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User Ideas ComponentModulePlugin

This is an extension that provides functionality for creating and managing user feedbacks, ideas pools, user suggestions,etc.
These things can be grouped in multiple categories.
Users are able to comment the items.
It is suitable for developers because votes are managed by triggers - onBeforeVote, onVote, onAfterVote. Developers can do their plugins which make managing votes easily.

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Reviews: 2
I'm using Joomla 3.3.3 and installed the lite-component. It works nicely. Thank you.
I noticed however a few things. 1. When I make a menu-link to a category the category is not showing up, but just an item.
2. I integrated the component with Kunena. In that case the profile picture is not showing up. When I however integrate with Gravatar the profile-picture is showing up.
3. I want to install and extra language. I searched your site for the language file but can not find it.
Reviews: 1
The installation was easy, pretty straight forward. I had problems at the first with the voting system. I finally suscribed and the support was excellent!! Perhaps a documentation for the component is missing, but is totally worth even paying for this one. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
First I solved a jQuery conflict and the vote button start to work correctly. The extension is simple and easy to install, configure and use.
Great work!
Reviews: 1
This is very simple yet effective. The posts and comments can be controlled. That is you can set it to publish them later after the administrator's review them. And you also have the ability to shut it down. The voting system was not working at first. I had to install the library and jQuery plugin they provided then it started acting correctly. Great work and thanks for making it available for free!
Reviews: 14
It is a component easy to install and with many possible applications for better feedback to users.

Ideas are always welcome ;)