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EzTestimonial ComponentModule

A simple looking but useful testimonial extension for your Joomla website, Your customers/Clients can add testimonial on your website with ease. Testimonial extension has number of useful features for your users. They are able to upload photo, write long message and can rate your service. Component features can be controlled from backend.

* Auto resize uploaded images.
* Spam filter with reCAPTCHA or Akismet
* Easily Approve/delete/unpublish Testimonial
* Customizable Module
* and Many more. Please see Demo.

1.3 - Fixed mail setting, image disable option.
1.2 - Fixed languages support.
1.1 - Fixed star rating, other minor issues.
1.0 - Released

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Reviews: 9
It's an excelent extension, and pretty easy to use. Just a few more details, and it will be the greatest. In fact, it would be very usefull to have the option to enable/disable the rating system (I don't use it, so I need to hack the core php of the component to disable it), and some fields, like "about you in less than 10 words", could be optional too. Apart from that, it's a great component and I do recommend it.
Reviews: 1
A really nice little extension for adding a review section onto your website. Ideally would like some documentation especially on editing / changing the Add Testimonials page wording for the submission boxes. Without a manual and/or information on how to edit such a vital page it makes this extension difficult for most people to use. Provide this information and it will cut down on the forum questions and answers/unanswers and make this a GREAT rather than GOOD extension. 4 out of 5 stars for me in the usability stakes!
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use.
Great component!
Reviews: 13
It does some parts quite well - i.e. it allows users to submit testimonials and it's easy to moderate them.

However when I try to edit a testimonial the save button generates a 404 error for the component.
Owner's reply

Thanks for liking the product and pointing out the issue. Recent name change from "Testimonials" to "EzTestimonial" have caused the error. New 1.1 version resolves the problem.

Reviews: 22
Sexy... Clean..
I love it..
Please keep the good work.. Please.