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Newsletter Subscriber ModulePlugin

Newsletter Subscriber is a free Joomla! Plugin and Module..!
It is a simple form to subscribe to a newsletter.

When the user clicks the button, it sends an email to the recipient specified.
To use it you add {newsletter_subscriber} into your article(s) for the plugin, or just enable it as a module.

Very simple to use, all user text is customizable.
After installing, you need to enable the extension to use it.

Additional Options:

* Anti-spam question-answer!
* Unique module ID for multiple NS in the same page
* Thank you page Redirect
* Custom Pre-Text

Please UPDATE IMMEDIATELY to the newest version, which is a SECURITY UPDATE.

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Reviews: 1
It's really a no-brainer. Maybe some features are missing, but you can live without them.
Reviews: 1
I found this extension very useful . Thank you
Reviews: 1
Simple and efficient... but... one little problem: there is no check for duplicate e-mails when submit the form.
Reviews: 31
excellent, flawless and just what i needed. it was so easy to set up, and took me less than 2 minutes to publish onto my site! it works excellently, no fancy features, no annoying bugs, just a simple and great little extension.

thank you!!
Reviews: 9
Simple easy and very effective. With the simple anti-spam question now added then it has to be 10/10.
Reviews: 2
Newsletter Subscriber works really well. Although it is not the most sophisticated component it is excellent for what I intended toi accomplish. Additional the support provided to me to get it running was of first class level, immediate answer and great quality service. I highly recommend this component.
Reviews: 6
I have used the other newsletter components and modules and they offer a lot if you need it. But for my latest project, I just wanted something that would collect email addresses on a landing page before sending pay per click prospects on to my products page. This fit the job perfectly, installed in seconds and was configured just as quickly. Couldn't be better for building a database of email addresses.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this extension! Works as described but without some sort of captcha, there is no way to validate the responses. I get a lot of subscriptions that appear to be spam.

Even if you added another field that could be used to ask a simple question, like "what color is the sky", it would be helpful to reduce the amount of spam entries. Thanks!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
You could have contact me (as many others did) to learn that there is going to be another version with this "simple question" anti-spam control until the end of this week, or the very start of the next..

Reviews: 1
Simple, clean and not alot of futures I dont need.
One thing im missing thou is being able to see how many subscribers i have. Gues Ill have to look in the ../mailing_list.txt wheni want to know..
Owner's reply

Thank you.
This is a free and simple module.
Each subscriber, you get a mail. As simple as it can get.
About the subscriber count, I have set filters in my mail client to automatically move the subscription notifications into a different directory.
I think that directory's mail count is enough for me.
Since Newsletter Subscriber lets you handle all the data yourself, you could have asked me, and I would give you many possible solutions to do that.
Sometimes, I even create a new version of NS specifically for customers' requests.
To be honest, I currently maintain 7 versions of NS Module all of which have different settings specially for each customer.
And each time a new version is implemented some of the features people have requested get mixed into the main version.
Although, for a real count and statistics without duplicates, along with many other features, NS Pro has the solution.
Thank you again.

Reviews: 3
Installs perfect and does exactly what it says without all the extra functions I don't need.
Reviews: 2
If you need only to have a record of the subscribers, than this is it. A subscription module is published and data is send to your email and/or written in a text or an html file you specified in your sites directory. Simple and easy to use.
Reviews: 2
This module does just what I want, cleanly and simply. It was very easy to install and configure as a module. I haven't worked out the mailing list file bit yet but I'm not expecting thousands of subscribers so I'm sure I will manage will manually aditing a spreadhseet! Likewise, I was expecting the module class suffix to be as simple as entering one of the suffixes from my template, but that doesn't seem to work. On reading the documentation there seems to be a need to edit some css so I think I'll leave that for now. I'm quite happy with it as it is and would like to thank the developer for offering it.
Reviews: 1
This is a total 5* all round module..and the dev isn't joking when he wrote replies usually within 24h...i had a reply within minutes and a small conversation how to get me up and running (which was a small problem on my behalf) I was looking for more fields, exporting csv features etc but for a free simple module, this has to be the one that everyone should go for. Looks like it's had regular updates to boot...what more can i say? TOP STUFF! :)
Reviews: 2
I was very pleased with the ease and straight forwardness of this module. If you are familiar with Joomla! you will having this up and running in no time and it does as it says. Nicely customisable too!!

Thanks John
Reviews: 5
I was searching through the extensions to do just a simple thing like this...Have my visitors the chance to register for a mailing list and newsletter.
I downloaded and tried it, worked perfectly. And i appreciated the support i got when i tried to customise the buttons and everything...
Just try it, simple ...and free..
Reviews: 8
I liked this. Very simple.. Just what I needed. I guess if the site works I may have to upgrade to something more sophisticated. But for our beta version it was great. I had to have this on a bilingual site and didnt know how or if it would work with Joomfish so I just editted the plugin and installed it twice. Just the job for a simple newsletter subscription. Thanks so much!
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