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Bookmark by Webmaster-Tips Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
  • Not GPL compliant.
Allows visitors to quickly and easily bookmark your site, the current page, and up to 3 other links defined by you. *editor's note: demo URL is a live site utilizing the extension in upper right corner.

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Reviews: 1
Perfect tool - if it would work.

Both funtions (Bookmark Website & Bookmark Site) dont work on the frontpage. It always shows a javascript error.

However, on all other pages it works. Unfortunately no response from the contributors.
Reviews: 5
I'm glad that this module exists as it saved me some work but I still had to go in and hack it as the "Bookmark Site" link wasn't working in firefox. That would be a good bug to fix and not too difficult... Other than that it has quite a bit of good functionality for a module. I recommend it if you need a bookmark link on your site.
Reviews: 1
Works fine in IE, but in FF open bookmarked page in sidebar (also the same on Demo site). Please fix this problem
Thanks in advance
Reviews: 3
Thanks! This is just what I needed. Its so simple to use and its nice an clean. Its a mod so you can stick it any place you want. I was also able to change the icon to something I liked better.

Reviews: 2
This module was almost perfect for what I wanted. It allows you to include bookmark links with ease.

Also created my own fix for the Bookmark Website not working and forwarded it to the developer, so hopefully we will see an update soon with the fully functional version.
Reviews: 97
I tested this module today, the Bookmark Site link seems not work. Please check the code and fix this, thanks.