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Testimonial Fader ComponentModule

Testimonial Fader now comes with component and module which allows users to add testimonials in the frontend which can be managed in the backend by the administrator. The testimonials can be shown the frontend using module by fading or sliding them.
The testimonials can also be shown as list without fading them also.

With New Module user interface
Option to add testimonial by user
Manage testimonials and lot
30 different styles to set (6 colors + 5 types of quotes)
You can display your testimonials at any module position using this easy to configure Testimonial Fader .

If you want to display your testimonials inside the content, then you can use loadposition plugin for that.

~~~~~ Key Features of Testimonial Fader ~~~~~


★ Form Options : Name, Email Id, Write Testimonial and CAPTCHA [To avoid spamming].
★ Users can add testimonials using testimonial form ★ After submitting the testimonial it doesn't show up instantly in the website till the webmaster publish it at the backend.
★ The approved or published testimonials can be listed in a page using the component.
★ Support Joomla SEF
★ Language Settings added in v 3.5


★ Can manage the testimonials : Add, Edit, Delete, Publish and Unpublish
★ The published testimonial can be shown in the Testimonial Fader Module or in a list
★ Option to edit form CSS


★ Option to add Module Suffix
★ Option to enable or disable jQuery
★ JS file can be added in the body or head to avoid conflicts with other js files
★ Height and Width of the testimonial Block can be set
★ Testimonial and author Font, Color, Size and weight can be set in the module parameter
★ User Defined font can also be set for the testimonials
★ 30 different styles to set (6 colors + 5 types of quotes)
★ Animation Speed and timeout can be set in Milliseconds.
★ Fade and Slide effects for testimonial
★ Show testimonials randomly or sequentially.
★ Testimonials can either be fetched from components or module.
★ If set to module the testimonials and author can be added.
★ Option to shorten the testimonial and add a read more link . [NEW]

NB: If you have any queries or not clear about any of the features, please open a support ticket or contact us before purchasing the extensions. We don't provide any other features mentioned above.

If you have any issues with the testimonial fader extension or have any questions regarding how to use this testimonial fader then you can directly post your queries at our Support Ticket System,

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Reviews: 1
i have purchased the extension and was able to modify it for my needs. there was some minor improvement to do which i couldnt find on my own. wrote a ticket and got reply within 10 minutes. after another 10 the problem was solved and the support team edited my code.

very fast and friendly support aswell as professional. thank you!
Reviews: 3
I bought this today and had an issue with CSS with my template not the application itself. They fixed the problem immediately. I'm very happy with the support and the application itself.
Reviews: 2
I wanted to add some testimonials and customer reviews on my website. Other modules seems to be quite ugly and bloated. This extension's graphics is very nice and it integrates well with most of joomla templates without any need for some custom CSS. Well spent $30. I with you all the best.
Reviews: 1
I have downloaded this extension. Its really simple in installation. But I am facing the issue in to placing the module in left and right position. Its only fitting the position, If we use in the content area.
Owner's reply

We are unaware of what issue you are facing, if you are using our extension .We would request you to open a support ticket to get your problems fixed.

Most of the customers who use our extension go for left and right positions. You can use it on any of the positions not just the content area. As you have parameters to define the width and height.

Please contact us and fix any issue you that you have with our extension.

Reviews: 1
A fantastic extension and even better support. I needed a slight amendment to functionality and within minutes of submitting a support ticket they had offered to customise the script for me to do exactly what I needed. I can't thank them enough and wouldn't hestitate to recommend any extensions written by these guys!
Reviews: 4
I needed some changes made, not only did they get back to me within minutes, but they actually made the changes for me. If you need an extension for displaying testimonials this is it! Easy, slick, with awesome support. Five Stars all the Way!
Reviews: 3
I needed a simple extension to show testimonials from clients on our website.. this was so easy to install. I did have some questions about the product, and got instant responses online through their online chat. Excellent product. You cannot go wrong here.
Reviews: 1
Very easy and fast to install. Had a very minor issue with CSS as others did...nothing major. Contacted support at around midnight PST and they iterally had it fixed in less than 15 minutes. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
After i bought Testimonial Fader i 've had two big problems with the CSS... In about a an hour they fixed it perfectly! Great support, great service and a wonderful useful extension... Thank you so much infyways!
Reviews: 3
We needed the extra functionality of categories in the component and module and they added this with a couple of days for a small extra charge.

Best support you will ever find, fixed some jQuery conflicts for me within a couple of hours and always reacting very quickly to all my emails, sometimes within 20 minutes!!

If you're looking a testimonial extension, I highly recommend going with this one!
Reviews: 4
Great extension, easy to use. Needed a slight customization to override my joomlart template css. Sent an email to support, got a quick helpful response - many thanks!
Reviews: 2
This is one of my best extensions from joomla. It is very neat, professional and easy to use. Even more important is the excellent and timely service provided by the team. Well Done Guys!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review :)

Reviews: 5
These guys are great, super fast support, can't recommend them highly enough.

I wanted a bullet point removing and some carriage returns to be recognised. They wrote a new module AND installed it in under 30 mins.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review :)

Reviews: 5
Wow - a couple of very small glitches and they were solved in minutes. First at almost midnight and got a response in 5-10 minutes, second (due to my template not the product) was again fixed in minutes - at 9.30am on a Sunday!
Do these guys sleep?
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review :)

Reviews: 4
Very impressed with the support. Had an issue with CSS.. submitted a ticket and within 10 mins ticket was replied too and error fixed by the developer..
Reviews: 5
I have purchased multiple components from infyways & i will continue to be a buyer! This module is great & has a lot of customization abilities. They have the best support of any modules/components i have purchased. Thanks for all your help infyways!!!
Reviews: 1
The extension didn't originally work with my website, but within 15 minutes the support team fixed my problem and helped me understand how everything worked. I wanted a business-like and clean cut way to show customer testimonials that would be appealing to read. Testimonial Fader accomplished this.
Reviews: 2
I had a problem with a strange quotation shadow and mailed the support for help. I got quickly an adequate responce which was all sufficient to make things work as they should. I appreciate the concern. Thank You. Best wishes.
Reviews: 1
Esy to install and use. Great support. You can use it for multiple domains. Recommend it to fully. Thank you Infyways!!
Reviews: 6
Great wee plugin.
Had one query for support and they responded immediately and fixed issues in my joomla template! Really happy. Highly recommended :)
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