials a step further. Not only can you display text testimonials, but JS Testimonials also supports audio and video testimonials as well.

And it doesn't stop there. It can display all 3 testimonial types at once if you want it to.

There are also 3 nice fading modules included to display your testimonials.

Here's what's included:

* 5 customizable themes for displaying your testimonials.
* Customizable CSS files for both component and the 3 testimonials modules.
* Allow unregistered guest users to leave testimonials (that is, if you want to).
* Author photos.
* Author's website link.
* Add text testimonials.
* Add audio testimonials.
* Add video Testimonials.
* Fully customizable.
* Settings for adjusting the 3 modules fading speed.
* Re-Capchta support (spam control)
* Configure the data you want to collect.
* Configure the data you want to display.

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Reviews: 4
In the day and age of the Gen-Y internet "shopper", having a robust testimonials area on ANY website is a critical must.
I've been looking everywhere and tried ALL the other "Testimonials" modules and components out there, and have to say beyond question that JSTestimonials is light years beyond the others.
It is feature rich, easy to install and configure, and allows submitters of testimonials to submit an audio or video testimonial!
I have to admit that I submitted a support ticket to simply to see/test how they would respond or not, and almost fell off my chair at the prompt and professional response I received. Any business out there could take lessons from and have something to learn from these guys on proper support and customer service.
I'm in awe, and I promise I'll never "test" you guys again!! I'm sold.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a testimonial component to use on my and my clients websites.
I have had great luck with Joomlashowroom other components so I gave JS Testimonials a chance.

This component far exceeded my expectations with the features I never considered to be in a testimonial component.
This component comes with the normal Capchta, text field along with the ability for audio and video testimonials.

My clients really enjoy it and say it it extremely easy to manage.  The resulting frontend display of the testimonials are very attractive and available in several colorful options.

I am happy with this component and highly recommend it.
Reviews: 2
In today's economy, buyers depend heavily on others opinions of purchases. This extension, allows me to collect, manage and post those glowing reviews by clients.

One of my favorite parts is the well designed 'speech' bubble. I can have video testimonials, audio and of course text.

If you are in business, you need to go ahead and get this right now, install it and start collecting those "good as gold" testimonials from your customers.