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NinjaMonials ComponentModulePlugin

* NEW: Collect testimonials from Twitter
* Collect and display testimonials from your website visitors.
* Supports avatars/photos.
* Supports audio testimonials.
* Supports video testimonials.
* Supports unlimited testimonial categories.
* Supports bbcode and emoticons.
* Show the authors name, url, location, etc.
* Includes recaptcha in the testimonial submission form to prevent spam.
* Receive email notifications when testimonials are received, with a direct link to publish/unpublish.
* Integration with several leading community components, allowing you to provide a link to a real member of your site to whom the testimonial belongs.
* Includes multiple CSS styles, easily editable so you can make your own.
* View/publish/edit/delete testimonials from the Ninjamonials administrator panel.
* Choose whether to auto-publish or moderate new testimonial submissions.
* Display testimonials in the component or one of the associated modules or plugins.
* 8 Plugin events to extend the power of the extension
* Language editor to customize the text displayed
* Redirect to a screen of your choice after submission
* Optional custom thank you message functionality
* Prompt and professional support provided on the NinjaForge forums.

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Reviews: 1
I have owned and used this product for years. As far as its ease of use and capabilities it is great. When Joomla 1.7 came out they took about 6-8 months to develop an update by that time 2.5 had came out. The update time on this destroyed my ability to update the rest of my website/s. The site said due to this delay they would offer a deal for everyone effected well after waiting almost a year for update and now 3.0 is out.. (Been waiting since 1.7) They wont respond to emails, forum posts of holding up the deal they offered. The biggest problem is do you trust that they will update their product in a timely manner? I have found another component that has all of the same features for less.... I normally don't write reviews but lack of support after I paid leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Owner's reply

> I have owned and used this product for years. As far as its ease of use and capabilities it is great.

Thank you. We're quite proud of this extension. Ninjamonials was the highest rated testimonial extension for four years... yours is the first less than 5-star review we've ever had.

> When Joomla 1.7 came out they took about 6-8 months to develop an update by that time 2.5 had came out.

Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 were essentially "beta" versions of Joomla... the correct upgrade path was 1.5 to 2.5. No Joomla website should never have been upgraded to 1.6 and 1.7, so we never aimed for a release for those versions. However, we acknowledge that there was a delay in the release of an update, and are sorry about that.

> The site said due to this delay they would offer a deal for everyone effected.

You're welcome. We were very happy to offer that deal... basically, anyone who was disappointed got the extension for free.

> They wont respond to emails, forum posts of holding up the deal they offered.

Sorry about that. We did indeed have a temporary support staffing issue, but this has been remedied.

> I normally don't write reviews but lack of support after I paid leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Lack of support? You've already said that you've used the product for years and it was great. This could not have been the case if support was lacking. Your one complaint was that you bought one thing (NinjaMonials for J1.5) and are upset that you didn't get something else (Ninjamonials for J2.5).
We should have provided this in a timely manner, but we were not obliged to, and you certainly did not pay for what you're expecting.

To people reading this, here are some positive takeaways from this:
1.) The reviewer said "I have owned and used this product for years. As far as its ease of use and capabilities it is great."
2.) There was a delay in the release of an upgrade, and to make up for it, we gave any unhappy customer free extensions on their memberships equal to how long they have been a member.
3.) We have a 60 day 100% no-questions-asked refund policy, so feel free to try Ninjamonials. You can always get your money back if you aren't satisfied, but we're confident that you will be :)

Reviews: 97
Great testimonial component and modules. Will be better if new options added :

1. new option of "only registered users can submit" : guests can see the testimonials list and the submit button, but after click on this button, they will be asked to login.

2. new feature of "video testimonial by inserting embed code (free code)", this can extend the video providers to any online 3rd party video source, not only limited to Youtube.

At last, hope the authors will make a new version for Joomla 2.5 soon. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Hi baijianpeng,

We're glad you like NinjaMonials.

Thanks for the feedback. I especially like your second feature request.

We will not be adding new features to the Joomla 1.5 version, but will consider adding those features to the Joomla 2.5 version that we hope to release in the next 30 days.

Thanks for the review :)

Reviews: 1
I bought the Ninjamonials recently, and I have already started collecting testimonials on my site. The component is easy to set up, and it’s really simple for users to enter in their testimonials. I especially like the functionality of having audio and video testimonials (which is the big reason I bought it). I’m very happy with the component and would recommend it to anyone who sells online and who would benefit from automating the testimonial process. Good job!
Reviews: 19
This extension for testimonials is exactly what I was looking for since it offered text, video and audio testimonials. The options available you can set yourself in the backend are great so it will look good with your template. But that's not the real story here. I had a cosmetic issue and some javascript issues with Internet Explorer, and opened a thread in the forum, and am blown away with the support I received from John in fixing the issues. He went way beyond the "call of duty" to address the issues and also sent a detailed response so I knew exactly what he did in case there were any future problems. He was super responsive, and really knows what it means to provide service to customers. In a perfect world all Joomla extension developers would be like this! I will not hesitate to try more extensions from NinjaForge. Alledia can be proud to have their company associated with this extension too. Thanks, John, I won't forget this experience!!
Reviews: 11
I haven't been using this extension for long but for now I think it has everything one could ask for in a testimonial component, perhaps more. Nice design yet simple to use and understand. There are a lot of settings to make it customly suitable for you. Also, support is first-class. I had a problem with the component which was caused by sh404sef but the dedicated support sorted it out for me in a very timely manner. I think this is one of the reasons for buying a commercial product: there are helpful professionals behind who will give you a hand when needed. And there are few cases when everything works as it should there is always something which need some tuning, solving or customizing. All, in all, this is an excellent component with excellent support. And again: Thanks John!
Reviews: 3
I tried out all of the free versions and some of the commercial versions and none of them came close to giving me what I needed... until I tried Ninjamonials. I actually like most of their template choices but I would have liked an easier access to their CSS files to make a couple minor tweaks (that was one thing I liked about one of the other testimonial extensions I tried).
The other thing I miss is being able to choose the order of the submissions. I have some testimonials I wanted to move over from an old program, and while you can change the date it shows for submission, changing the date does not change the order. You cannot choose if newest or oldest appear first, nor can you implement a custom order.
However, even without these two features, this extension still deserves 5 stars and is worth much more than the small fee they charge. Setup was easier than a breeze and only took mere moments.
Reviews: 15
Ninjamonials made it easy for me to insert testimonials from a static HTML site into my database. The included CSS styles provide a jumpstart for styling the display. The rotator module is very handy for displaying, including frontend submission of (initially unpublished) testimonials. Audio and video and avatars are supported, too. Support is excellent. At my request, the team is developing a plugin to allow testimonials to be inserted in content.
Reviews: 70
I tried several testimonials components but this one is by far the most professional. The only feature it seems to be lacking at the moment is the ability to change the order of the testimonials (you have to do so manually via phpMyAdmin.) Hopefully that feature will be included in a future version, but I still give this 5 stars because it's easy to use and displays the testimonials in a very professional manner. Great work!
Owner's reply

Hi, yes unfortunately this was an oversight, as most people want them ordered by date submitted.

We are including sorting into the next major upgrade though.

Reviews: 5
Literally. Minutes. And it was a fabulous review. She even posted a picture! The only issue I have is that the smilies aren't showing up in the front end even though I have enabled them in the back end. I'll have to work on that.
Owner's reply


If you are having an issue with the emoticons, please let us know on the Ninja Forge forums and we will see what we can do to help. :-)

Reviews: 4
Hi guys, I would recommend Ninjamonials to all who are seeking for great testimonial component. This component really stands apart in various styling design and features you cant find with others - audio, video testimonials. To be honest I find couple of bugs when I bought but support of Daniel - head developer is far beyond superior. Honestly I never seen that fast and friendly support in my life. Daniel fixed all issues straight away and response to emails are also superfast. If you need great testimonial component and superior support which dont leave you in your problems Ninjamonials is right choice for sure. This review is fully unbiased I just sharing my personal experience...
Reviews: 41
I'm a lifetime member at Ninga Forge and consider it money very well spent! It's not just the components I'm impressed by, it's the quality of support too and we know from experience how variable that can be, even with commercial extensions. The Ninjas really are on top of things on the forums and are quick to fix any tiny bugs, etc... They even helped me with a CSS problem I had that was not related to their extension. Ninjamonials is a robust component and I would be surprised if you needed anything further... but if so, just ask, they'll probably sort it out for you!! Thanks Ninjas!
Reviews: 3
I have been using Ninja Forge's free products since before they were Ninja Forge and I have always found their products and support to be top notch. These guys really stay on top of their forum, should you run into any issues, and will help you narrow down a solution quickly.

NinjaMonials is a great tool that does a whole lot more than it claims. I wish I had gotten my membership with Ninja Forge sooner when I use components like these! It does more than what I needed and I am thrilled about it.

I recommend NinjaMonials and the NinjaForge Team as high-end Joomla tools.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for an extension to post testimonials for a church website and came across this one. After looking at several free ones, I decided to try this one. I am very happy with the options & ease of setup. I had a couple of issues & posted on the forum. Daniel was so diligent in getting my issues resolved, even working on this over the weekend. Now that's great service. Kudos Ninja!
Reviews: 3
What can I say, I use this component on almost all my website projects because its so easy to set up not to mention how much it helps validating my clients websites. I highly recommend this component to anybody who needs a testimonials system for their site. Go Ninja!
Reviews: 3
I needed a testimonials component that allowed the testimonials to be displayed, not only as a page, but also displayed in the left or right module areas. This extension, along with its additional add-ons, fitted the bill perfectly. After some initial minor issues with getting it going, I contacted support who sorted out the issues quickly and without fuss.

The guys at Ninjaforge are excellent, their support is brilliant and this extension suits my needs perfectly. These guys are out to make their mark on the Joomla world and, as far as I'm concerned, they're doing it with style.

How does it get any better than that?