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Shape 5 - Tell A Friend Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Have you ever wanted a simple and free way to advertise your site? Why not let your site viewers do it for you! Tell A Friend can do just that. Simply install the module on any page of your site or all pages. If your viewer likes what they see they can click the Tell A Friend button to submit an email to up to three email addresses with their own comments included. This is a great tool for any website and especially e-commerce sites. Best of all it's free, so enjoy!

December 16, 2013 - A new version of this module is now out to address the following:

1. The spam protection has been greatly improved. The module now includes its own native captcha options, which replace the older spam methods of the module.

2. Mail functions are now sent via the default Joomla mail functions and not the module's own php mail() calls. This means the module will send mail based on the settings in the Joomla global configuration for better mail delivery.

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Reviews: 5
Good tool for spammers.

If you do not want problems on your site, do not use this module.
Reviews: 3
I had the same issue, Waring for response of my hosting very stressful, This company should make a statement fast
Owner's reply

For anyone having spam problems please be sure you are running the latest version. As per our description above, the spam protection was greatly improved in December 2013 with built in captcha. We've had no reports of spam problems since this update.

Reviews: 1
It's a bit low-sec extension and it doesn't go with some minimal Joomla standards, which state to use language files. (Can only be translated through main module files). If I knew it before, I wouldn't loose time on registration which is required for download.
Reviews: 1
Sorry to tell, I agree with previous revieuws...the PHP Script allows spammers to use the default domain e-mailaddress.

It's in the script : telleafriend.php
Reviews: 1
Worked fine till spammers took over it and fired out spam. Then hosting company suspended our account till we could look at the issue and confirm it was sorted. A couple of hours and plenty of stress I could do without.
Reviews: 2
The module is simple and working easily.
But after few days i have installed it i received communication from hosting company with a warning of spam and account suspension.
The module was used from somebody to send spam.
Reviews: 1
Module could be used for sending a lot of spam emails by third party from your website/server if you use this extension. Your domain / IP may be blacklisted by other online services and legitimate emails will end up in spam. My recommendation is not to use this module.
Reviews: 2
I used your module on a clients website. At first everything seemed to be working fine. Yesterday I received a message from the hosting company that a lot of spam was sent using this module. They blocked parts of the website making it unable to visit.
I saw your reaction on a review stating that it is spam protected. This clearly isn't the case. Maybe it's because spammers found a way of bypassing this protection, but it turns out your spam protection isn't that reliable anymore.
Reviews: 3
First off, I want to thank the folks at S5 for this simple but great module. I have tried to use this module in my development environment with no luck earlier in joomla 1.6. After a bunch of 404 error messages, I got it to display the referral window by disabling the SEO, but still emails show they're sent but with no luck at the recipient end. But that probably might have been my mail settings under the Global config, which I didn't worry about in my development site.
However, let me say this. On my live site which is already hosted, the module works like a charm. It sends the email regardless of how many recipients I added, 3, 2, 1. One thing that I noticed, though, is the module works only on my home page, but on the other ones it comes up with 404 error. That's not a biggy, so I just have only on that page.

Reviews: 3
Easy to install, easy to configure. However, requiring 3 emails before anything is sent is ridiculous.
Reviews: 3
I don't normally do this because I'm new at building websites and posting reviews, but this is a very easy product. Register, download, install, customize the parameters and that is it. If only you can have your users load emails from their email accounts. But it wasn't like I was expecting something they didn't mention.
Reviews: 1
This is a really nice function but having installed it I have found that it only works if all 3 friends email fields are completed. If only one recepient email field entered it says email sent but does not send the email. Is there a way to make it work if the user only send it to one friend?
Reviews: 3
These days webmetrics are very important. The module works well but are my users using it at all ? I don`t know. So, it would be 5 stars if we could track users recommendation.

It is very easy to translate. Just edit direct on the code.
Reviews: 4
This is a very nice module. Installs easily -- Do read the install manual prior to installation. I thinks it's less than a page and explains file permission settings, easy and basic stuff nothing to worry even the newest Joomlaite.

The module is ingeniously spam bot protected by a hidden input box that bots populate but not humans.

The email text that is sent out is easily configurable via the .php file.

Shape 5 has a support forum that is alive and well.

Great stuff guys, Thank you.
Reviews: 5
This module is based on a well known open source PHP script that I had experience using to begin with, was nice to see it ported to Joomla! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a module that enables me to Have Tell a Friend Feature on my website.
Voila this was the first result that popped up and I am very happy with this module.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for another great free module! I have used several "Tell a Friend" type modules in my J1.0.13 sites and just installed this one today. Wow, what a difference! As far as the function's absolutely great! Using PHPmail on my hostgator hosted site with no problems. Your configuration files are seamless. Your other "freebies" look nice, haven't tried those yet.
Reviews: 1
It seems to be an excellent program. It actually sends the page link that you are on as it says.

It was easy to install.

I had to modify permission on the mod files to get it work correctly.

Over all an excellent product.
Reviews: 5
This is truly a fabulous mod, quick and easy to install with outstanding support and forum. I had no problems in following the detailed and crystal clear 'How to Install' and set this mod up on my site, it works brilliant, nice clean professional layout and the ability to email 3 friends and more thereafter, everything and more. Highly recommend this top mod! Congratulations to the Team!
Reviews: 6
Similar sentiments to a previous poster - great things come in small packages !

Easy to install, very professional looking and does what it says on the tin. Possibly the best 'invite' module I've seen yet.

Keep up the good work.
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