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The Award Winning Blogging Platform for Joomla - WordPress for Joomla! is compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.x!

We’ve combined the most popular blogging platform WordPress 3.0 with the most popular CMS Joomla to create the most powerful blogging component ever made for Joomla.

Packed with all of WordPress’s professional blogging tools, you can now harness the power of Wordpress without ever leaving Joomla. It’s a Joomla blogger’s new best friend.

Here are just a few of Wordpress for Joomla’s powerful features:

- WordPress for Joomla is EASY to install!
- Can power multiple blogs on your site from multiple authors!
- Powerful Social plugins at your fingers tips
- Can run thousands of powerful native WordPress plugins on your blog. You can even use Joomla content plugins on your WordPress posts, too!
- Includes built-in commenting, trackbacks, and pingbacks.
- Comes with 8 exclusive Joomla modules that will broadcast your latest WordPress blogs (multi-users), latest blog posts, recent blog comments & more throughout your entire Joomla site
- Comes with a free default theme; and also works with most 3rd party Joomla! templates. WordPress for Joomla will inherit styles from your website template right out of the box ensuring your blog always matches yours site!
- Integrates with JomSocial--the #1 community-creation software for Joomla
- Can import “MyBlog” posts into your new WordPress for Joomla blog, so switching is easy
- Supports Ping-O-Matic, which helps you promote your blog by pinging popular sites every time you post a new entry

WordPress is feature rich with the following:

- Permalinks
- Allow authors to password protect their posts
- Having WordPress decide if comments are spam or not with pinpoint accuracy.
- Automatic saving of blogs
- Dynamic Pages
- Integrated WordPress Themes
- Cross-blog communication tools
- Comments
- Spam protection
- Import/Export
- Much much more...

'corePHP' WordPress Integration for Joomla! has a variety of features and enhancements:

- SEF WordPress Links
- Automatic user syncing with Joomla! users
- Add / Remove blog title
- Multiple widget modules out of the box!
- Different options for CSS style sheets
- Show / Hide Author name in posts.
- Easy Installation AND upgrades!
- Variety of modules
- And so much more

'corePHP' has been providing WordPress for Joomla for almost 5 years now delivering the best blogging system experience for Joomla users. Get the best blogging extension on the market!

Happy Blogging

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Reviews: 7
I had some real issues after migrating 3000+ posts from a J 1.5 site to a 3.2 site. The folks at CorePHP were extremely helpful. This is a great component and allows you to integrate a complete, working WP installation within your Joomla site. It works well and if there is a problem, support helps you fix it quickly. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I've been using this extension for some time, and it worked quite well. Any problems I had, they were very helpful in resolving it.

I no longer use this extension; however, I was recently billed for a renewal of the subscription. I contacted CorePHP asking for clarification as to what the billing was for. They immediately noticed it was an error, and offered me a refund.

Stand up group there!
Reviews: 1
I made a update of the Joomla WordPress component and lost all my images in my blogs. I arrange a ticket by support and they ask me do you have an Joomla (Akeeba) back-up from before the update. I say yes. I uploaded this back-up to my server and Collin from CorePHP support takes a day and found the right files to restore. It is a perfect service. Thanks Collin. The Joomla WordPress component works perfect. The SEO results of my recent WP blogs in Google are amazing. Very high rankings.
Reviews: 1
Be very careful buying this plugin. It requires some work to get installed and running, and even then will still leave you with some challenges.

I could not get the plugin to install correctly, and neither could the CorePHP developers. I was able to finally get it working, but only by hacking through various URL's and finally getting into the WP admin console. Now I find myself having to make change some settings directly in the database, like the Author of posts, because it appears that function has been removed from this version of WP. Also having issues with the links on the blog pages not being correctly formed URL's. At this point I'm writing this purchase off as a loss and just going back to using standard Joomla articles for the blog.

The plus side of the plugin is the ability to pickup the site look and feel for your blogs. That part is working great.
Reviews: 13
I wanted to move my old wordpress site to joomla, but didn't want to have to migrate (and change the address for) over 400 blog posts going back to 2005. This component worked perfectly and the urls match my old site exactly. I ran into a few technical glitches, but none of them were bugs, they were just config issues. It does take some wordpress knowhow and css skill if you want to customize the wp theme a bit, but I'm used to doing that with many components and themes anyway.
Reviews: 2
I had some problems with the proper configuration of the module "Word Press Latest Posts". I got immediate support for my technical showing images and additionally, I got support for the proper format configuration in my CSS-File. Really great support, everything works now.
Reviews: 2
My personal experience with wordpress for joomla has been terrible. It broke my othe rcomponents like JFBConnect for automated Facebook login, Kunena returned Fatal 500 errors and JomSocial integration did not work.

All resulted due to wordpress for joomla plugins and PHP code conflicting with other extensions.

I usually do not write bad reviews but I was really frustrated when I logged in as a member to the site and tried to submit a ticket I got an error on their website too. Which means I have paid them 100 dollars for a crap extension that I do not use on my website neither do I have any support from their team.

I highly recommend users to stay away and not purchase this product as I wasted a lot of time and money trying to get this to work and the shocking support ever.

Even free extension provided by joomla have better support then corephp.

My personal advice is to not give these guys a single cent as they do not deserve it.
Owner's reply


I'd like apologize for the trouble you've had with our component and with our support center. We have been receiving tickets regularly so you should still be able to submit one. If you'd like to give us a call at (269) 979-5582, we can get your issue resolved. Also, you can email support [at] corephp [dot] com.

Kindest regards,
'corePHP' Support

Reviews: 3
I use Joomla 1.7 (haven't updated to 2.5 yet) and this extension. I also use a template that isn't fully compatible with this extension. Even though they state that they do not help with issues caused by 3rd party plugins. They helped with resolving my issue.
Reviews: 1
Installed vers.3.3.1 today - all went smoothly, and documentation was very helpful. I did have a hiccup with the .htaccess file and the support team were very fast to respond and fix my error. In about 1 hour - fantastic.
Looking forward to continuing with the WP Blog... thanks
Reviews: 1
Wordpress for Joomla solved so many of our problems trying to get a good news feed for people in our organization that were familiar with Wordpress. It is definitely the way to go for people in your organization who are foolish enough to believe that Wordpress is a better overall CMS than Joomla. This plug-in integrates them together perfectly.
The support is excellent as well as ever time I have had a question (no problems) they have been there within 24 hours to answer and help me get all I can out of this incredible component!!
Reviews: 10
WP4J is an awesome extension. Read/Follow install instructions and in no time, you're rollin. Written and video documentation is excellent, and their support department is quick to handle any issues that might arise. ... If there was a 6 start rating, they would get it from me.
Reviews: 15
Where can you get a product that works correctly, has great support, and is reasonably affordable? Here! This is the product. These developers have created a application for WordPress that will interface with your Joomla CMS and it works. Support questions are answered within a reasonable time frame - if not right away. Andy and Collin are exceptional developers and understanding when it comes to supporting their product. Great job and many best wishes.
Reviews: 2
I am using Joomla 2.5 and the Joomla-recommended template that is free for general use. Based on the listing in and the reviews, I thought it would work. And it sort of does. The main content area takes on my template formatting. The sidebars do not. So it's working... sort of. Not entirely.

I had three tickets out to the support staff. One was unresolved. One I resolved after 3 days of no real replies. And the third they asked me to pay them to resolve, without indicating what the problem could be. In all cases, replies take a minimum 24 hours, with 48h common. The last few replies were confusing to me, because the developer first insisted that although the font, font color, font size were all different between my site and the WP module, he saw no difference between the two. When I provided screenshots to go with the super-admin login he had and the site URL he had used to make his original diagnosis, he asked for money. When I asked what he thought was wrong, he claimed that I could see that it supported other templates and the issue was mine. Note that no other templates are in my system, so I don't know how he tested that.

I'm willing to pay for additional coding if required, but in this case I felt that the support staff were not really reading or responding to my specific issues, and therefore couldn't be trusted to fix the actual problem.

So... the support was pretty bad. The template half-works. But I guess I have something that I can maybe try to fix myself now.

And I paid for this.
Reviews: 1
Having shied away from customising a Wordpress theme to match my existing website, I wanted a Wordpress plugin which would inherit my Joomla template. Enter Wordpress for Joomla. Easy to install and to get SEF URLs set up. However, the blog page CSS still needed tweaking to match my template exactly (eg to move content header up and left). I couldn't locate the relevant CSS. Raised a ticket with Corephp. Had a reply and answer within 10 minutes. Great product. Superb support.
Reviews: 1
I have been using wordpress for Joomla for about 6 months on two test servers and finally on a production server. Andy at CorePHP is amazing at helping you work through issues that come about.

I choose this extension to add area for our staff, clubs, teams, and departments to create sites that are searchable within Joomla site.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this extension two weeks ago, and have been thoroughly pleased with the support I've received. I have AceSEF installed as well, which conflicted a bit with the Wordpress for Joomla! Extension, but the CorePHP team (and Andy especially) went above and beyond in helping me get everything working the way it should. They were very responsive, and helped me configure the template professionally (this isn't standard nor were they required to do so, but again, they went above and beyond and for that I am very, very grateful).

Just so everyone knows, I did some research on this ahead of time, but it wasn't immediately clear to me so I had to call them, but if you're reading this and wondering if the Wordpress template will work with your site design through Joomla, the short answer is YES. The default template is specially set up by the CorePHP team to inherit all of the styles from your current Joomla template, so you won't have any issues at all.

Anyway, I give this product five stars. The CorePHP team deserves it for a stellar product and great service -- rare in the world of software extensions.
Reviews: 1
I initially purchased and licensed the Word Press extension from CorePHP for one domain, but ended up installing it on another... I didn't give it a second thought. However, as a result, it was not functioning properly. I contacted tech support and received a prompt response, they looked over the installation, realized what had occurred, helped me resolve the issue quickly and easily. It works! It's great! Thanks for a great extension and superb tech support!
Reviews: 19
I had a very specific situation where I was looking for a blogging software upgrade for a Joomla! project I had been working on. First I tried doing an article blog with a 3rd party commenting system. It didn't really work. I decided I needed to add stronger blogging functionality to the site and that I would probably need to purchase 3rd party software. Several of the functionality examples my client gave me were WordPress websites, and I didn't want to rebuild her website in WordPress.

I took a chance on this software. It is perfect, and perfectly solved everything I needed. The support is also incredible. From pre-sales questions, to post-install customization requests; A+++ Support.

2 negatives which I think adversely affect the product however: after purchase of software, author tags have to be manually removed (there shouldn't be author back-links in commercial software in my opinion). And also the author attempts to sell the product as a re-occurring yearly subscription, which is somewhat mis-leading, and I almost didn't buy the product because of this. After poking around in the fine details, I found that you can cancel the subscription, and it's not required.

Overall rating for me is 4.8 out of 5!! Thanks!
Reviews: 5
I had two problems not entirely related to the excellent component. Corephp support correctly identified and solved the problems for my client. Thanks guys for the great and accurate support.
Reviews: 5
This product has become standard in all my installs. It provides the ease of use many of my customers are already familiar with (using Wordpress) with my expertise with Joomla! Who could ask for more. Support was excellent when I couldn't find a misconfiguration on my part as well. HIGHLY recommend!
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