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Testimonial Fader ComponentModule

Testimonial Fader now comes with component and module which allows users to add testimonials in the frontend which can be managed in the backend by the administrator. The testimonials can be shown the frontend using module by fading or sliding them.
The testimonials can also be shown as list without fading them also.

With New Module user interface
Option to add testimonial by user
Manage testimonials and lot
30 different styles to set (6 colors + 5 types of quotes)
You can display your testimonials at any module position using this easy to configure Testimonial Fader .

If you want to display your testimonials inside the content, then you can use loadposition plugin for that.

~~~~~ Key Features of Testimonial Fader ~~~~~


★ Form Options : Name, Email Id, Write Testimonial and CAPTCHA [To avoid spamming].
★ Users can add testimonials using testimonial form ★ After submitting the testimonial it doesn't show up instantly in the website till the webmaster publish it at the backend.
★ The approved or published testimonials can be listed in a page using the component.
★ Support Joomla SEF
★ Language Settings added in v 3.5


★ Can manage the testimonials : Add, Edit, Delete, Publish and Unpublish
★ The published testimonial can be shown in the Testimonial Fader Module or in a list
★ Option to edit form CSS


★ Option to add Module Suffix
★ Option to enable or disable jQuery
★ JS file can be added in the body or head to avoid conflicts with other js files
★ Height and Width of the testimonial Block can be set
★ Testimonial and author Font, Color, Size and weight can be set in the module parameter
★ User Defined font can also be set for the testimonials
★ 30 different styles to set (6 colors + 5 types of quotes)
★ Animation Speed and timeout can be set in Milliseconds.
★ Fade and Slide effects for testimonial
★ Show testimonials randomly or sequentially.
★ Testimonials can either be fetched from components or module.
★ If set to module the testimonials and author can be added.
★ Option to shorten the testimonial and add a read more link . [NEW]

NB: If you have any queries or not clear about any of the features, please open a support ticket or contact us before purchasing the extensions. We don't provide any other features mentioned above.

If you have any issues with the testimonial fader extension or have any questions regarding how to use this testimonial fader then you can directly post your queries at our Support Ticket System,

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Reviews: 1
Straight out of the box the module did exactly what it said it would. Up and running in minutes. Of course being hard to satisfy I wanted a small tweak made to how it operated. One online chat, 5 minutes and code change made. Awesome!
Reviews: 3
If you want your clients to be able to enter their testimonials, then this isn't the extension you want. This is back-end entry only. I'm sure it's a great extension if you have a low amount of testimonials and/or extra time to enter each one. As a commercial extension, I was hoping it would at least do that.
Owner's reply

We have clearly mentioned about this in our website. We request everybody to read the documentation properly before they purchase any of our extension.

Reviews: 1
was looking for a simple solution to display testimonials graphically and having tried a few of the free ones, decided to give this one a go. Installed and working in a few minutes, had a few issues with the template CSS overridding the module CSS, and the support had it sorted out almost immediately. Very happy, goos extension, great support.
Reviews: 2
Installation for a complete novice was a SNAP. If that, being said, was not enough, I had a problem with graphical issues. I submitted a ticket because I was confused and in under 15 minutes someone had contacted me. Think about being a customer holding up support for a change!! I love these guys. The fixed the issue, which was my template, not the Fader and explained it all to me in detail! Seriously, if you want something like this for your site - download this now. The only thing it is missing is cake. Mmm.. delicious fader!
Reviews: 3
I love this extension. Very Simple with a Great Big Bang for you Buck! Testimonials have become sort of boring but this extension brings it back to life... Simple and elegant! Very easy to install and to configure! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
After having had this module running on my website for a few weeks now, I have to say it looks amazing on the front end.

The back end couldn't be much simpler. Enter your text or quote (separated by a /), enter who said it (separated by a /) and in the same order of the quotes, enter the time on screen and how fast to transition and the type of transition. Set location and publish and you're away!
Reviews: 1
Great responsive communication.
Reliable module with great support.
Reviews: 2
Needed to use support on this one and was really impressed with quick response. Defo worth the money. I am using the logo slider mod from infyways and like how both of them are spot on with functionality and you have the flexibility to sytle with your site easily.
Reviews: 1
I bought this today... installed it... had a problem... used livehelp and they fixed it immediatly. What an awsome support group.
Reviews: 1
I tried to install testimonial slider into Joomla, had a problem, chatted with them and had the problem fixed within minutes. Then the module had conflicts with my template ccs and within one hour they had fixed that also. What other people have said about their service is absolutely true. The module works great and the service is fantastic.
Reviews: 1
Great little app. Good time saver, and well implemented. What's astounding is the support. Online Chat on a $20 product - that's phenomenal. I had an issue with template css conflicts - they immediately responded to my online chat request, and fixed the issue on my site within 15 minutes. Way cool!!!
Reviews: 4
Nice effects easy to use and install. Good Value
Fast and effective support.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a module that's easy to set up, and use. After spending most part of an evening looking at many components and modules, my choice fell to this one. The module itself does what it's supposed to do. Very user-friendly and very configurable with lots of different font faces to use. The company also offers live chat support witch I think more companies really should try offering their clients. I have no problems what-so-ever, recommending Infyways Testimonial Fader if your searching for a module like this.

Thumbs up for this one!
Reviews: 6
I was looking for something that would give my client a flash feel without using flash for their testimonials. I was a little concerned but was impressed with the online chat they offered for those even considering their products and the price was right... so I decided to give it a try. I installed the module and was having a problem with how it was interacting with my template. They not only responded but fixed the problem in less than an hour. I was shocked they responded that late in the evening let alone fixed my issue. They have a great assortment of extensions and the support to back it up. Awesome job Infyways! You are an A++ in my book.
Reviews: 4
I needed a testimonial scroller for a client in a pinch. When I needed help, Abhilash, went above and beyond the call of duty, even made custom mods for me that I needed. I recommend this plugin!

Bud Manz
Reviews: 1
Great product, I used it for a very simple testimonials implementation.

What really impressed me was the responsiveness of the sales and support team. Before purchasing they clarified some questions for me and when I ran into some formatting problems they responded quickly with a fix and when it was not entirely successful they logged onto my site, did some testing and implemented a fix.
Reviews: 1
Great module to add show feedback from clients on. Really easy to uses for a beginner to joomla! Supports been excellent and prompt!
Reviews: 7
This extension is absolutely fantastic. I cannot believe the price!. I needed a fancy extension to display testimonials from clients, and after searching joomla, I am glad I settled for this one. It is very easy to install and use, excellent value for money, and best of all the developers are so good. In fact, I had some personal alterations done to it at no extra cost!. Thanks so much guys. Best testimonial display in joomla!
Reviews: 5
If you need a testimonial extension, go no farther.

I had what I assumed to be a template issue which was blamed upon the module by the template maker. In my experience in the past, this would turn into a battle between the module and template designers blaming each other. 24 hours after entering a support ticket at infyways, they had modified the module and installed it for me on my site! Perfect module for my needs, A-1 company. I am in the process of looking at what else they have available because of the service I was given.
Reviews: 14
I needed a simple testimonials add-on, without having to go through tons of settings in a component, multiple modules, plugins, etc., and Testimonial Fader fit the bill.
I initially had an issue with it on J 1.7, but submitted a support ticket and in less than 24 hours, they updated it and viola! It now works like a charm.

Excellent module, does exactly what it says, and does so perfectly. Support is phenomenal! Would highly recommend to anyone!! Thanks guys!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your support and review regarding this module.

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