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allChimpRegister Module

Joomtraders created allChimpRegister to allow for easy subscription or unsubscription of guests, without having to externally link to the forms provided by MailChimp.

This extension makes use of AJAX to ensure that users do not navigate away from the website page they are viewing when submitting their details.

The extension is a single module file, allowing for easy placement within a Joomla! website and comes with pre-created classes, so that it can be styled using CSS to suit individual tastes and website designs.

This module is free and fully functioning. However, there is paid support available if required.

- Subscribe and unsubscribe to a single MailChimp list
- Runs on AJAX to assist in keeping guests on your website
- Allows for CSS styling to be applied to individual parts of the extension
- Has a FREE version available for immediate download
- Commercial version comes wth support and the ability to contribute to the extension

The latest version, version 2.0.1, is compliant with Joomla! 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5. This latest release contains a fix for allowing dashes/hyphens in email addresses.

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Reviews: 1
Was easy to install & configure, and in 30 minuted i had everything running and tested.

Reviews: 7
I downloaded this extension 8 minutes ago. It's installed, configured, and already working the way I want it to.

I wish every extension was installed and complete in under 10 minutes.

Reviews: 7
Install + setup + display in a few minutes. A good extension!
Hope that you will support extra fields (name, address...) in the near future :)
Reviews: 2
Very simple to setup and most importantly excellent support.

Sent an email saying that I really liked the extension but would've liked to have seen a message letting subscribers know that they need to check their email to confirm their account. Received a very positive response to my feedback and it's been included in the most recent update.

Reviews: 4
Installed, configured -- done! And I love that I can use the API without entering username and password.

Also, I used the css "display:none" to get rid of the "remove" button because I didn't want it. All the elements were set up for easy styling.
Reviews: 19
All I needed was a simple module for people to subscribe to a Mail Chimp list. This fit the bill perfectly & was easy to install very quickley. Thank You!
Reviews: 2
All I wanted was an easy way for people to subscribe to my mailchimp managed mailing list. Allchimp gives me exactly what I wanted - a module that provides a box for users to enter their e-mail address to subscribe or un-subscribe and a confirmation e-mail before the subscription is complete.

Quick to install. Easy for customers to use. That's what I wanted.
Owner's reply

Hi erichf,

Thank you for your awesome review.

AllChimpRegister was designed from the get go with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

Reviews: 2
I had some issues with custom hidden fields showing up in the module and got extremely prompt help - above and beyond. Love the module, love Mailchimp. Thank you!!!
Owner's reply

Hi girathryn,

We're proud of our support service, and are more than glad to help and resolve any issues anyone has.

Reviews: 15
Works as advertised.

Be aware that you can't just rush over to MailChimp and see the new subscriber. MailChimp now sends out a confirmation email. Took about 15 minutes in my test.
Owner's reply

Hi kenlyle,

We're glad you agree!

Bear in mind the confirmation email is a default security measure MailChimp has to ensure new subscribers are indeed of humanoid form.

Reviews: 2
Does just what it says on the tin. Worked straight away. Ajax looks cleaner than my previous use of mailchimps own front end. Although bear in mind you still need to navigate away from the site to confirm email addresses (if you've set up yopur list like that). The icing on the cake would be a configurable success message.
Owner's reply

Hi Sibo,

Thank you for your suggestion - We'll take a look and see what we can do.

Please feel free to post any ideas like this in the forum in the future; we'll be able to see them much quicker there.

Reviews: 6
Great bridge between 2 great products. Downloaded, installed, worked, perfect! Have now bought the enhanced version. Recommend.
Owner's reply

Hi gcoulter,

Thank you for the very kind words and for supporting allChimp and allChimp register!