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*** Now RSMonials is available for Joomla 3! ***
NOTE: As we recently launched our new version 2.2, if you find any bug/error please report it in our website forum ( ). We will surely fix it as soon as possible.

RSMonials is a Joomla Component that works natively in Joomla environment. This is a very simple and user friendly testimonial component. Using this component you can easily able to accept comments / feedback / review / testimonials from your clients or visitors. This is a free component.

*** CHEERS! Now RSMonials (Version 1.5.3 or newer) is included Image Upload, ReCaptcha Library and Language File Manager ***


Front End:
1. Display all active testimonials / comments / feedback / review.
2. Visitor can submit a feedback.
3. If you approve the feedback from back-end it will start to display.
4. Secured form by Captcha (ReCaptcha is also available).

Back End:
1. Add Testimonials.
2. Edit Testimonials.
3. Delete Testimonials.
4. Publish/Unpublish Testimonials.
5. Manage Front-end display using CSS.
6. Manage Language Specific Content.
7. Easily configure the basic features of the component.

Now 2 modules are also available to use with our RSMonials component:

1. RS-Monials Module: Using this module you can able to display testimonials randomly or serially.
Here is the JED listing url:

2. RS-MonialScroller Module: Using this module you can able to display all of your testimonials in a module position with auto scroller.
Here is the JED listing url:

Try this free component and modules. Hopefully you all like this.

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Reviews: 3
I installed this module long ago, and have 3 testimonial until suddently yesterday when i checked my backend, there're 10 more testimonial and it is all spam. Seems the captcha didn't works? And I have to delete manually one by one since there's no checkbox in front of each testimonial, so suggest the dev give checkbox in front of each testi in the next realase so we can delete multiple testimonial at a time.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your opinion. We will surely implement it in our next release.

Support Team,
RS Web Solutions

Reviews: 6
All is great. Most people seem to have an issue with the comment box being too small on install. A quick search of the forum shows that you just need to copy the CSS from the component into your sites main Joomla CSS file. Quick and easy fix and it works great.
Reviews: 12
Great app!!! Installed it, went all smoooooth....
Easy to install, easy to use. Great to customize
Reviews: 2
Easy to install and easy to use. Exactly what I was looking for as I was going to add testimonials manually until I found this plugin. Really appreciate you providing this to us!

Only thing I noticed is some of my users have multiple websites and inserting all of them into the website field displaying fine only when there is no side columns. Once I added a block to right side of the page, it cut off some of the text for the inserted websites. However it's just a tiny issue and besides that everything else is great.
Reviews: 4
The component is excellent but rated good because just like the other testimonial components, it does not provide any paragraph spacing. It's very difficult for someone to read a long testimony when there is no spacing between the paragraph. Adding that will give an excellent rating.
Reviews: 3
Thank you so much for this well done component and for the great support.

So good work.

Reviews: 2
Really good extension!
Pretty simple to install and configure, possibility to manage css style. But I didn`t understand how to change month name in date of submission of testimonial. It appears in English and I will be glad to see it in site language. But this is small issue component is god and possibility to use module to publish this component is also big advantage!
Reviews: 1
Really like this software and I was a whisker from buying the Ninjamonials stuff but this does 90% of what I needs out of this type of program.

The only features that I would like to see that aren't in there now are some kind of rotational feature on the module where it would automatically cycle through your list of uploaded testimonials and a more intuitive WSIWYG editor for bold, italics, etc.

Also, if there was an easy way to add photos that would be great as well.

Since its free though, you can't really complain and like I said, does 90% of what I need.
Reviews: 1
Thanks fir a really useful module. Installed it and the component and it works fine but i have one little issue.

The text box entry at the bottom show as vary small box. I looked in the css and it appears to be set at 100% but I can't figure out how to size it like your demo on your site.
A tip to fix would be great
Cheers, W
Owner's reply


First of all thanks for your feedback. We think you just not implemented the CSS code properly. We clearly mentioned "how to implement the CSS" in the documentation section of this component. For your convenience here are the steps once again:

1. Go to Admin panel => Components => RSMonials => CSS Style.
2. Copy the "CSS file content".
3. Go to Extensions => Template Manager.
4. Choose the Default Template you are using and click "Edit" button.
5. Then click "Edit CSS" button.
6. Choose your main CSS file (most of the cases it is - template.css) and click "Edit" button.
7. Then paste the CSS code you copied from RSMonials component at the end of that page and "Save" it.
8. That's all. You can modify the CSS also as per your needs.

For any further query/clarification please email your query to our support team. You will get the email address of our support team from the "Support" link we provided here.

Warm Regards,
Support Team (RS Web Solutions)

Reviews: 1
This program is a near-perfect tool for collecting testimonials, or even a guest book.I have the testimonial rotator on the home page left column and you can see the form on the testimonials page.

One piece of advice - this form WILL be spammed, and you definitely want to put the submissions in APPROVAL REQUIRED mode. It seems that spammers are starting to break through the CAPTCHA element also, so I wonder if anyone has a suggestion on that. (Of course we are approving all submissions now, but it would be nice to block the crap.)
Reviews: 8
I do not know what to say about the other negative comments regarding RS-Monials but I had no problem installing it, configure it and setup the CSS Style with my default template. The installation went smoothly and the Documentation is very sweet, simple yet to the point. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a Testimonial Component/Module for its ease of Install, Setup and Use. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded and installed the 1.5.1 version yesterday and it took me awhile to figure out why the spam image wasn't working. I noticed that the component was trying to start its own session. When I retrieved the JSession object using & JFactory::getSession and replaced the session code with appropriate functions from the JSession class (set,get,clear), it worked fine.

Here was my reference:

Otherwise, I'm very happy with this extension - it is exactly what my client was looking for! Thank you so much!!!
Reviews: 1
Apostrophe's that are submitted, end up being slashes like (/). That isn't a huge proglem since you can go into the back end and edit them.

Another problem is in the back end. When you click Testimonials to look at all the customer testimonials, it only shows 20 on that page. If you pick the dropdown at the bottom and tell it to show 50, 100, all or whatever choice it doesn't work. Same when you choose page 2 from the dropdown. Any testimonial after 20 cannot be reviewed. This is a problem since I have more than 20 testimonials.

other than those little issues, it works great and it is very easy to use.
Reviews: 1
It's simple, clean, and easy to use and install. Out of the box, the css styling is very nice. Well thought out component. Thanks!

There is one issue I found: When there's an apostrophe in the "About" field, it is putting three backslashes to escape it instead of two, for some reason, and so the front end is displaying the extra backslash in front of the apostrophe.

Other than that, I have no complaints! Great job!
Reviews: 1
The entire extension works great. The only fall back I have noticed is that the comments box is being overwritten by either the template or the joomla system itself. If you have any insight into this it would be a perfect tool.
Other than that this is very useful, user friendly and shows great! :)
Owner's reply

The CSS control is present in our component. So if in your website the component is not displaying properly, just modify the CSS according to your website template. We are sure after modifying the CSS the component will display properly. If you not able to solve it by yourself, feel free to contact us anytime. Please check "Support" link for more details.

Reviews: 1
I m very new to Joomla, I must say that the product is actually fantastic. However I after installing it the captcha cannot be viewed and the text box were you actually insert the suggestion/feedback is relativly small
Owner's reply

We think you forgot to implement the CSS code. Please do the following steps:

1. Go to Admin panel => Components => RSMonials => CSS Style.
2. Copy the "CSS file content".
3. Go to Extensions => Template Manager.
4. Choose the Default Template you are using and click "Edit" button.
5. Then click "Edit CSS" button.
6. Choose your main CSS file (most of the cases it is - template.css) and click "Edit" button.
7. Then paste the CSS code you copied from RSMonials component at the end of that page and "Save" it.
8. You can modify the CSS also as per your needs.

Reviews: 1
It is an excellent , easy to install component. Two issues though.

1. The boxes for "Your First Name:*" & Your Last Name:* are not displayed in FireFox but works fine in IE

2. Lack of security captcha code (but I think this is already being addressed)

But by far, the formatting and the easiness factors are super for this component.
Owner's reply

We solve 2 issues in our latest version. Please download our latest version 1.5.1.

1. You will get Captcha security.
2. You can also able to customize the style of display by modifying and implementing the CSS code.

Reviews: 3
very usefull extension.
easy to install and configure
thank you!
Reviews: 1
Excellent! Very easy to install. Does exactly what is was created for.

However, I would really like for users to be able to submit an image, or images, with their testimonial. No other testimonial extension allows users to do that, unfortunately, and it's something that I need to make the testimonial more credible.

Other than that, it is possibly one of the best testimonial extensions available, in my opinion.
Reviews: 1
Good little Testimonial Component. Took awhile to figure out what to do with it since there is no documentation. But then just created a menu item for it. Quick Question - Any plans of creating a scroller module to display ## number of testimonials or similar to yours on your site? Well it really doesn't have to be a scroller, but saw that and thought it was pretty cool.

Thanks for a great simple testimonial Component.
Owner's reply

1. Now the Documentation is added with this component.

2. Yes we have a plan to build one module for this component. The module is "Coming Soon".

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