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Shape 5 - Tell A Friend Module

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Have you ever wanted a simple and free way to advertise your site? Why not let your site viewers do it for you! Tell A Friend can do just that. Simply install the module on any page of your site or all pages. If your viewer likes what they see they can click the Tell A Friend button to submit an email to up to three email addresses with their own comments included. This is a great tool for any website and especially e-commerce sites. Best of all it's free, so enjoy!

December 16, 2013 - A new version of this module is now out to address the following:

1. The spam protection has been greatly improved. The module now includes its own native captcha options, which replace the older spam methods of the module.

2. Mail functions are now sent via the default Joomla mail functions and not the module's own php mail() calls. This means the module will send mail based on the settings in the Joomla global configuration for better mail delivery.

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Reviews: 4
Sadly this module doesn't use the "defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die( 'Direct Access to this location is not allowed.' );

This means that ANYONE can access the html file used to send email
Owner's reply

This module actually uses a series of javascript functions and a hidden input box to deny spam. Spam bots work by populating all input boxes, hidden or not, and then submitting the form. Our script checks to see if the hidden box is populated or not. If it is populated then a bot populated it. If it's not pouplated then it's an actual user because a user never sees the box and therefore could never fill it in. The script checks to see which is the case and sends or denies the submission accordingly.

All that to say this module is spam protected.

- Shape 5

Reviews: 2
Sometimes great applications come in small packages and Tell A Friend is clearly one of these applications. After getting the lastest up-date that fixed an IE browser issue, this program worked flawlessly! Great application, outstanding support and a must have module for just about any site. Thanks
Reviews: 1
Seems to work quite well, the layout is simple and clean.

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