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Testimonial Fader ComponentModule

Testimonial Fader now comes with component and module which allows users to add testimonials in the frontend which can be managed in the backend by the administrator. The testimonials can be shown the frontend using module by fading or sliding them.
The testimonials can also be shown as list without fading them also.

With New Module user interface
Option to add testimonial by user
Manage testimonials and lot
30 different styles to set (6 colors + 5 types of quotes)
You can display your testimonials at any module position using this easy to configure Testimonial Fader .

If you want to display your testimonials inside the content, then you can use loadposition plugin for that.

~~~~~ Key Features of Testimonial Fader ~~~~~


★ Form Options : Name, Email Id, Write Testimonial and CAPTCHA [To avoid spamming].
★ Users can add testimonials using testimonial form ★ After submitting the testimonial it doesn't show up instantly in the website till the webmaster publish it at the backend.
★ The approved or published testimonials can be listed in a page using the component.
★ Support Joomla SEF
★ Language Settings added in v 3.5


★ Can manage the testimonials : Add, Edit, Delete, Publish and Unpublish
★ The published testimonial can be shown in the Testimonial Fader Module or in a list
★ Option to edit form CSS


★ Option to add Module Suffix
★ Option to enable or disable jQuery
★ JS file can be added in the body or head to avoid conflicts with other js files
★ Height and Width of the testimonial Block can be set
★ Testimonial and author Font, Color, Size and weight can be set in the module parameter
★ User Defined font can also be set for the testimonials
★ 30 different styles to set (6 colors + 5 types of quotes)
★ Animation Speed and timeout can be set in Milliseconds.
★ Fade and Slide effects for testimonial
★ Show testimonials randomly or sequentially.
★ Testimonials can either be fetched from components or module.
★ If set to module the testimonials and author can be added.
★ Option to shorten the testimonial and add a read more link . [NEW]

NB: If you have any queries or not clear about any of the features, please open a support ticket or contact us before purchasing the extensions. We don't provide any other features mentioned above.

If you have any issues with the testimonial fader extension or have any questions regarding how to use this testimonial fader then you can directly post your queries at our Support Ticket System,

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Reviews: 3
Bought the extension and installed but had problems with the configuration and contacted the team. They fixed it in a matter of minutes and even provided a CSS override to match my template design. Much appreciated.
Reviews: 1
I have been using this extension for about a year now on our website. The functionality and aesthetics are great, as well as the ease of use.

The response from the support team is absolutely stellar. I recently needed to upgrade to the version for Joomla 3 and encountered a couple of questions where I needed help. The support team was extremely fast and very helpful, everything resolved in less than an hour

thank you so much!
Reviews: 20
The extension does exactly what it says on the box. The support is lightning-fast responsive and helpful. Well worth the money.
Reviews: 2
I had a problem with the module in my responsive template. When used together with other modules the modules where placed beneath each other instead of beside each other. The support I got was really excellent and the issue solved in minutes. Wow never had such a good support before. Furthermore it works like a charm out of the box. Excellent extensions.
Reviews: 4
I had been using an older version of this application and wanted the new features as well as the order of the testimonials switched from last to first...I purchased the application and then support logged into my website, uninstalled the old version, installed the new version and set everything up perfectly...within 2 hours of purchasing the product.

This is the best testimonial application available and backed up with the best support.
Reviews: 19
I had a conflict with the module and other modules on the template I was using. Infyways responded within minutes, and had the issue resolved even faster! I'm still learning the settings, but it appears to be a clean, simple fading testimonial module, which is exactly what I wanted for the site I'm working on. Thanks, Infyways!
Reviews: 3
Perfect extension and the support is really extraordinary. I had some little trouble with the version after installing Joomla! 3.2.2 and I contacted the support to be helped. They responded very fast risolvendomi the problem.
I would recommend it for sure!
I just wish you could open the form Submit Testimonial in a popup window instead of the standard window. I hope they will implement this feature in the future ...
ultimately it is a really great extension!
Reviews: 2
This testimonial component is so much better than other testimonial components we have used, this one is easy to use and update plus we have seen a major reduction in spam when comparing it to other testimonial components we have used in the past.

When we contacted support we got a swift reply and assistance was second to none.

Keep up the great work guys, love your work!
Reviews: 1
This is a great testimonial component and module and works as advertised. I had a small issue with how the component was displaying on my site and the developer quickly resolved the issue (css formatting) literally within the hour. Excellent Support! Most of the customization of the fader happens in the Module itself, rather than the component but I see the advantage of this. You can have a main set of testimonials in the Component while at the same time format different sets of testimonials for use on different pages of your site. I'd highly recommend Testimonial Fader!
Reviews: 5
Not sure the name of Testimonial Fader does it justice ! It has sparkled up many of my sites. It was easy to install and setup. If there were any issues they were down to me forgetting that we now have a drag and drop option in Joomla 3.0 for items, so the reordering of submitted testimonials is a doddle.
The module for submitting testimonials is also very neat and simple including the captcha. All testimonials are vetted before publication and an emails sent to whoever is designated in the config. Finding the right speed for the display of the testimonials took a little time, but nothing major.
The support is excellent. I submitted a ticket and almost immediately it was responded to and resolved. A neat little component for testimonials which I can highly recommend.
Reviews: 2
What can I say? This product is one of the few Joomla products that does exactly what it states, and then some! Support is EXCELLENT and the component/module are really easy to configure/skin etc.

I would recommend this to anyone needing Testimonials for Joomla!

A Very Happy Customer
Reviews: 3
I purchased this on the strength of other reviews and the look of the module on their demo site.

It is easy to install and worked fine, I had a couple of formatting questions so I opened a ticket with the developer - in less than 24 hours they had actually done the required customisations on my site - what already looked good, now looks great!

Others could learn from this level of customer support. If you're looking for a way to display testimonials or quotes on your site, look no further.
Reviews: 26
. . . for product and support service. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Like other reviewers have said, the support is second to none. I had a problem with form submitting. Within hours of logging my problem, the developers had logged in to my site and corrected the problem for me. They are also very friendly and very good with advice on customisation. Overall I am delighted with this extension.
Reviews: 5
I purchased this module because it had one of the best looking layouts I had seen and offered most of the flexibility I needed.

However, when I wanted to change the background colour of the Testimonial View page, I needed some help. I contacted support and in a matter of minutes they had responded. Not only that, rather than tell me what to do, they did it for me.

Absolutely outstanding support and I would have no hesitation in recommending this product and the developer. Thank you.
Reviews: 13
I needed a testimonial fader quickly and ended up taking a chance on this one. I had a glitch with the setup and submitted a support ticket. WIthin 10 minutes I heard back and in less than an hour they had fixed the issue AND added a feature I requested (ability to hide the Name on the testimony module). Now THAT'S customer service.
Reviews: 1
To anyone looking for the ability to add a fading testimonial or reviews page, this is the one to have.

The team of professionals helped walk me through my own mistakes with my template, that's going above and beyond.

Thank you guys.
Reviews: 5
This extension does exactly what it should be. You can use either the module or in combination with their component. Their support is really active. If you have a question it is answered the same day, often within the hour.

If you are looking for an extension to show your testimonials, look no further.
Reviews: 1
Not only has this extension do exactly what any testimonial extension should do, but their customer support is probably the best i've had the experience of dealing with... ...and not just in regards to joomla extensions, i'm talking about in my life!!
Reviews: 1
Easily the best support I've ever received through the various Joomla extensions I've implemented over the years. This extension works & looks great, but my template css needed slightly modified to allow it to work the way I intended. I submitted a ticket, and they had me up and running in no time at all. Outstanding company.
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