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Mail this page Module

This module allows a site visitor to mail the URL of the current page to a friend - a great viral marketing tool.

This module is written natively for Joomla, and so takes advantage of Joomla's security functions.

It is very easy to install, you just use the Joomla! installer. The only thing that you need to remember is to set the from email address through the module parameters, otherwise it will not work.

The module also allows for a bcc field, and includes spam and email filtering. It is designed to be reasonably spam-proof.

*********** News *****
Version 2.0.1 Fixes a problem with a missing div closing tag in the module output
Version 2.0.0 is now compatible with Joomla 3

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Reviews: 8
Talk about out of the box, up and running in less than a minute! Many thanks.
Reviews: 1
does exactly what you say'd, i still can not believe what a great bit of kit this is, if i can install it, then anyone can.
Reviews: 26
There is so little needs saying - download, install, get this simple but so very useful module working for you.
Reviews: 22
Works out of the box, simple and effective.
Reviews: 2
Congrats for your work.
This is an easy to use and to configure Module.
I really like the mootools effect to show and hide the form, it's nicer than a pop-up !

No problem with it.
Reviews: 15
Simple and efficient, great support, THANK YOU ! :)

In case you see errors on prod site, add this to your .htaccess :
php_value display_errors Off

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