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*** Now RSMonials is available for Joomla 3! ***
NOTE: As we recently launched our new version 2.2, if you find any bug/error please report it in our website forum ( ). We will surely fix it as soon as possible.

RSMonials is a Joomla Component that works natively in Joomla environment. This is a very simple and user friendly testimonial component. Using this component you can easily able to accept comments / feedback / review / testimonials from your clients or visitors. This is a free component.

*** CHEERS! Now RSMonials (Version 1.5.3 or newer) is included Image Upload, ReCaptcha Library and Language File Manager ***


Front End:
1. Display all active testimonials / comments / feedback / review.
2. Visitor can submit a feedback.
3. If you approve the feedback from back-end it will start to display.
4. Secured form by Captcha (ReCaptcha is also available).

Back End:
1. Add Testimonials.
2. Edit Testimonials.
3. Delete Testimonials.
4. Publish/Unpublish Testimonials.
5. Manage Front-end display using CSS.
6. Manage Language Specific Content.
7. Easily configure the basic features of the component.

Now 2 modules are also available to use with our RSMonials component:

1. RS-Monials Module: Using this module you can able to display testimonials randomly or serially.
Here is the JED listing url:

2. RS-MonialScroller Module: Using this module you can able to display all of your testimonials in a module position with auto scroller.
Here is the JED listing url:

Try this free component and modules. Hopefully you all like this.

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Reviews: 1
This is a very Good component, As it is full filled all my & Testimonial Section requirements.
But one thing i want to suggest:
Submit A testimonial form & Submit A testimonial button should be managed from the Settings section. So that we can enable & disable it, according to the requirement. :)
Reviews: 4
I use it to show testimonials on my site and it works perfectly. I do not have external users submitting testimonials so do not have the issue of spam.
Reviews: 97
This RSmonials works fine, although it has something to be improved. For example, the language file is not complete, so I can not make a full translation. This prevented me from introducing it to more local Joomla users.

By the way, I think the backend testimonials list should be more neat, without showing picture and extra information directly on the list, these info should be displayed on the detail page, not on the list.

Anyway, as a free software, this is an excellent extension for Joomla. I like it.
Reviews: 114
If you want to wreck your site and get spammed to death, then use this.

I have now tried 5 testimonial modules and components in the last few days and I am about to give up.

None of them seem to offer a great array of services to be able to do the very basic commands needed to run properly.

Shocking is all I can say.
Owner's reply

We added some new SPAM protection in our latest RSMonials Version 2.1 for Joomla 3. Please check.

Reviews: 1
as a previous reviewer has stated, there is just way too much spam to filter through, even with the use of CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA. I don't have the time or desire to filter through 30 spam messages daily, amongst my other duties. Other than that the functionality isn't bad and it does what I need it to do... I just don't appreciate that it claims to ahve an anti-spam filter when it seems to generate more spam than i've ever gotten before!
Owner's reply

We added some new SPAM protection in our latest RSMonials Version 2.1 for Joomla 3. Please check.

Reviews: 8
I have installed rsmonials v2 on a j2.5

The testimonials submittal form does not stop spam with either the included spam protection or recaptcha.

The developer, per his forum, knows about this since May 25, 2012.

I would not recommend using this extension until this is fixed. My site gets 20-30 spam emails per day. So I have to delete all the notification email and go in the backend and delete the hundreds of spam submittals in the extension.

Since the submittal form is a headache, I decided to just use a regular form for submittals and then past into an article. Looks the same without the hassle.

Its been over a year with no fix, so I had to assume its a dead extension.
Owner's reply

We added some new SPAM protection in our latest RSMonials Version 2.1 for Joomla 3. Please check.

Reviews: 5
I like that I can use this component as a module on my website.

Was easy to install from what I remember, it's been a while since I've installed this and been using it on my website.

One thing that would make this an OUTSTANDING/EXCELLENT component is adding a star rating along with the testimony. That would make it a total complete package!
Reviews: 11
Try this one at localhost, It's awesome.
I'm waiting for the version that support joomla 3
Reviews: 13
I used this components free version a few times and then upgraded to the pro version which was really cheap anyway. The scrolling module was worth the extra alone and then today i have emailed them asking for a code edit that i couldnt do myself and within 20 minutes they sent me back an edited php file with simple instructions - get this component in your websites now !!
Reviews: 1
After searching the JED for a good Testimonals Extension I have found RS-Monials.
Installs without errors, easy to edit language files, wonderful. Only thing I am missing is that I can make the links within the Testimonials clickable. A switch would be perfect.
Reviews: 3
Great extension that works, has an intuitive interface and includes documentation. Good control offered for site admin, and output is nice on the front end.

2 things would be on my wishlist to make this perfect:
1) a star rating
2) use of schema data/ micro-formats to allow the ratings and reviews to show up in Google search results

But altogether, for a free extension this is the best for general site or company reviews/testimonials in my book.
Reviews: 6
After unsuccessfully searching through other extensions for a review module I found RSMonials. It installs very easily and is doing everything I need. I love the scroller module for my front page and what is really fantastic is the ability to duplicate the other module and then assign unique testimonial ID's to the duplicate module give me complete control over what reviews appear on different pages. The support was fantastic responding in under 2 mins to a question I had! Top marks RSMonials!!!
Reviews: 1
This is excellent.
Can you give more support, for changing the title, heading, description. the present is general which you have used. No option for changing
Owner's reply

You need to edit the language file for this. You can change all from "Joomla Admin" => "Components" => "RSMonials" => "Language File".

Reviews: 4
Excellent component. I needed an aid to adapting it to my site and the support was quick and precise. I am happy!
Reviews: 1
Awesome stuff. Super easy to install and setup, looks great and worked perfectly 1st time around.
Reviews: 3
I've been using RSMonials for a while now. I love it, my clients love it. Especially being able to simply send a link for people to submit their feedback without having to enter it in. Really wish it came in 2.5 as well, though.
Owner's reply

The new version 2.0 is now upgraded to Joomla 2.5.x. :-)

Reviews: 3
Its a very good Testimonial component for joomla. But i face a problem, there no option to show 2/3 testimonial at a time in module. i hope it will be added on next release.
Thankyou once again for nice componant.
Reviews: 3
This is a great component for adding review features to sites; and it's free! To those critics on the board - yes it could do with some tidying up to be more SEO friendly; but it's free and it works. If you are that bothered and smart enough just use the bones of a great component and modify the output yourself it's not that hard once someone has done most of the work for you.
Reviews: 23
It amazes me how the "el cheapos" and "old ladies" come on these boards to bash a free and very good component...

They seem to bicker about the irrelevant things while contributing absolutely *nothing* to solving any problem. They are a shortcut to intelligence in my opinion.

This component works pretty well, I have installed it on a couple of sites without any issues. Thanks to the developer for taking the time to develop this component, Joomla exists because of your hard work! Appreciated.
Reviews: 17
Really looking forward to having the 1.7 version of this extension. The 1.5 is a breeze to install, use and customize. When can we hope to have a 1.7 native? Thank you!
Owner's reply

The new version 2.0 is now upgraded to Joomla 2.5.x. :-)

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