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  • This extension requires registration to download.
It is completely impossible to fully describe the features of ParaInvite 5, so it's highly recommended that you visit the documentation for a detailed description.

ParaInvite the most feature-packed viral invites and marketing solution for Joomla!. It is essentially a 4-in-1 software fit for any website:
1. Contacts and Invites Management
2. Namecards
3. Content Sharing
4. Quick Login

It uses OAuth 2.0, the industry standard for authenticating users on 3rd party services, to import contacts and send invites via six fully supported services: Windows Live Hotmail, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is also integrated with OpenInviter to provide additional email services, and supports CSV import and user manual entry.

ParaInvite uses "schemes", a new and completely revolutionary way of creating unlimited types of invites/shares for every part of your website, with fully customizable and multi-language invitation content!

Namecards are mini-profiles that you and your users can customize to display specific and important information related to certain aspects of your site. When your users' friends their namecards and register, they're considered successful invites.

Content Sharing allows your users to recommend and share any type of content and/or page with their friends, which also functions like an invite!

With the Quick Login feature, users can register and/or login to your site with a simple click of a button, using their account details on services like Facebook, Google, Windows Live, LinkedIn and Yahoo.

ParaInvite also displays a user's history of invites (viewable to all), and a complete breakdown of each user's statistics (viewable to administrators).

The Ranking module allows ranking of users based on accepted or sent invites, within a specified time frame (configurable)

Other features include Auto Connections setup, badges, points, and much much more. It's simply too much to list them all here, but here's a quick view:

- Notifies your users (via ParaInvite's own notification system, email, and JomSocial/EasySocial's notifications) when their invites are accepted
- Allows users to store all unsent contacts so they'll be notified when their friends register at the site
- Send email invites in batches using cron job (for websites with limited hosting)
- Include sending invitations as part of the registration process
- Badges feature which allows your users to place personal badges on their blogs, forums and other websites to promote your site, and getting points in return.
- Namecard feature, which is a URL which your users can leave anywhere they want (forum posts, other websites, emails etc), and when people follow this link, they will view their namecards with a link to register on your site. Namecard invitations are considered a successful valid invitation.
- Allow you to restrict registration to people with valid invitations.
- More!

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Reviews: 5
Hi, Mike are you planning on expending your extension to other Components like JoomSuit? Would be great to have one for Joomla 1.5 native! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Ajax parainvite tool is an exclellent tool for inviting community driven website. which must have this tool. working fine.
Reviews: 2
AJAX ParaInvite is a "must have" for every community website builders. Don't go live without it! I have installed and tested it for several days and I'm very impressed! This application gives me possibilities like I have never seen in other extensions before! The developer is also very helpful and the support is nothing more than excellent! I would like to give AJAX ParaInvite five of five possible stars! Keep up the good work mike!
Reviews: 1
Hi all,

After installing ioncube an curl library on my host, i've bought and installed Parainvite.

I just find the component (and it's plugins and modules...) Amaizing and very useful for a websites that wants to increase his number of members.

Mike helped me very quickly when i needed his help and we don't find that everywhere.

80 euros is nothing regarding what the component will bring to my website.

You can have a look and test it by registering:


Reviews: 1
I installed Parainvite Pro this weekend. Just wanted to say thanks for a great component. The Namecard especially is a very versatile add-on that will be useful on my site. Great integration!
Reviews: 2
Whilst site administrators have to go to the effort of setting up their sites to be crawled by the likes of google and other search engines. This component takes site promotion one step further, allowing users to import their address books from quite a few free web based email services as well as outlook and other computer based accounts. Doing this allows site administrators to empower their users to promote their own site, saving them time and creating a better promoted site. The component has a wide range of features, from 'Personal Namecards' through to awarding users karma points for inviting members.

If you are building a community site, this is an essential!
Reviews: 1
Mike has created an incredible tool with ParaInvite Pro! I have installed this system on several of my Community, Video Sharing, and Niche Market sites with awesome results.

The price is perfect - and can't be beat for the level of service, and technology you receive. The install is a breeze, and the documentation is superb - clear - and step-by-step. The ease of modification (*tweaking) is to die for! We extended this tool to carry video, reward referrals with cash, and build up point to trade for merchandise.

Mike - THANK YOU - for making viral marketing with a Tell A Friend form so FUN and EASY!
Reviews: 2
I initially had to spend time on installing this. But the developer was very communicative and friendly and saw everything went well. 5 stars from me!!!
Reviews: 3
One of the best plugins ever, no community should be with out it.
Reviews: 4
The title say everything. I purchased this pluging few months ago and it worked very fine. However, it doesn't work with CB1.1 and Joomla 1.0.13 actually. I'm waiting since several weeks for a fix but nothing until now.
When I buy an extension, my expectation is to have a good and quick support. This is not the case actually. So, don't buy this extension until a fix.
Owner's reply

It does work with CB1.1 and J!1.0.13

Reviews: 1
Viral marketing, the very foundation of any web developer that's comitted with success, this component WILL make that happen to you.

And example, since little people help in forums, integrating joomlaboard karma system to give prizes people that helps its an option but for a minimal share of your audience, but, the vast mayority wont be forum or blog gurus and wont imput content, even in youtube only 1.8% of users upload content or comments, but with this extension you can give prices to people that invite more people, this is the very best lead generator for your casual audience.

installation: is simple (cb plugin, component)

css templates: piece of cake

support: is mostly not needed, but when needed mike is there, the forum is read-open to non-clients

inteface presentation: very intuitive and sleek, nice design with ajax feels very WEB 2.0, this one wont generate desertion from naive users

price: 92$ (cb plugin+component and module)no matter how little your website is, this one pays for itself, its worth 5 times its price, I know there are dozens of scripts that apparently do this but, believe me:
none works for more than 3 months,
none has nice design,
none integrates with community builder,
none uses AJAX,
none levels up inviters (karma+joomla awards CB ;),
none connects inviter with invited people in CB
except mike's ajax plaxoinvite

my user registration went TOPNOTCH 400%!, using this. before I used to send thousands of promotional emails, the statistics speak for themselves:

Mass email vs Ajax plaxoinvite: (actual site members: 7000)

50,000 email DB, discount/prize email bulletin with PHPlist

lead generation: 6523 visitors
registration conversion: 2710 new members (same month)

Ajax Plaxoinvite site members invitation (30 invites per user aloud only one time):

lead generation: 27,000 visitors
registration conversion per user: 2
Total new registrations: 9960 new members (same month)

Most web master shouldn't be surprised, since sites that implement contact importers like hi5, myspaces, facebook know this, they only use invitational emails as viral strategy, but my point here is:

SPARE YOUR VALUABLE TIME, free scripts arent an option in some areas, saving 92$ and using a free script, will result in "Error 404, or service not availiable" most days,although 80% of the extensions I use are GNU/GPL, after 1 year testing user conversion strategies, the hotmail-gmail-yahoo importer proved the best one, and again, after 1 year of testing this scripts and hardcoding payed and free ones, my last bet was mike's, 2 weeks with joomlancers trying to integrate a cheap script with joomla at a very basic level (users), VS 5 min installation plus 1hour css with plaxoinvite it's no brainer I learned the hard cheap way, but now I'm makin money not tweaking php.

joomla doesn't aloud to post sites to prevent seo association and google rank punishment if eg: a warez or porn site posted here, my 2ct (you should do the same in your comment extensions)

greets, to mike
Reviews: 1
Mike.. I love your work and look forward to many other creative plugins like this one. I have a community site and I absolutely have to say that this plugin was needed. Now my members are inviting new members easily. I had no problem with install or the way it works. It also can be spam compliant depending on your settings.. well done!
Reviews: 1
I installed the Plugin and initially had a difficulty saving configuration changes.

Mike was able to advise on this issue.

This was apparently due to a bug in wysywgpro which I use as my primary editor component. The bug apparently affects situations when 3rd party components call an editor box.

This was solved easily by editing the content as per normal, changing momentarily to the html tab, then switching back to the normal tab before saving. This refreshed the editor itself and bypassed this bug.

Im pleased with the extension which I believe works well, looks good and is worth the money
Reviews: 2
Excellent work!

this is a well constructed plugin, well worth the small price tag!

now I can finally start my online marketing push knowing that my users can invite their friends, making the push that much more worth while.

see live example of this plugin on
Reviews: 1
There is everything said about the component. Its great.

There is one thing about the support though. Mike answers questions very fast but wanted to charge me about 50 bucks for a small layout change with this component. Thats almost the same price as the component itself, which is one of the most expensive components around here by the way.

Anyways, maybe the change I wanted wasnt that small at all. If you have regular requests Mike is very supportive and helps you out...
Reviews: 4
I had found one other cobbled attempt at an invite component / plugin a while back, this one is the missing link. Anyone who is serious about contact managment uses plaxo, and this does a great job integrating with it and most any other contact database. The e-mail invites provide a working link to community builder registration, and the CB plugin does a great job of organizing your invite status. In order to get a compoenent interface seperate from the CB plugin you have to shell out another $30, making the complete solution cost about $80. But it works and it works well, mike is really good about support and the forums are active at his site. I think we are going to see some great stuff from this developer in the future. Layout of the plugin and graphics could use some help in areas, but other than that it is beautiful and it works!
Reviews: 1
This invite is clean, rather easy to install, and can be a huge help for promoting your site.

More importantly, especially for people who are fairly new to Joomla and website management in general, the developer of this plugin is incredibly accessible and was a huge help when I had some questions about the plugin.
Reviews: 1
This is what an extension should be - thoughtful... thought out and executed. I think this guy is looking at "what the market wants" and creating products that deliver on those interests instead of just hacking something half-finished together and offering it up as a solution.

These are 'very reasonably priced' products for what they do. You know, we all get a lot of free stuff in this community (and others). I hope we can support the very good work of those who can deliver high quality, innovative products (that work) at very, very reasonable prices... just like we support the community as a whole.

Now then, on to the review:

1. This is a market-driven product (as his others). It is very robust. It works right out of the box (even though there are no boxes anymore). It looks great, works great.

The AJAX is cool. The match up is smooth. It is a professional product. I hope this inspires others like this guy to take the time and effort to produce thought-through products.

And no, I did not require any coaxing whatsoever to write this.
Reviews: 10
I have now an Invitation Solution in place,

which fits my requirements for a business site

Invite new members,
see the progress / status of invite
revoke delete or renew the invite

IMPORT contacts for invite from
America Online
Outlook Express
different files (csv, tsv/tab/txt/stxt/ldif/tsv/vcf)

Ranking for the most active ivite senders

It looks great (AJAX) and it WORKS fine with Communiy Builder
and it send invite links to the CB registration form !!!

I love this all-in-one "AJAX PlaxoInvite Plugin for CB"

Yes, Mike ask for 50$ and i payed the 39 Euro and it worth realy every penny/cent.

From my point of view a "must have" for a joomla/community builder based comunity site.

ups, dit anybody notice that I´m impressed?

so, take it and love it

happy sunny regards from GERMANY

Reviews: 3
I love this product. Absolutely brilliant component especially for someone that wants to promote/market their site to a wider audience. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool for any kind of business to grow.

Thank you so much!
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