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AcyMailing is a reliable Newsletter and email marketing extension for Joomla.
AcyMailing enables you to efficiently manage an unlimited number of subscribers, organize them into mailing lists, send personalized newsletters (Hi {subtag:name}...)

+ Real time send process using a queue system with throttling enabling you to overcome ANY server limitation!
+ Subscription Module with cool effects (popup, slide effect...)
+ Handle the subscription of registered users and visitors
+ Record the User IP to stay compliant with all countries laws
+ Double opt-in and automatic unsubscribe link
+ CAN-SPAM compliant
+ Validation and Confirmation of the email address
+ Mass Subscription using filters and mass actions
+ Automatic synchronization with your Joomla Users
+ Import your users from any format: CSV, Acajoom, Letterman, Communicator, ccNewsletter, Yanc, jNews

+ Easily include Joomla Articles in your newsletter
+ Easily include any user information in your newsletter (name, e-mail, username...)
+ Facebook share and Twitter share plugins
+ Display your lists on your Joomla registration form
+ Automatically subscribe your users to one or several lists during their registration process
+ Integration with your contact form component: com_contact, Contact Enhanced, QContacts
+ Handle unlimited subscribers, lists and newsletters

+ Newsletter template management including 3 default newsletter-templates
+ Automatic inline-css conversion
+ Attachment capability, Embedded images option
+ Preview and Send test newsletter to an entire Joomla group or to a specific email address
+ Newsletter Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened, HTML or text version)
+ Advanced Newsletter statistics (who opened your Newsletter and when)

+ Front-End newsletter archive section with PDF generation and print options
+ Latest Newsletters Module

+ Automatic installation of plugins, module, templates and auto-configuration
+ Handle SMTP Secured Connections (you can use GMail to send your newsletter)
+ Administrator/User Notifications

+ Integrated Documentation
+ Fully multilingual interfaces
+ No ugly AcyMailing logo in your newsletter

AcyMailing uses the Joomla MVC model to let you customize any view.
AcyMailing is translated in more than 40 languages!

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Reviews: 3
Well, if you need a newsletter solution or a SMS solution I can highly recommend this company and their products. The code is robust - the support is fast and they even implement suggestions or bugs almost while you are waiting.
Could all products and companies be like this...
Reviews: 2
I have had AcyMailing installed within my Joomla! instance for some time. I initially struggled with a decent HTML format for the newsletter which I overcame with the thanks of Dreamweaver.

From that point on I have to say this is an amazing extension with very powerful features and once you have a workable template, the extension is easy to use.

To have such an extension available as a free is a credit to the author and I will look to upgrade to the Essential version.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, very easy to configure and it just works. Brilliant, thank you! If you are looking for your site visitors to register for communications, this is the one!
Reviews: 14
I've been using AcyMailing for years and is in my opinion the best solution for this kind of tasks.

Besides that I think their code is rock solid and they really create a component that extends far beyond what could be expected. I've lost count of the numerous ways I've used this along with other components to get a automated site!

Thei support is next to none! The best one I've got in Joomla world! :)
Reviews: 3
This is, by far, the absolute BEST mailing program I have encountered. It's easy to install, easy to configure and it works flawlessly. The support is also excellent. I contacted them and they got back to me almost immediately! I'm really impressed and I can't recommend this program highly enough.
Reviews: 1
Super product, excellent support.. i recommend it to everyone looking for a newsletter software
Reviews: 3
Adding a review to the other 430 odd seems a bit pointless, but it's such a great program that I had to add my voice.

It's easy to use, has good documentation and with the wonderful feature of tags you can set up a newsletter by just adding a tag.

I can't recommend it highly enough. This is the best program for the job paid or unpaid. Grateful thanks to the development team!
Reviews: 7
Great Product !! Just what I needed
Downloaded ! Installed ! and 10 minutes sent out an email. we are a very small
kids club and I am not a professional so this made it simple and just right,
planning on upgrading !

Support ! spot on ! timely and professional ! 6 starts !
Reviews: 1
A very good support !
I just wanted to thank the team of AcyMailing because they took the time to help me solve configuration problems due to my lack of experience in newsletters. Very successful software!
Reviews: 1
I've to admit it's realy great, even starter version has all functions that I need to manage newsletters and subscribers, i've only problems with css configuration though I've a backround in css style big advantage is certainly that acymaling offer "backup" of css file, so user "create" a new file, and he doesn't overwrite an existing one, Concluding i'm
very satisfied as a user of acymailing extension and I'm going to test it further =:-)
Reviews: 3
I spent the entire day searching for a Newsletter plugin; This is the best I have found and most of all there is a free version who has surpassed my expectations; Great work developer
Reviews: 1
I tried many newsletter extensions, Acymailing is the only one which includes all features you need.

For private sites which don't need a tracking of the newsletters, or using the newsletter as marketing tool, the Starter Edition provides all you can expect from such a componet. The enterprise edition (which I used for some time) has fair price and also works great with many more features.

No problems, I'm really happy with this. Try it and stop searching for unprofessional components.
Reviews: 16
Masterpiece is the word I associate with this extension. I started with the free version, already excellent, and I jumped straight to the Enterprise version because for a low price you can get a lot. The support is immediate. I asked 6 questions to understand some details and I got all the answers in few hours. One of the features I love most: the bounce handling, it is fantastic to manage automatically many kinds of bounces. Everything very well done!
Reviews: 3
I downloaded the non-commercial version for a charity website and I was amazed at all the possibilities available. It is very simple to use, has excellent documentation. My first test newsletter was ready and sent in a few minutes. It looks and feels very professionnal. Excellent !
Reviews: 16
It works great when you have to target customers: the opportunity to know who open your newsletter and which page he/she read.. is something SUPERB!
I can't complain.
I bought the Enterprise solution (100 bucks). If I should list the only thing that disappointed me a little.. it seems to me there is not a default responsive template. Is it possible? It would be great to have a simple one integrated. It was where we had the only issue. Then.. the opportunity to have automatic newsletter linked to the new products added to Virtuemart.. wow! take some time to get used to such an impressive marketing tool. Well done! I like it.
Owner's reply

Hi Romeof,

Thanks for your nice feedback.
All our default newsletter-templates are now responsive but it was not the case a few months ago... maybe you installed an old version?

Anyway, you can delete your current newsletter-templates and install the latest version of AcyMailing, you will get only responsive templates.

Reviews: 1
I needed a newsletter subscribe module for a charity website. This product far exceeded my expectations. I am a complete Joomla Noob but I found this very easy to install and setup. I have not yet used it to its full potential. I have tried other free software but this is the outright winner and I would highly recommend its use.
Also received a very courteous email asking if I required any help a few days after downloading.
Reviews: 1
Yes - the functionality is great.

But I was also really surprised by trouble-free & quick solving of the next issue regarding the money:

I've paid for AcyMailing Enterprise ...and after a while I noticed that I already paid for this extension month ago (don't smile - too much work).
I contacted them by email - and during a while they refund the money back to me without any problem.

Don't afraid to order commercial version online. :-)
It's secure & in case of any mistake on your side - the're very helpfull & serious.
Reviews: 4
Can't believe the functionality of this non-commercial version. It looked daunting to me, a newsletter newbie, at first but in a few minutes it became clear that it's very simple and intuitive to use. Yet it's also extremely powerful. Why would anybody want a paid-for 3rd-party newsletter service after this? Probably my favorite Joomla! extension ever. Thanks and congratulations, guys.
Reviews: 2
very good functionality. I can manage my subscribers and can do whatever I want to do. sending email, auto email etc.. email templating also good. I don't need to use any third party service for email handling/martketing.. It saves money. thank youu.
Reviews: 3
AcyMailing is really a great extension that offers very good features to manage newsletters, lists and subscribers in different ways. It also has APIs so that it can easily be integrated in different ways with other extensions and scripts.
The best part is the support, truly outstanding, the team lead by Adrien is always incredibly patient and very knowledgeable, they help always very quickly in all possible ways, even when acy is not the cause of an issue I was offered help several times, without asking for anything in return, this demonstrates great generosity besides their skills. Thank you!
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