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Recommend Friends Component

Joomla! 1.6.x to 2.5.x compatible component to allow your users to recommend, or invite, their friends to visit your website.

With configurability that EXCEEDS other offerings, you will be getting a great extension at a MUCH lower price than most of the other commercial bookmark/recommend products! Check it out! At only $9.99 USD we are less than 1/2 the price of almost ALL the other guys!

This component can send multiple emails including a copy to the Administrator and/or the User. Front end appearance is completely configurable including form field background and text colors! It incorporates Captcha Security to help prevent spam! There is also an option to send emails in Content-Type:text/html MIME format! ALL text for the entire component, front end and back, can be edited on-line in the Admin area of the site! And the component is XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid!

This component uses standard Joomla! JFactory Mailer functions - which should work if your website's email settings are correctly configured for your website server (i.e. Sendmail, PHPMailer, SMTP, etc).

The 1 click Joomla! Extension Update functionality is also incorporated.

Now with additional COMPLETE French Language translation files (both front and back end) - Thanks to the great work of Philippe Cobessi!!

- ***ALL*** text for the front end and Admin can be edited on-line through the Admin interface
- Captcha Security! *NOTE* Your website server *MUST* have GD Library enabled as well as True Type Fonts!
- Complete customization of the Captcha Image itself
- Set how many 'Email Fields' are displayed on the Front End
- Select how the 'From' and 'Reply To' addresses are set
- Set whether the site Administrator should receive a copy (Bcc) of the emails
- Change or customize the 'Subject' field for the emails
- Set a customized introduction message for the emails sent to Friends
- An option to allow/enable HTML code to be entered using email text/html MIME format
- Form field validation - including field focus and background color highlighting for errors
- Many ways to change the appearance of the form fields using custom color selector popups
You can Contact Us through our website Contact form.

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Reviews: 4
I was really happy to have found this extension, which is also great value. I customised it to the specific needs of our site (an international congress). The extension works great and the developer helped me to solve a small issue I had (which was caused by me by inadvertently not enabling a module on all pages of our site). Great extension, great support!
Reviews: 1
I have a really excellent experience with this component that. During the installation I had a problem of compatibility with a module that was already installed in my template but once contacted the support everything was fixed.

My rating for the product and support is Excellent!
Owner's reply

Thanks MojMaestro!

I remember the issue - the 'JModel' class was not being loaded properly for a drop-down menu module that was installed. After a small bit of code was inserted into that 3rd party module and it's all good now :)

Just for your information, I will be releasing a brand new version of this component for Joomla! 3.x within the next few weeks - and it WILL have database logging capabilities for the recommend emails sent!!!

Exciting times!

Thanks again MojMaestro!

Reviews: 1
Fantastic product. Needed some customization to add my logo to the outgoing message. Don was fast, helpful and got me up and running. Easy install, easy to understand menu. A++
Reviews: 25
This component is getting a good rating and would be an excellent as I have used it for years on all my Joomla 1.0/Joostina sites without a problem but it drops a notch due to a problem. My server has been getting a bad reputation as human spammers have been using this extension to spam others.

It is partly been due to having this extension installed and the fact that most spammers these days are humans and not bots. It is not really the fault of this extension it is simply due to the success of online captchas which have successfully prevented a lot of auto bots spamming. All the spammers are using humans now as they can easily bypass the captcha. To abuse this component all each spammer has to do is add a few email addresses and press send, each email appears to come from your site. The component can be configured to only send a standard message but that rather defeats the point. This problem also affects standard Joomla content which has an "email this" icon enabled.
End Result: A good component abused by spammers.
Owner's reply

Personally I've never had the problem you seem to be experiencing and I do not believe it is as prevalent as you describe either.

Even though you gave us 4 out 5 Stars, thanks for using your valuable review to point out a problem that is completely out of our control and NOT specific to this component!

How exactly does one go about fooling 'humans' from spamming anyway? Do you actually have a solution to this problem? If you do, you would be a millionaire pretty darn quick!

I guess maybe the only answer is to have absolutely NO on-line forms what-so-ever, including NO email addresses - that way you are guaranteed to never be spammed (nor contacted by your customers)!!

Thanks again ;o)

Reviews: 1
easy to configure - full control - thanks for this great tool!
Reviews: 22
The component does exactly what it should, but I've noticed on Yougrids templates when this component is loaded on the front-end of websites using the Yougrids templates it causes the website width to decrease when the module loads after clicking a menu link. This is not a serious problem, but it does affect layout of websites using particular layouts so this might need to be corrected for future versions. All in all though, great job on the component. Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review! The issue you ran into has now been addressed in the latest version (3.0.0 and above) of the component. You are now able to completely specify the form field widths, etc. in order to make it compatible with your template!

Reviews: 2
I really like your Recommend Friends. It is just what I need. I like the fact that it has captcha support to help stop spam.

I have it configured on three non-profit sites and it works, but there is no image in the box when I turn on captcha, just a missing image symbol.

If I go to the captcha configuration page, it says "GREAT NEWS!!! - GD Support and FreeType Support are both Enabled on your server!! The Captcha option of the component should work just fine!", and captcha on the right works and reloads when I request it.

So, it works on the back-end, but not on the frontend.

Thanks for creating this extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review! We have identified an issue with the Captcha image not displaying/showing properly on the Front End of sites that are located on 'Sub-Domains'. We have found the problem, modified the code, and for for versions of the component at 3.0.0 or above, this should not be a issue.

Thanks Again!