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MailChimp2 Module

Editor's Note
  • Require Registration to download
* New in this version: * Fixed an AJAX error where the module would freeze at the "Sending" message on some servers.

This is a module that allows visitors to sign up for a mailing list that's powered by MailChimp. Download doesn't require site registration (as indicated in the notice), but rather use of MailChimp Module2 to sign up on our MailChimp list for future updates.

There was a previous Joomla module that had much the same functionality, but there were several problems with it: it wasn't Joomla 1.5 native, it wasn't GPL, and there was a security hole in it. So we've completely rewritten the module. This one was originally developed for J1.5, it is GPL, and we've left out the security hole. It now supports Joomla 2.5 and we are working on 3.x.

Usage: From the admin site, provide your MailChimp user name and password, and the mailing list ID of the list you want the user to subscribe to. From the front side, the user types in his or her email address and clicks the submit button. The module does an AJAX call to the subscription program, so there is no page refresh.

Be sure to use our FAQ section and videos if you need help!


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Reviews: 1
It worked without a hitch. Simple to setup and run. Mailchimp seems like a great solution for smaller groups.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension that works just as advertised.

I haven't had much luck getting other mailchimp extensions to work for me so I'm quite pleased to have this one up and running.

The only tricky part is knowing where to find your Mailchimp List ID. You can find this ID by logging into Mailchimp and choosing to view your list. In the URL at the top you will see your ID - which is the number at the end.

A big thanks to the developer for creating this and sharing it with the community.
Reviews: 3
Mailchimp is hands down a great tool.

But being able to show clients that you can utilize their website to bring in more subscribers to their newsletter is a SALES TOOL.

A website is not just for the sake of technology, but to bring site visitors into closer contact with the publishers of that information (i.e. YOUR CLIENT)

Plus, upselling MailChimp either through affiliation or through design services adds to your income stream.


THis is not a complaint but don't forget- This module requires your mailchip password to access the Mailchimp API. If you or your client forget the password and change it on the MCsite- the module will error out.

Took me an hour to figure THAT one out...!
Reviews: 4
Great module. I had my MailChimp account set up, plugged in info to the module, and started getting signups within 15 minutes. Looking forward to the next release!

Reviews: 7
We got extremely excited to read about this plug-in, but it was short lived.

The plug-in itself is easy to install, looks great, is pretty straight forward - but it does not work when you have multiple mailing lists.

Even though there are options to include the MailChimp list ID - the plugin only sees the first list in your campaign window and adds new subscribers to that list only.

We have multiple subscriber lists and this plugin did not work for us, even after being unistalled and re-installed several times, always without success.
For this reason we have to rate it poor.
Owner's reply

Actually, it does work fine with multiple mailing lists. In the module's configuration, there is a parameter for the list id. For some reason, there are actually TWO list ids for each mailchimp list. The tooltip for the parameter says to look in the url of your browser where you're editing the list and look for the 'id=' in the url and use that id. If you do this you will find that it works just fine with multiple lists. Do NOT use the ID from the html form mailchimp generates to manage your list. If you enter an invalid id, the module will default to the first list, as this reviewer states.

Reviews: 1
I work for an organization that relies heavily on email marketing. We tried using a few of the joomla newsletter extensions, both commercial and none, but nothing was quite as robust as mail chimp.

We wanted an easy way to allow users to subscribe to a public list, and I was quite surprised when I searched for Mail Chimp and found exactly what I was looking for. Had it installed and working in minutes.

My only request would be to allow the module to handle more than 1 list. Currently you can only input one list id. I think something like the Acajoom news module would be helpful, where it displays all your lists and allows the user to choose.

Otherwise we are very happy with this module. Great module
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