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Mailster - a flexible mailing list solution for Joomla

Let your users be part of a group and communicate by email without having to log into your Joomla site. Any mail send to the mailing list email address is forwarded to the rest of the members of the group.

- For Group communication and newsletters
- Usable with any POP3/IMAP email account
- Recipients are managed by the admin in the backend
- Users can (un)subscribe with frontend plugin or module (optional)
- All Joomla users can be chosen as recipients, additional users can be stored
- Users can be organized in groups
- Single users or whole groups can be added as recipients of a mailing list
- Replies to mailing list posts can be forwarded to all recipients
- Mail archive for browsing the mails
- Full support of HTML emails and attachments
- Seamless installation: all plugins are included and are installed automatically
- English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Japanese and Slovenian translation included
- many more features

Designed for all...
- users that are tired of group messaging systems that require another login
- users who want to communicate with their favourite mail client
- admins that are tired of updating personal details on different systems
- admins who want to be able to use users within Joomla as recipients of a mailing list

------------ Changelog ------------
Version 0.4.0 (18.08.2013)
- Compatibility with Joomla 3.0 and 3.1
- Italian translation added
- Blocked/bounced mail view available in free edition as well
- Complete mail queue can be cleared
- GUI enhancements, performance optimizations and 5 bug fixes

Version 0.3.8 (22.02.2013)
- Personalize emails with new text variables for recipient name and email
- Add user to Mailster group when subscribing through subscriber plugin or module
- 3 more translations added (Danish, Slovenian, Japanese)
- Email attachments are stored in a configurable folder

Note that this version has limitations (e.g. max. 50 recipients per list) compared to our commercial product Mailster Professional. Find a full feature comparison list over here:

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Reviews: 6
Our organisation needs an effective way for members of several small special interest groups to communicate with each other. Many of the group members are not comfortable using discussion forums and prefer email. I have tried a number if similar extensions in the past but they were poorly executed and too difficult to use, especially for the group administrator to maintain the list(s). Mailster has provided an ideal solution with easy to use quality software and excellent support. Thanks for the free version.
Reviews: 2
Having installed Mailster on a Joomla 2.5.2 version without any error notification, the extension was not running properly. Having contacted the Mailster developer it turned out, that this was due to a previous GCalendar installation disturbing the proper run of Mailster. Many thanks goes to the developer identifying and fixing this problem by "just" installing the latest version of GCalendar.
Reviews: 1

Thanks to this plugin, our association was able to forget google mailinglist and become the master of our marketing.

Thanks a lot to the mailster team.

Regards from france
Reviews: 1
After installing Mailster I was able to set it up and get it working and from appearances it looked like exactly what I was looking for for a mail list component. Then I tried to backup my site with Akeeba. I had done due diligence and backed it up immediately before installing Mailster with no problem. After Mailster it failed with an indeterminate AJAX error right about the time the status bar was getting alphabetically to the Mailster component. I uninstalled Mailster and tried again and the backup succeeded without any errors as usual. I've been using Akeeba with great success for a long time now so I'm not willing to give it up for mailster, and Akeeba's support basically says poorly written components will result in AJAX errors. I wouldn't go that far, this looks like a good component with a lot of great features that might just still have a few bugs to work out. I could try just excluding the Mailster component directory from Akeeba and rolling like that, but I think I'll wait for future revisions before trying it out again... and if it works without a hitch in the future I'll update my rating here.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
We are of course always interested in improving Mailster. As we have problems reproducing the issue you describe we would be glad if you can contact us (please use the contact form on our site) so that you can help us identify the root cause. Thanks!

Reviews: 2
Having run a Mailman mail list on a non-Joomla site when we switched to using Joomla I needed an alternative to Mailman that could be integrated with the Joomla user list. Mailster fits the bill perfectly.

As a test I first installed the free version and set up a simple list. It worked first time and the documentation to help with the install and set up was excellent! I was so impressed that I have now paid for the pro version as our list is 250 long but to be honest, the 49EUR is worthwhile for the other addon features alone in my opinion.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 9
A raft of programs and bridges let users sign up for lists to receive newsletters and other one-way mailings. But Mailster is the only real solution I've found to incorporate the interactive discussion functionality of the venerable Mailman listserve into a Joomla site. You simply set up an email account and Mailster will forward emails sent to that address to every list subscriber.

I've used Mailster's non-commercial version for more than a year, and recently purchased the Pro version to accommodate a couple of larger lists (over 50 subscribers) and provide some other functionality. Most functionality is identical in both, including everything mentioned in this review.

Options are broad, and seem to expand with each release. You can limit lists to registered site users, or allow visitors to subscribe. You can limit posters to specific individuals or subgroups, or allow every subscriber to post. A large number of message formatting and sending options as well.

As expected in a pre-1.0 release, a few edges are still rough. There's no way at present to send validating or welcoming emails to new subscribers. The only way to catch signup spam comes via a large-format Captcha; that works fine if you use the signup plugin, but doesn't fit well inside the signup module.

But these are small issues, and Holger's ultra-responsive support more than makes up for them. I found a small bug importing a CSV user file from a freestanding Mailman installation, and he had a fix in my Inbox about two hours later. It's not often that you see support like that.
Reviews: 1
After having trouble with the update installation from version 0.2.2 I've contacted Holger and he quickly responsed and offered to help me out. Now the installation is better documented (mailster has to be stopped before due to trouble on some customer sites) - Thank you, Holger.

This version is really easy to setup now and is working immediately. It really does what I wanted to get.
Reviews: 2
I have been using Mailman for my users to communicate with each other through email. My hosting provider imposed a limit of 100 users for the discussion list so when user 101 came along I had a problem!

Mailster has fixed that and I can now have a discussion list with up to 1000 users! Also, it now has a subscription service for our newsletter.

Support was excellent as well with the couple of minor problems I had - and fast.
Reviews: 1
A great product if you want to have the same users for your mailing lists as well as your Joomla website. As a non-profit-organization, we need to offer services to our members (through various other Joomla components) as well as maintain mailing lists. Thanks to Mailster we now can do all of this though our Joomla website.

The current version is much improved compared to older versions, especially in a Mac-and-PC-Environment. The admin interface takes a little time to get used to, but once you get it, its really easy.

But the highlight is the support! Fast response time, extremely knowledgable and approachable developers!
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says, and awesome customer support!!!
Reviews: 1
Definitely does the job as advertised. Would give 5 stars if a subscribe module was included.
Owner's reply

As of now (Release 0.3.0) as subscribe / unsubscribe module is included. Hope you like it!

Reviews: 1
After using mailman, and not having it itegrated into one site without lots of work, Mailster is a real win. It does what it says and just works, Easy to setup and use.

I had an issue where it suddenly stopped working and mailed thier support. Holger got back very promply, and assisted me in a professional friendly manor. Turned out my provider was the culprit by changing the smtp port.

Thanks Guys for this awesome add on for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
I have been running a listserv on mailman for the last 5 years and recently turned it into a membership site using Joomla. Mailster was the best solution we found that replicated the functionality of Mailman and integrated with our Joomla site.

At first I was disappointed. It was not usable in its current form. We were getting auto responders back to the list, there were discussion threading issues, and our clients were use to hitting "reply" to mail the person who posted and "reply to all" to reply to the list in general. This was not possible to do. But since it was a close solution we contacted the developer.

Holger was extremely helpful, very responsive and when we told him what we needed, he was able to implement changes quickly and integrate the features we needed to mimic Mailman.

We were able to get content filtering installed to prevent out of office autoresponders, the ability for the list email address to be put into cc field and today we installed the final fix which clears up the discussion threading issue. It is now working exactly how we need, is easy to set up new lists, and works like a charm.

Those who had negative things to say should take another look. It is a great product now, vastly improved over what it was just 30 days ago. Thanks to Holger for being so responsive.
Reviews: 1
After reviewing nearly all newsletter components for Joomla, I ended up with Mailster. It allows you to maintain mailinglists from the Backend, while the creation of the newsletter itself can be done from any member of the mailinglist without being a registered user of the site. It is the most easy way to allow communication between closed groups. The developer responds to questions very quickly and very satisfactory. With the already announced features like HTML support and the ability to copy mailinglists it will be a really must have tool for nearly every site. Thanks a lot for this great extension !
Reviews: 5
Obviously a very young product that doesn't deliver. I've installed it and spend 3 hours configuring and not 1 email work. Looking at the discussions below, many other users suffered too. At the end i gave up and tried to uninstall it which surprise surprise fails to remove table and uninstall errors appears. Stay away.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you could not get it working.
You could have, and still can, contact our support via contact form or email. That is what our "Contact a developer" webpage is all about - direct contact to the persons that know how the software works.
I am confident that we can solve your problem to your satisfaction, the other reviews certainly support this claim.

As of the uninstallation: we decided to not drop the database tables during uninstallation to avoid having users that unintentionally deleted their data during an upgrade. This is also expressed in the message that you misinterpreted as an error message.

Reviews: 1
There's never really been anything close to Mailman for Joomla. This is finally a very good alternative for small to mid-size lists and is actively getting better with each new release. Developer is very responsive to questions and issues. Great job!
Reviews: 2
Such a simple idea, and executed so well. I used this to implement notifying website users of any updates.
Hint - there is a test facility in the software to check your settings. This test didn't work, but the software itself did - so don't get hung up on the test!
The developer is very friendly and helpful - 5 stars for that.
Reviews: 1
Great add-on - simple and convenient to use!

While the add-on is exactly what I was looking for and works exactly as it should, the developer support is really what shines. Holger really went above and beyond and was very patient with me fumbling through to get this working.
Reviews: 1
There is nothing else like this, that alone makes this a good product.
However, it does NOT handle HTML email very well at all, it's attempts at stripping HTML code out to present a plain text email are so bad the end results are unreadable.
In this day and age it is impossible to insure all email is in plain text.
Owner's reply

Thanks for providing this feedback!
HTML support is definitely something that will be added in the future - you are totally right that it is essential.
Just to explain the current processing of the mails: Mailster only tries to work with the HTML when there is no plain text version included in the HTML mail (which the majority of mail clients does).

Reviews: 1
Excellent tool! Thanks to Holger for his great Skype and E-Mail support!
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