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JProFeedBack Component

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JProFeedBack, from JPro Extensions, is a full featured customer and user's feedback component that allows you to receive feedback on your Joomla!™ 3 website.

Even your clients will have fun sending you feedback with JProFeedBack! Professional looking and fully customizable, JProFeedBack component for Joomla!™ 3 is Joomla!™ R3EADY!

JProFeedBack is packed with several options. If we would be listing all the available options here, we would be taking your precious time just to read them, but you can always read the full available documentation in the component help or online. So here's just a summary of the most notable ones:

- Auto publish or just after approval;
- Shop integration for Hikashop and JoomShopping;
- Allow users to add a photo to their feedback;
- Receive email notifications for new, edited or delete requests;
- Use Joomla!™ Access Control Levels (ACL);
- Three security layers before the feedback gets to you;
- Captchas supported: JProiCaptcha (not included in package) and reCAPTCHA;
- Banned words filters;
- Which fields should be shown can be defined by you;
- Which form fields should be shown can be defined by you;
- Which form fields are required can be defined by you;
- Allow edit and for how much time can be defined by you;
- Publicly comment on feedback received if you wish;
- Know from where your user posted the feedback, by IP lookup;
- Preview user website on modal window
- Redirect options;
- Use sliders or plain display;
- Customizable and pre-defined layout styles and much, much more... !

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Reviews: 1
How can I not rate this product as excellent with the support you get. Unbelievably good and unheard of.

The product itself is just the way I like it. Clean, modern and integrates well with your template.

What I was looking for was a component that lets customers write reviews and show a picture of what they purchased. I did not like any other feedback components as they were elementary or had a weird forced css style. It was imperative for me that the feedback system looks like it's part of the website and not some seperate showcase or feed.

This component has many options. You can choose what kind of information you want from the person writing the feedback, you can show and hide all kinds of fields. Almost all text is in strings in the language file so you can use overrides to change the text with extreme ease. That is also important for me so I can use terms that apply to our company and products. Basically you have full control over the product. There are too many options to review, I suggest to just try it. It's commercial so you have to pay for it but it's cheap.

I also use their captcha which is so much better than the standard letter captcha that I can never properly read. Their captcha uses icons and is actually fun for your customer / reviewer as well.

The only issues I have with the component are speed and the displaying of the photos but that might be caused by a misconfiguration on my server.

I would recommend this product to anyone!
Reviews: 42
Really nice Joomla 3 feedback component! Easy to install and configure and outstanding support so buy with confidence. Fully featured and great value.
Big thanks guys!