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If you are on a website and you try to register you'll normally get a registration email - this email is a transactional mail, a mail that was sent to you, because you did something on website X.
Now let us imagine that after registering on website X, we don't get the confirmation mail. What do we do? We contact the website owner and say - sorry, but we didn't receive the email. Let us imagine that we are the owner of website X - what do we do when a customer is telling us that he didn't receive the mail? We scratch our head and we say - look at your spam folder. But is the email really in the spam folder, was it actually sent? Is it still in the process of delivery or did it magically disappear from the face of the internet? In the past we did not have a simple way to know that, but now that has changed thanks to Mandrill ( You can look at the emails being sent from your joomla website, you can look at open/click rates and you can always know if a mail was delivered or if it bounced back. This is what the Mandrill service is all about - giving you the peace of mind that your customers are receiving your emails & the bonus of knowing if they actually open them and engage with the content.
Best of all the mandrill service is free for up to 12 000 emails per month! And that is a lot!

Now that we know what Mandrill is all about, let us look at our extension CMandrill.

CMandrill is a Joomla extension that integrates with the Mandrill API ( to enable fast email delivery and awesome transactional email experience for your joomla users. Key features include:

* Send emails through the Mandrill API optimized for speed
* Look at the most important stats ( send, receive, bounce rates) directly from your Joomla backend
* Configure a global HTML template for emails
* Create HTML templates for specific components by defining the PHP class & function names that are used to send the mail

For a demonstration of how to use CMandrill watch this video:

developed by compojoom

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Reviews: 3
Great extension, and is needed to fully integrate Joomla! with Mailchimp.

After you configure your Mailchimp SMTP API as Joomla Email server, this extension also is needed to be installed and configured. Recommended!
Reviews: 3
I love Joomla but in regard to email, it needs more and this fills the gaps and allows me to track outbound mail. Well coded, easy to implement BUT i would like to see some example HTML templates that could be tweaked to suit my needs.
Reviews: 2
My hosting provider blocks 3rd party servers. So configuring my installation to send mail by Mandrill's SMPT settings isn't an option. Of course, I find that out after 3 hours of trial & error, research, and chats with support.

This extension solves that issue perfectly. Most of my system mail is now going through Mandrill. Some extensions, though, are built in a way that won't recognize this extension. But that's not a problem with CMandrill.

What began as an effort to avoid using my host's shared IP addresses for email has now turned into a new effort to use CMandrill and Mandrill for transactional emails. I feel like a kid in a candy shop.
Reviews: 1
Clean and very easy to install. In few minute you can start to use it.
Developer team is very supportive.
Reviews: 5
This is really a neat piece of software, making the use of Mandrill Email HTML templates much easier!

And the fall back feature (= use the default Joomla email settings if Mandrill cannot send the email) is so helpfull, compare to using the Mandrill SMTP directly in the Joomla settings.

Thanks CompoJoom! Keep on the good work!
Reviews: 5
CMandrill makes using the awesome mail provider Mandrill super easy. To get up and running, copy and paste the code and voila! You can start sending mail through Mandrill, and view it's stats directly in Joomla in an instance. Great extension, would install again. ;-)
Reviews: 3
Hello, this is the first mail extension that when installed give your web site the ability to start receicing and sending mail messages without to set u any web server! I hope to see it to interplay with Fabrik e-mail plugin in order to build up complex exciting web site function like: event managed by : area on a map, commercial deals by zip code, registry of lost/found pets etc. Bye the way, the main Fabrik developer seems to be available to do that; his comment on this extension is the first one! :)
Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Cleanly coded plugin - installs well, simple to set up and with mandrill provides a much improved email management solution.
Reviews: 2
Very good and easy plugin - just set Mandrill API and works.

If only Mandrill team made it easier to use for non-programmers it would be perfect