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My Favorite Pages Module

Add functionality to your website so visitors can save their favorite pages online so they can access them from work, home or where ever they happen to be!

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Reviews: 2
I tried to use a Module Made for an App I was using the provided Favorites.

Not only does this one work without hassle in Joomla 2.5 It looks much better!

Great Module! Thanks!
Reviews: 12
this version of a module. (1.0.5) you are fool at user for no specify this.

i will report unless you change the description "COMERCIAL" module...
Owner's reply

The all of Core Design updates are available for membership users at first, then for a public in a few days (usually 1 month).

Reviews: 20
Well, there's so many things that's just not good with this. Like the person below mentioned, it's requires an older version of Scripto, which is impossible to find. I don't like the way it operates. It clashes with some other plugins and mods. For some reason, after I installed, my RokAjax Search stopped working.

Now here's my big problem with CD extensions:
Almost all require the Scripto plugin. And that's fine... but it takes you about 7 or 8 clicks to different pages before you can finally download it. In my opinion, if all of their extensions require it, then why not bundle each extension with it? Makes perfect sense to me. It's just such a pain to get to what you need.

In the end, this just isn't ready for release. Too many bugs to work out. Since it interfered with my RokAjax search, I had to uninstall and go with another solution.
Reviews: 1
Do not download till the public release 1.0.5! Developer won't tell you but unless you have Scriptegrator 1.4 this will not work. And good luck finding that version! On his site he has release 1.5 and does not allow download of older version, even though a lot of his things require older version!

You release the latest version of your plugin but if someone downloads this and another module like the favs it won't work, this is because Favs for instance does not support this version. For favs you need the older version of Scriptegrator. Which is horrible since you no longer allow people to download this older version on your site. So in short until you feel like letting everyone download the older version or you update Favs, it won't work. This is horrible business.
Owner's reply

If you need the older version of Scriptegrator plugin (1.4.3), there is nothing too heavy to write to us an e-mail.

Reviews: 47
Great share, does the job pretty nicely.

Wish there would be a possibility of having a favorite button added on each article that would add the favorites in a separate page that can be managed by users later just like the Joomla extensions area. I am sure the author will consider this factor and make the life of Joomla users easy.
Reviews: 1
Great module but it conflicts with the gTranslate module
Reviews: 1
I had the same experience a Ricky666. Too many errors and it brought down my site.
Reviews: 2
This component looks fine and works excellent. At the beginning I had problem with Russian encoding but the problem was in the content grabber module. I removed the grabber module and all would work fine.
Then I translated it on Russian but in the near future I found out that there were all translations on the forum.
If you woult like to use your national language just go to the forum.

Reviews: 2
Tested it on 2 different websites and does NOT work, just crashes the site, so I had to deinstall it. Tried it on joomla 1.5.15. To bad, looks very nice...
Reviews: 1
This will be working within seconds of installing it. It's dead simple, and is a quick fix to add user customization to your website.

For the future I would love the ability to print a pdf of the favorites, either with excerpts or the entire articles. But as-is, it's great.
Reviews: 8
This is a great tool for any website. I highly recommend it.
I had a small problem with the database table not being created. But once I setup the table manually, the module worked perfectly.
Reviews: 2
great module, i love this module full
Reviews: 4
Nice work ! The module works perfectly.

Note that you have to install Core Design Scriptegrator plugin to use the module. After installing both module and plugin, go to your plugin page and configure your plugin with JQuery Load to "Both", do the same for Highslide JS